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HOOPSWORLD.COM: The Los Angeles Lakers have enormous pressure to improve this summer.

Their most desirable asset, young center Andrew Bynum, will not be traded unless the Lakers can get enough talent back to be immediate contenders.

That’s a pretty tall order. Considering Kwame Brown’s struggles to find consistency and Chris Mihm’s year long ankle injury . . . the Lakers cannot afford to move Bynum without getting size in return.

In other words, Bynum cannot be traded for a guard or a wing player unless the Lakers have found some magic solution to fill the void at center.

Complicating matters, Bynum only makes a couple of million. The only significant last year contract LA has on the books is Brown’s. Unless LA can pressure a team into taking Vladimir Radmanovic, Brown would probably have to be the salary ballast to make a Bynum deal go through.

Even if Mihm is re-signed and proves ready to play, the Lakers would be mighty thin with just Ronny Turiaf capable of backing him up.

Recently the idea of Jermaine O’Neal was discussed at length as a reasonable, albeit expensive possibility.

Another feasible target in return for Andrew Bynum is Memphis Grizzlies’ Forward/Center Pau Gasol.

After missing the first 20+ games of this last season, Gasol found the Grizzlies in a major hole. Over the last season or two, the team had let go of nearly every veteran (Eddie Jones, Lorenzen Wright, Shane Battier, Bobby Jackson, Earl Watson, Jake Tsakalidis, James Posey and Jason Williams) in favor of young talent like Rudy Gay, Hakim Warrick and Kyle Lowry.

Gasol, who had broken his foot leading the Spanish National Team to the FIBA World Championship, found himself in a no-win situation: The Grizzlies didn’t have the talent to win, they had fired their coach, their owner was trying to sell the team and Jerry West (President of Basketball Operations) was expected to step down after the season.

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  • CV_Lex7

    I like the sound of this better than the O’neal’s one… I think it’s better to get gasol than O’neal if we drop out on KG. The Lakers could match salaries better wif gasol.

  • Kobe_Rizvanolli

    I think Gasol is a really talented player, great scorer, great passer whatever, but we need to find a way to get Jermaine and Mo Williams as a free agent. Only with Gasol we will never be contenders. KG is our dream but we need to forget him.

  • andy_wants_garnett

    I think Garnett is a better fit, because he is a much better defensive player and he is one of the best rebounders in the league and we need a good rebonder. Odoms rebounds aren’t enough. Garnett is also playing with a LOT of heart. But his only downside is that he’s getting old!

  • Laker John

    I think Gasol is a good fit if the Lakers keep Odom. If Odom is part of the package, then the Lakers with Kobe and Gasol will be similar with Odom and Kobe.

    Gasol’s defense is limited, however, his rebounding and scoring makes up for the lack of defense.

    Gasol’s midrange jumpers will keep big men from cheating when Kobe goes to the hole or he will get a lot of open 15 foot jumpers.

  • leelo

    i think Gasol would be a great fit both talent and skill-wise but also [and maybe most importantly due to the cap]salary-wise. i see aquiring him as a lot more realistic and frankly a better fit in the triangle than Garnett. but the aquisition of Gasol alone is not enough [or Garnett for that matter, especially considering how much we’d have to give up in personel/salary in order to land him]. before the start of next season we also have to have a reasonable and dependable upgrade at the starting point guard position [perhaps Earl Watson?]

  • leelo

    oh, and i forgot to add that i’m not keen on the idea of aquiring J Oneal at all, and especially at his price tag.

  • Just_A_Laker_Fan

    Having either Gasol or Jermaine will help out the lakers on the low post. Like other teams the Lakers are in the Salary cap which creates a problem. Now Gasol, although he is a 20 plus point guy is not as dominating as Jermaine is at the low post. But Jermaine is coming off a surgery which we are not sure how he will be doing off season. Now, both are good either way, Gasol a very great shooter with 15-20 foot jumpers. Jermaine also have a jumper but more powerful in the paint. It’s hard too compare the two because both players has different styles, it’s like comparing Jordan and Kobe you just can not compare them both…. I would say either two will do fine, just that the money is the concerns the Lakers so Gasol has a upper hand on that.

