Ron named a dirty player? Its called defense people, get it right!

L.A. Times: A Sports Illustrated poll of 173 NBA players called Lakers forward Ron Artest the second dirtiest player in the league, behind only Toronto forward Reggie Evans.

When told about it, Artest paused and thought about the question before he answered.

“I’m just aggressive,” he said. “I don’t know. I guess when I hit people, yeah, they feel it. But I don’t think I’m dirty. I just think I just use my body.”

Well, Artest was told, he doesn’t really hit people.

“It’s like a hit,” Artest responded. “But it’s not really a hit.”

Artest received 13% of the vote while Evans received 21%.

Kobe Bryant also made the list, finishing fifth with 4% of the vote. Sacramento forward Andres Nocioni was third with 6% and Cleveland forward-center Anderson Varejao was fourth with 5%.

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    WTF! That’s absolutely ridiculous! The dirtiest player has got to be Vare-gina from Cleveland! The other “dirty” players may hit or grab, but to me, the dirtiest thing a player can do is to low bridge or to put their feet under a player when either going for a shot or a rebound! This is something that Vare-gina does constantly and it’s a real problem… the fcukin NBA should really do something about it before someone really gets hurt!

    Artest ain’t dirty man, if you looked at all his defensive plays against Granger last night, even in slow-mo, you’d see that see constantly using his body. He doesn’t use his hands to hold or hit, he only uses them to swipe at the ball. In fact, you can say that Granger was dirty because in one play when Ron Ron succeeded in swiping the ball away, Granger actually tried to trip up Artest. It actually worked, it’s just that Artest regained composure and was able to gather the ball and make the outlet pass afterwards.

    And Kobe by far should not be on that list. Any one of the “big 3″ from Cockston or all of them should be on the list before Artest or Kobe! They are definitely “DIRT” as well as dirty!

    Keep this sh!t up Artest! You’re helping me make a killing in my fantasy league! I’m running away in steals!!!

    GO ARTEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GO KOBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Now this is funny
    you got sycho bob in cleveland hitting and he gets no vote
    u got the denver nuggets also being physical (last year dantae jones) and nobody says anything
    also u have this boston celtics keep barking and also being the same as denver and nobdy votes them
    and then i found reggie evans from the toronto raptors is voted as the dirtiest player in the league man the guy has even barely played this season
    this just shows the LEAGUE just hates us

  • pauer

    Yeah I was shocked KG wasnt on there with all the illegal screens, but come on I think we would have all agreed last year during the playoffs that Ron was somewhat of a dirty player. He even pulled Paul Pierce’s pants down once.

    I dont see how that changes when hes on our team


      Last I checked, it was Kobe with an elbow to Artest last year and not the other way around. Hahaha. And I hardly call pulling down Pudgy Pierce’s shorts dirty. A funny ass prank, but hardly dirty… well, maybe for Pierce’s underwear.

      And I don’t think that any of us are claiming Ron Ron to be a boy scout, but to have Vare-gina otherwise known as Side Show Bob (courtesy of LOMVP), the entire cast of the Celd!cks, K-Mart, etc… behind Artest is absolutely ridiculous!

  • Chris Manning

    Ron Artest is sneaky, but most certainly NOT dirty. He’s been a legit, tough-nosed defender since he entered the league. Truth is, he’s one of the best. He brings that 80’s physicality to the game that most players can’t handle.

  • kisofdeath

    simple, if a good hard nosed defensive player isn’t on your team he’s considered dirty.

    for example, bruce bowen


      I hear you, but the thing is, Bruce Bowen is known for a few grabs here and there. And Ron Ron, he’ll do no such thing! He’s just gonna lean that body into his opponent all night long until he other guy submits. Man, I actually felt bad for Danny Granger the other night. Hahahaha!

  • Jpeters

    Hope all you laker fans enjoyed being swept. Its a shame that your players can’t keep their cool and have to intentionally injure other players because they flat out got dominated in the Mav series. Lakers have been getting away with cheap shots for years. Kobe gets away with them all the time just because he is a “superstar”. I would say a good half of the laker fans in the world are only fans because their status. Lakers will not be good in the upcoming season unless they get Dwight Howard, but then again, everyone will be saying the same things about him as they did about lebron. Dwight had to come to LA to get a ring…or better yet, LA had to get Dwight to get another ring. Without Dwight, the Lakers will be garbage next season and lose 1st round in the playoffs or not even make it. I can’t wait for the day that kobe can’t play anymore and I can watch the lakers get shit on by every team.