HOOPSWORLD.COM: By now, many of you have seen the video on the main-page in which I discussed the Los Angeles Lakers and GM Mitch Kupchak (I know because of all the e-mail I’ve received since it was posted at the beginning of the week).

And yes, I really do believe that Kupchak has done a pretty decent job.

And no, I haven’t been drinking.

I know it’s fashionable these days to blame Kupchak for all of the Lakers’ woes. He’s been setup to be the fall guy if the Lakers struggle this season, and he’s already being bashed by Laker fans for his inability to acquire a superstar this offseason. Although, don’t be surprised if Shawn Marion, who recently requested a trade, ends up in LA before all is said and done (more on that later).

First, I’m not sure fans understand just how hard it is to consummate a trade in today’s NBA. It’s not like Kupchak can just waive his magic wand and make a Kevin Garnett type player show up on the Staples Center hardwood in exchange for Kwame Brown, Sasha Vujacic, and a couple of headbands. It takes two to tango, and not only that, but salaries have to match, as well. Point is, it’s not easy to orchestrate a big trade in today’s NBA.

Moreover, with Garnett out of the picture, would it really make the Lakers better to move Lamar Odom and Andrew Bynum for a guy like Jermaine O’Neal? Look, you won’t run into a columnist who has more respect for O’Neal as a player and a person than I do, but moving Bynum in such a deal may not be the most prudent decision.

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  • fatty

    Pretty decent article. We are an improved team. Good team, and maybe can become a very good team according to Mitch 2.

    I guess that translates into 50-55 wins. I sort of see the Lakers like Utah’s team last year. Improving during the season and peaking by the playoffs.

    To advance would take a break or two. But we have hope. Utah in the very tough WC made it to the finals. Two years ago, we were one rebound away from advancing, and maybe going to the WC Finals as well.

  • lakerfan81

    He makes some good points. Kupchack has not drafted bad for the last few years, considering other than the #1o pick that got Bynum they have been mid round picks. Also Turiaf and Walton were both 2nd round picks and both are solid rotation guys. I still think the problem was not getting cap space in the shaq trade, not getting more than Kwame for Butler. I still like the Idea of trading Odom for cap space if that is possible and no other better trades come along.

  • fatty

    Also of note. A rare good article about the Lakers from hoopsworld. Of course, that’s probally due to Pincus’s name not being attached.

    I don’t want homerism, but I also want the writer to be respectful and honest in assessing the Lakers. Heath did just that. I hope they give him more Laker assignments and Pincus less.

  • http://www.myspace.com/regg66 rpouncy14

    He’s still a jackass.

  • Michael_23

    When you trade Shaq for Brian Grant who was overpaid at 13 mil a year. Ca mon you gotta blame the guy.

    I’m sure Jerry Buss told Mitch to trade Shaq, but not like that. LoL. Then have Butler who at times was better than Lamar Odom be traded away for Kwame Brown who can’t catch fast passes and who just throws the ball up when he doesn’t know what to do.

  • ab4sure

    Is Kupchak getting some love…wow…this is unprecedented…this article says alot of what I have been thinking this last year. I do feel trading LO to the Suns would make the Suns much better because LO would do much better in the Suns style of play. I don’t want to give those guys an inside track to the Championship.

    Michael 23…there was alot involved and going on in the Shaq trade and the lakers were needing to trade him quickly, but I won’t get into that. It has been talked about endlessly already.