    Now the Lakers needs more then just Gasol which they have to look for a point gaurd and small role playing guys…. I would be great to have Lewis from the Sonics playing along side Kobe or other high price players…. Knowing some of those guys are more looking for more money again an issue the Lakers are having a lot of problem. Look for players like Steve Blake from the Denver or a real energy player like Jason Hart from the Clippers ( although I’m pretty sure they will resign him back). Grant Hill, although has many injuries from the past still have the capabilities to score and good leadership for a second team for the Lakers. They also have to resign players like Luke Walton and Ronny because they know how to play the game and the Triangle. Jason Kapono is also a free agent and can be great with the Triangle offense, able to shoot the three’s at 40 plus percents…. James Posey also a free agent and can be a good second hand player off the bench.

    All in all, what the Lakers is just have a lot of problems including with Mitch K. as general managers….. Three years ago his plans was the future with young players in mind. Nothing wrong with that except as a LA Laker Fan the future is now and not three or four years down the road. First year we didn’t make it in the playoff’s and the last two was eliminated at the frist round. Mitch just made more problems unwilling to trade or pick up players off seasons when we have a chance. Maybe taking him out of the office as general manager I would rather put Rudy T or re-hire Jerry West back. Also unwilling to pay over the salary cap even with the over price tickets….. Remember we are willing to pay for those tickets now it’s their turn in getting those players to the Lakers. Getting those players who ever they are (aka Garnett) the people will come in the hundreds and problem even watch outside of the Staple center just to be there….

    Players that shouldn’t get Traded
    Kobe (because he’s all that and has proven it)
    Lamar (shown a lot of heart especially he was injuried)
    Mo Evans ( energetic and ok defender and can explode in the paint )
    Luke Walton ( Knows the Triangle and great passer, fits right in)
    Ronny T ( energetic, good defender, good rebounder)
    Brian Cook ( 6’10” able to shoot a three pointer who can ask for more)
    Jordan Farmar ( as a rookie I see a jason kidd/steve nash in the process (if only someone can teach him))

  • CV_Lex7

    Gasol will be great if we can get him jz by giving up bynum and brown. G hill will be a good idea if we can get him wif vet min. but for MLE? i don’t think so. MLE should be spend on a legit point guard. i think mo williams or maybe earl watson is the onli 2 point guards worth considering. if not we jz have to try trading out MLE alongside other players or draft picks to get a proven defensive veteran point guard.

    Players we need to keep if we get gasol are… kobe, odom, walton, evans, farmar, ronny and either 1 between vlad and cook. i’ll like to keep vlad over cook cause vlade atleast play better defence than cook and have shown in the past he can get 20ppg.

  • juki

    pros. a good inside/outside scorer
    descent shot blocker
    definitely will fit in the triangle
    good passer

    cons. not a very strong c/pf compare to Garnett and Jermaine
    rebounding is just average for his size

    pros. a good inside/outside scorer
    a good shot blocker
    good rebounder

    cons. INJURY prone in my opinion
    high salary

    pros. the best player among the 3
    great rebounder
    great defender
    a very good inside/outside scorer
    good passer
    proven player

