Here’s a blurb from todays Sacramento Bee, considering Artest being traded to the Lakers.

The Lakers could offer Kwame Brown in a match of similar salaries. The Kings would inherit the frustration of an enigmatic player unable to grasp his considerable potential, but also the benefit of being able to clear cap space a year earlier than with Artest if Brown did not work out. And if Brown did work out, they would have the inside track on re-signing a talented young center.

The Lakers also could offer Luke Walton in a sign-and-trade, packaged with another, lesser salary (Sasha Vujacic, Maurice Evans, Brian Cook). Artest has superior skills. But Walton has become a good complementary weapon, a smart player who moves the ball, and plugs in to the same spot at small forward.

Is it significant? Maybe not, but its yet another report that might interrupt a KG trade to the Lakers.

  • darkice18

    Artest can be a dennis rodman type player….if somehow the lakers can have a lineup like this: Kobe
    KG or JO



  • Kobe_Rizvanolli

    i agree darkice18, but it won’t happen. we need to do everything to get garnett for odom/kwame, kidd for bynum and i think we’re done. artest is only a descent defender, we need rebounds.

  • Just_A_Laker_Fan

    Yes we should get Garnett and Jason Kidd, but Odom/Kwame would not go through because they need more then that to get the trade going unless KG did say I want a trade. Jason Kidd looking more and more closer then anyone expected because New Jersey reported they wanted Bynum which might happen.

    Having Artest would be nice, although off and on the court he is a very puzzled player. Don’t get me wrong he’s a good rebounder, creates a passing lane for players that comes in and able to dominate in the paint and a good jump shoot. Now let say we couldn’t get garnett and Jermaine came to the Lakers. Now we look like we have a more powerful up court with Kobe, Artest, Jordan. Jermaine and Lamar creating a lot of havoc in the paint as well outside of it (this if we do not get Garnett).
    But with all that I am not sure if we trade Artest to the Lakers for Brown unless it goes with a package deal. Now sometime ago I was hearing Mike Bibby was in the trade rumor to head bound for LA but one of the two brothers who owns the Kings didn’t want to trade what so ever with the the Lakers. So not if that’s ever going to happens, well it’s a maybe…..

  • kgmvp

    We dont need Ron Artest we need a allstar big guy like K.G. or J.O.
    Were in the west guys we need ALLSTAR BIG PLAYERS!!. I have a question for you guys will this trade work?

  • Just_A_Laker_Fan

    Just adding to the last comment, if we did get Artest and either Jermaine or Gasol the Lakers will have a killer front court line up:


    Although this takes away playing time with Luke Walton (if he signs back or sign/trade); he will provide a lot of help with the second team along with Mo Evans and Ronny. But this leaves us the question who will be going with those trades. Artest for Brown and another player maybe Sasha, Luke or Mo Evans, one of those guys even though I hate to let go Luke and Mo Evans. Lakers can also do a Aaron Mckie trade with Brown for Ron Ron especially we all know that Mckie will retire anyways which is a plus for Kings meaning they will clear out their cap room in order to rebuild. Again this is up to the Kings owners to agree with the trade. Now with that trade we have a few players, now they need to look at, Garnett, Jermaine, or Pau Gasol. Of course all we want here in LA is Garnett but it’s been years we have been talking about this and nothing has happen unless Garnett demands a trade or the following season he opts out his contract and become a free agent….. But let say the senario Garnett wasn’t traded and we did pick up either Jermaine or Gasol. Trade would be Bynum, Radmanovic, Brian Cook, Sasha, and probably our first round pick. That means we we only have a few players left in the team because Jermaine is very high price player. Our second team is very limited in power unless they can get someone like Grant Hill and other players from the free agent/ D-league. Gasol might be more likely because he is not as expensive as Jermaine is. So we are left with:

    (This if all trades happens)
    Jermaine/Gasol (depending who gets traded)
    Luke (Also might be in a package deal or resign with LA)
    Mo Evans ( Might be a package deal)

    Total of just 8 players which we are probably at or almost over the salary cap. Again depends who we get and who we deal with. Although not a bad 6 or 8 players we have left over in a trade but not sure if two of those players are going to be dealt on that trade. Now we can just look at the D-League players which helps the Lakers with the Salary Cap but the second team will create either problems without a veteran leader (Grant Hill if they pick him up) and the one or two starting five plays the second half. But we do need pick up veteran players and most likely end up going over the salary cap to a certain extent…..

