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L.A. Times: Can you hear him?

“I’m still frustrated.”

Are you listening?

“I’m waiting for them to make some changes.”

Do you understand what Kobe Bryant was saying Saturday in an interview with The Times’ Mike Bresnahan?

Bryant is still frustrated even though the Lakers have had nearly a month to calm him.

Bryant is still demanding changes even though he knows surgeries to trade-worthy Kwame Brown and Lamar Odom will prevent them from making changes.

Can you hear him?

Kobe Bryant is asking the Lakers to soothe him beyond their ability, and trade beyond their resources.

Could it be that he is asking for something else entirely?

Could Kobe Bryant be asking for a trade without asking for a trade?

Sounds like it.

Sounds exactly like it.

Sounds like Bryant heard the expected bad news about Odom, the surprise bad news about Brown, the stunning lottery news that has Greg Oden and Kevin Durant coming to the Western Conference, and he knows.

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  • bigbadjames

    let it not be so…thats the last thing i want to hear.

  • http://www.friendster.com/3581534 CV_LEX7

    this muz be a joke…. who whould ever think of trading the biggest star in the NBA that’s still in his peak? jz like Bulls don’t trade MJ, Cavs don’t trade Lebron, miami don’t trade wade, Jazz don’t trade Karl malone and rockets don’t trade Hakeem and Yao. They’re crazy.

  • Kobe_Rizvanolli

    NEVER NEVER. dont even mention that. we wont trade the best player in the world

  • Still want Ganett

    maybe it’s for the best though…. I’m want the best for Kobe and if that means going on I guess thats what he’s got to do…
    peace out…

  • http://getgarnett.com jonas joseph

    What The Fuck Is Wrong With You .Kobe Is In His Prime This Guy IS one of the best ever thats like me trading Mickhael Jordan for Greg OdEN NO NO NO NO

  • Ted Dodd

    I am so sick and tired of hearing people say it time to trade Kobe the greatest player to ever play the game. Yes the greatest player to ever play. Just because the media hates him doesn’t mean this isn’t true. I remember when I was a kid my mother told me the media can make or break a person by little Subtle remarks. Now I know this is true. This idiot who is writing this article is trying again to ruin Kobe. Don’t fall for it laker fans, Kobe should never be traded. This guy loves to win and it’s understandable why he is frustrated. All of us laker fans are.

  • Justin M.

    Kobe Bryant is considered the greatest scorer of all time and one of the greatest players to play in the NBA. I don’t know if Kobe wants to leave L.A. I hope he doesn’t. No Laker fan hopes he does and all thoose people that talk smack about him now would kill to have him on their team. If he does want to leave L.A. I wouldnt be suprised. Not to insult anyone but the Lakers G.M really sucks at his job. His accoplishments were getting odom, grant, bultler and some extra garbage for the greatest center of all time. Then trading butler for the most disapointing first round picks in NBA history. It’s all managments fault, if they want to make up for what they have put Kobe through (Having to score 81 points against the Raptors so his team could pull of a win) they need to bring in a superstar so the opposing defense’s game plan isn’t only how to stop Kobe. Time will tell.

  • kb24lightsout

    even if he did go to another team, they would have to give up there best players to get Kobe sp he would be in the same situation….

  • kb24lightsout

    even if he did go to another team, they would have to give up there best players to get Kobe so he would be in the same situation….

  • kobebobo03

    this is stupid… all u fans that r wetting ur pants right now….stop…it’s not going to happen…kobe is king he will only demand for a trade if the lakers don’t do anything…..managing does suck….i hate all those stupid trades the lakers made…..jerry buss sucks….he traded a all star foward for a baby in kwame. i hate that guy he sucks. k the lakers need to get someone and now before kb asks 4 a trade

  • kevin olivas

    if kobe is traded the general managers of the lakers will be killed the next mourning

  • Fatty

    Plashke is a classy writer that has written a classless piece. It absolutely makes no sense. Because Kobe’s salary is so high, we need to trade for another superstar with the same salary and then everything will be alright and the Lakers will win the championship?

    Does that make any sense at all?

    Who could you get for Kobe? Mcgrady? Kidd? Do you honestly think the Cavs would trade James? And James would make the Lakers into a champ and Kobe couldn’t.

    What Superstars is Plashke talking about better than Kobe, and gets paid the same? Does he want Shaq back so he can kiss his butt on a daily basis?

    Honestly, if you would ask Plashke, he might tell you,in a moment of weakness. If only we could get the “great white hope” Steve Nash. The Lakers would be soo much better and at least be more whiter.

    You tell me, what else would explain his intense hatred of Kobe. A great player and loyal team member. Plashke forgot to add, but you can easily read between HIS lines. “Then we can be rid of this rapist of little white girls.” “They should of hung the bastard in color-rado.”

    Fatty, telling it like it is

  • http://getgarnett.com jonas joseph