    cons.high salary

  • Chris 24

    On Gasol, Pau with low post presence a respectful jump shot and a moderate defender which would give the lakers instant creditbility. Pau a GOOD player not superstar like a Garnett. But if you are talking about a deal that can send BYNUM-KWAME for Pau. Or you can send LAMAR-BYNUM for Garnett. I would much rather see Pau in a purple and gold. Yes Garnett is a superstar but Pau is no walk over either. Pau who’s average 20 and 10 and career 19 and 9 is a better post player jump shooter than a Jermaine O’neal. O’neal is a better presence in the middle a shot-blocker. If that does happend you can see Pau and Lamar in the front court with Luc if all falls in place. Garnett and Kobe would be the best one two punch in the NBA if Yao and Tracy have something to say about that. It would be nice but after K.G who else do you have in the front court? Luc if he signs Cookie Turiaf and most likely they are gonna want Brown to match salaries, but other than that what do you have?. The 3-Peat Lakers had a 1-2 but they had roll players that knew how to win who can run the triangle Horry,Fisher,Fox to what Sasha,Evans,Turiaf. Garnett or O’neal would be a Blockbuster deal. But Pau would be the right deal..

  • leo

    fosho…pau is younger taller faster than jermaine…has a jump shot…could reb block shots…not very tough though…jermaine adds more toughness…kobe lamar pau or jermaine a legit pt guard luke = contender


    The big thing here is if the Lakers make the deal for Gasol or O’neal…would Odum be involved? If we’re going to give up Lamar then we may as well go all the way and GET K.G.! The time is now for Laker fans…we may never see another player like Kobe Bryant ever! I for one want to see K.G. next to Kobe but i’m not too cool with the fact that this probably means seeing Lamar in a different uniform. I may be inclined to lean towards Gasol if it means we keep Lamar…i just don’t have a good feeling about O’neal…

  • CV_Lex7

    looks like most of us thinks that gasol is a better deal if we could keep odom instead of giving both bynum and odom for KG. I think giving both players are too much if KG could opt-out next summer and maybe he’ll jz sign wif the lakers for MLE jz to get a ring. But if we don’t get KG, we still have kobe, odom and gasol. that’s not too bad to start wif chasing a ring.

  • ABS

    Gasol is a better proposition than Garnet or Oneal based upon the fact you have a shot at keeping Odom.

    Gasol and Damon Stoudamire to LAL
    K.Brown, A.Bynum, V.Radmanovic to MEM

    Sign 2 veteren FA’s from Eddie Jones, Grant Hill and Scottie Pippin? even if they’re the 11th and 12th man.

    Kobe / Evans / Jones
    Walton / Pippin
    Odom / Cook
    Gasol / Mihm / Turiaf

  • Kobe_Rizvanolli

    i totally agree with u cv_lex7

  • Just_A_Laker_Fan

    I agree with you ABS, if they did go for Gasol and sign two veteren players such as Grant Hill and or Eddie Jones, it can help out the Lakers in some ways. I don’t think Pippen is going to sign though and just wanted to put his name out there for fun. But if they get Gasol and Stoudamire in a trade can fill out some of our holes. If they can pick up like Desmond Mason, for defence of reason and also for scoring it would like good, but that means they might have to go over the salary cap…. But I am pretty sure the Lakers won’t get Desmond Mason in the Free Agent….

  • hlcyesterday

    i have my own idea which i think fills all the laker holes.1st i send bynum,farmar,radmonovich,and kwame to sacramento for ron artest and mike bibby.this makes since for sacramento as they are trying to move bibby and artest they rebuild immidiately with farmar ,bynum and kwames expiring contract.the lakers get one of the best offense/defense combo players in the league who phil can control in artest.also they get a bigtime playmaker,pointguard in mike bibby who can make kobes life that much easier.bibby/kobe backcourt how clutch is you can trade odom,and pick #19 for d stoudamire and pau gasol.
    thats a heck of a starting 5 with two all league defensive players in kobe and artest.bibby has proven to be very clutch come playoff time just remember all the shots he hit against the lakers plus the ball in his hands will conserve kobes energy and minutes played.yove got a double double guy in gasol down low who will get a ton of looks in the triangle.i really do believe artest will be great in this system as well
    6)luke walton could be sixth man of the year or start in place of mihm and gasol moves to the 5.the lakers then use the midlevel exception to go after another defensive specialist in center maglore who could start. evans,turiaf,d stoudamire,sasha,and cook round out the bench and you have a deep team