    Over all trade for at least two players for the front court will create problems for a lot of teams especially with Phoenix Suns, Dallas, Detroit and Spurs. Just that the second team may let the teams catch up with them, but most likely the Lakers will be a lot more stronger scoring and defence. I say do it, hopefully trades happens and the “magic wand” happens, it’s all up to Mitch to make it and hope he does listen to the people of LA and all the Laker Nation all over the world. If you bring them you will see more purple and gold jersey everywhere…… All you have to do is deal deal deal……

  • gstoneballer

    Ron Artest instantly upgrades the team’s defense at the small forward position. If he could be had cheap, I all for it, i know Phil Jackson can handle him, he is no way worse than the physco Denis Rodman. I would be excited if the lakers added Artest and Kidd.. and kept odom. We would b a Tough team to beat.

  • Kobe_Rizvanolli

    u are right a tough team to beat but not a contender as kobe likes. we need a big body, an all star

  • Just_A_Laker_Fan

    Kobe_Rivanolli, you are right as well, might not be a contender unless Kobe will show leadership in the team which means he will pass the ball more often which is fine if they did pick up Ron Artest and Gasol or Jermaine. This means they can spread the floor, do the Triangle and make plays. Kobe can cut in through the paint and either have a open shoot/layup/dunk, pass it to a open men whether it’s Jermaine or Artest and have the easy jump shoot at 15-20 foot range. Also since Lamar is still there you have to battle with three rebounders with Odom, Jermaine and Artest. Also you have to consider that Jermaine and Artest knows each other and been teams mates in the Pacers. Now that’s an advantage especially if you are trying to put a team together especially when you rebuilding a team from bottom up or what Kobe refers to as “Ground Zero”. Although I see more of Gasol with the Lakers because of price wise they will look more as a contender then people see them as. If you put those players together and match them up with other teams, you see yeah that is a pretty hard team to beat and become a contender. Match them up with Phoenix Suns they have to do man on man because now they have to worry about the “Deadly Three” (Lamar, Artest and Jermaine/Gasol). So it leaves Kobe with an open space to go in the paint forcing the other team to react and creating that open jump shoot for those three guys or just taking it home like he usually does. Although we need a point guard (like Jason Kidd) I don’t think we have the trade option any more if we got two big men down low that can post up and rebound.

    Really the Lakers needs two big guys down low and having Lamar as a Small Foward. Can you image that, Kobe, Jordan, Lamar, Artest and Jermaine at starting five…. I say more then contenders and might even go beyond expectation. Just have to worry about the second team that replaces those starting five.

    Now if we didn’t get Artest (knowing the Kings they don’t want to trade to their revials) and pick up Jason Kidd and a big men J.O. or P.G. then you might have more balanced team and still have problems in the paint with Lamar at small foward, Luke at power foward and Jermaine/Gasol at Center. Now you have two players (Kobe and Jason) that are able to create plays and run the triangle to perfection. Doesn’t look terrible really and could make Garnett see that hey I should opt out and join with LA because they look more as a championship team and have a chance to win a ring…..

  • nick

    i think we get ron artest and then trade odom for garnett thn we have offense with garnett and kobe and defense with artest

  • Kobe_Rizvanolli

    i agree just_a_laker_fan. but i think that jermaine will end up with the nicks. lets hope gasol, kg, or kidd… and a good free agent

  • Just_A_Laker_Fan

    Yeah I agree with you too Kobe_Rizvanolli, just because he has his former coach there and that Knicks are probably going to give more players in that trade. That would look great with the Knicks with Jermaine and Eddie Curry down low on the post, wow, that would be great for the Knicks….. But for us we have Ron Artest and Gasol down low with Lamar at small foward we are a really tall front court and 10 rebounding team. Not just that going be hard for other teams to score down low…..

  • Kobe_Rizvanolli

    we have the same idea here just_a_laker_fan
    farmar/mo williams as a fa

  • Just_A_Laker_Fan

    Yeah Kobe_Rizvanolli; I think that’s the way the Lakers can go if the trade for Garnett does not go through. Would love to have addition off season like Mo Williams but lakers doesn’t have the money to offer. But we’ll not know till the nba can start talking to the free agents.

  • Ricky

    Garnett is obviously the main target for the Lakers, but when I heard about Gasol as a possibility, I started thinking otherwise. I suggest we package a deal for Gasol and try and trade for Artest, since the Kings want to remove him because of his off court problems.