  • Dan

    Gasol would be so nice to have as a Laker, I love Gasol. He’s a good player, offensively (quick, drives to the basket, post-up moves), and defensively (rebounds, blocks shots). But since you were comparing him against Jermaine, there are a lot of things that make Gasol the better player to get, ie age, costs a lot less, shoots a higher %. Now lets say we couldn’t get Gasol, and ended up with Jermaine instead. Jermaine is a better defensive player than Gasol. He’s stronger, and at one point during this 06-07 led the NBA in blocked shots. Plus he’s better at defending those NBA giants that are so hard to guard, him being one as well (Garnett, Amare, Duncan, Brand). I would like to have Gasol more than Jermaine, but if at the beginning of next year, we had either, I’d be happy as a Laker fan.

    PS: Jermaine’s got your back, remember when he laid out that one fan that stepped on the court?

  • Ricky

    As nice as it would be to get Garnett, the Lakers would have to give up so much (Odom and Bynum), which is asking too much. Gasol sounds like a much better option at this point. Ron Artest is also being shopped by the Kings and he might be let go for a cheap price.

    The Lakers should try to get Gasol by trading Kwame and Evans, possibly include Bynum as an incentive.

    The Kings are likely to let Artest go for cheap because of his off the court problems, so the Lakers could send Radmanovic and Cook for him.

    Then trade a few picks and use MLE to get some veterans.

    This way the Lakers may not have to give up Lamar.

    PG- Farmar, Williams
    SG- Kobe, Sasha
    SF- Artest, Walton
    PF- Odom, Turiaf
    C- Gasol, Mihm

  • CV_LEX7

    If someone thinks that the kings, Memphis or Wolves are going to take radman for Artest, Gasol or KG. That’s NO WAY!!! cause radman still have 4-5 years of MLE in his contact, and he’s shown he’s not worth the value in his first season wif the lakers. So to include radman in any deal will be wrong. no one will dare touch his contract. Brown will be on the block because of his expiring 9M contract which i think Memphis and Kings will want to bite at it for rebuilding the team. Think Brown bynum for Gasol will be the best thing for both teams. About the rumous that Artest for Brown straight up? i would want the Gasol trade more because of the issues that Artest gave the Kings. Lakers are losing and the last thing we want is for another constant problem making guy in our team. but ofcourse if we could somehow get gasol and artest while keeping kobe, odom, farmar, evans, turiaf, and maybe walton. that would be great.

    PS: NO JO trade PLZ!!! high price and injury prone. second last thing the Lakers want is more injury.

  • Just_A_Laker_Fan

    Hey CV_LEX7 yeah, I believe Bynum and someone else will be in that trade for Gasol but I don’t think Brown will be apart of that package deal. They maybe add someone like cook or Luke or Sasha. I’ve been hearing Brown for Artest because he has that expiring contract and Kings would love to get rid of him because they want to build from bottom up.. Not sure how the trade will go for Gasol but most likely it will include Bynum in it and an additional player……

  • kobe

    gaet a matured tested tough point guard in mike bibby or chauncey billups and get KG period

  • Nabil

    [Comment ID #152 Will Be Quoted Here]

    It’s nice to go back and read our old craziness from the getgarnett days. We’ll never be contenders with Gasol? LOL, as I write this we are currently up 3-1 in the finals. Even if we pull a 2006 and loose 3 games in a row to loose the series, there is no doubt we are contenders with Gasol. Since he joined, we have made it to the finals both years now. And, oh yeah, we’ve never lost 3 games in a row since he joined the team! So it’s looking pretty good right now that we will raise banner 15.

  • PauKobeBynumOdomDynasty

    [Comment ID #75996 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Hahahah yea try reading the articles with us trying to pursue Garnett. Glad that didnt work out.