    1) Package Bynum (the main incentive) along with Radmanovic and possibly Cook or Evans and draft pick(s) to Memphis in exchange for Gasol. (the only problem is if Memphis picks Oden they may not need Bynum, but if they pick Durant, they can pair Bynum along with Durant)

    2) Send Kwame (since their salaries match) and possibly a draft pick to Sacramento in exchange for Artest.

    3) Use any remaining draft picks to get some players to fill necessary voids and split the MLE to acquire some consistent veterans.

    The tentative roster may be as follows:

    C- Gasol, Mihm
    PF- Odom, Turiaf, possibly Cook
    SF- Artest, Walton
    SG- Kobe, possibly Evans
    PG- Farmar, Vujacic

  • Just_A_Laker_Fan

    I couldn’t agree more with you Ricky and the possiblity if Garnett opts and sign with the Lakers and that to that roster you have now

    C-Gasol, Mihm
    PF-Artest, Garnett, Turiaf, Cook
    SF-Odom, Walton
    SG-Kobe, Evans
    PG-Farmar, Vujacic

    That’s just sick……I mean who can guard who, it’s all man to man and teams can double team them or help out as much….

  • Ricky

    Thank you (Just_A_Laker_Fan). I figured that the Lakers would have to give up so much to get Garnett this summer and I don’t think it’s really worth it when we can look at other possibilites that are just as satisfying. Sure, Garnett is great, but why tartet just one all-star when we can possibly get two in Gasol and Artest. I only wish that Mitch Kupchak, Phil Jackson, The Buss Family, and even Kobe can see my last post and this one. It may give them some ideas and I believe that this direction would be more realistic and just as good, if not better.

    GET GARNETT, when he opts out.


    Starting 5 for the Los Angeles Lakers:

    C- Pau Gasol
    PF- Lamar Odom
    SF- Ron Artest
    SG- Kobe Bryant
    PG- Jordan Farmar

    GO LAKERS!!!

  • CV_LEX7

    I know u guys want both gasol and artest. both kings and memphis will want to rebuild if they trade gasol and artest. do u think memphis or kings will want Vlad which will tie their cap space for the 5M for the next 5 years? He also didn’t prove he’s worth it this season with the Lakers. So u guys will have to choice another option. orelse we’ll onli able to get gasol by giving up bynum and brown.

  • Just_A_Laker_Fan

    CV_LEX7; I don’t think either team will want to get Radman because of his huge contract plus he has 4 more years on his contract. So for the Artest trade has to be Brown just because he has one more year left on his contract and Kings can dump him afterwards or resign him back. So we will be stuck with Radman for the next 4 years or when at least he has one more year left or opts out….

  • Just_A_Laker_Fan

    Yes Ricky you and I have the same idea about getting Gasol and Artest and also have the ablity to pick up Garnett if he opts out…. I have a couple of writing in here why getting all star players then a superstar even though I love to see Garnett in LA ASAP. But in if you look at that kind of line up, looks very good and clear that they are not here just to and win games, they are put together with win rings……

  • ahlayn

    Just_A_Laker_Fan and Ricky – how do you propose the Lakers sign Garnett in 2008-2009, if he decides to opt out? The Lakers will be hampered by Salary Cap restrictions using your projected starting line up. Are you assuming that Garnett would sign with the Lakers for MLE salary? I hate to disagree because I would love to see Garnett sign with us, but I just find your arguments a bit far-fetched and extremely hard to believe.

    Your team salary structure for 2007-2008 would be

    C- Pau Gasol – $12 million
    PF- Lamar Odom – $13 million
    SF- Ron Artest – $8 million
    SG- Kobe Bryant – $19 million
    PG- Jordan Farmar – $1 million

    Vlad – $5 Million
    M. Evans – $1.5 million
    Cook – $3.5 Million

    That’s a grand total of $63 million – the projected salary cap next year is $55 – meaning the Lakers would be subject to the Luxury Tax according to your line up. And that’s ONLY 8 players… we’ll be deeper in salary cap restrictions when we sign more players to have a roster of 12.

    That being said – I just don’t see how this scenario would pan out. I would like to see Garnett sign with the Lakers in 2008-2009 too… but it’s just not realistic. They’ll be other teams that would be have a better chance of landing Garnett, that have a better chance of winning the championship, that could offer more than just the MLE, than the Lakers.