How will the Lakers look 3 years from now? Will Kobe and Odom still be a part of it? Sound-off.

HOOPSWORLD: The biggest name could be Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant, expected to execute his early termination option. The odds favor him returning to the Lakers with a new long-term deal but the future is never certain.

The Los Angeles Lakers certainly hope and expect to keep Kobe Bryant. Lamar Odom’s future may not be as crystal clear, but if both leave the Lakers could have some room. Then again, Andrew Bynum is hoping to get a massive extension before the regular season even begins, putting them right back over the cap.

  • Adamas

    i seriously hope that kobe opts out next year to take LESS money. let him sign something like a 5 year $30 million contract. why? 1st of all, he and his family are already financially set for life. 2nd of all, him taking less money will allow the lakers to use the money he left on the table to sign better players that can help us win multiple championships before he retires. if kobe is as serious about winning as i think he is, he will do it. take one for the team kobe

  • KuyaJL

    Kobe’s decision on leaving the Lakers will be based on the success on the Lakers this year. I honestly could care less if Odom left as a free agent because it gives us $14mill cap space to use on someone better. Maybe if we can re-sign him for less money. But yeah, Kobe’s decision on staying in La La Land will be based on that championship or not.

  • jonny

    there is no way kobe signs a 5 year $30 mil contract. we’d be lucky if he signed a 5 year 75mil contract

  • ak24

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  • Adamas

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    i am aware of that but i hope that he does it for the sake of the team and for the sake of his legacy. if he takes less money and we get better players, we have a better chance of winning championships once kobe is on the decline, which should be in about 4 or 5 year [shudder]

  • jonny

    if he takes that much less money then taking less money will tarnish his legacy

    “well of course he won, he basically played for free. if MJ had played for free he would have won 10 championships yada yada”

    he needs to take a fair amount of money in order to NOT ruin his legacy. . i think he’ll take a 5 year 80-85mil extention at the very most. . we might have to keep paying him max money. . (could mean 5 year 130mil)

  • JOHN

    Yes!!!!! Let koME and lamar walk and then sign KING JAMES in 2010. PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jamie Spears Insider

    I think Kobe should opt out to resign for a 10-14mil/season contract. Lamar should settle for something around 7-8 mil/season. That way, we can keep the team together.

  • Antequerano

    That bastard of Kobe will leave and finally Gasol will be the main man of Lakers. Lakers without Gasol are NOTHING.


    [Comment ID #49171 Will Be Quoted Here]

    hmmmmm…not a bad idea at all.

  • tradekwame11

    If KB24 opts out we can resign him for $16-20 million a year and resign Odom for $7-10 million a year and resign bynum with a long term deal for $7-9 million a year and resign Ariza for $4.5 million a year and farmar for $3-7 million a year.

    But if he dosen’t opt out(which is more likely) then we do the same thing. It dosen’t matter what KB does it only matters how much Jerry Buss will pay.

  • daboss1849

    Kobe will opt out and demand 30 mil a year like jordan did. You guys are fooling yourselves if you think he will take less to win. If a european team comes up with 50 mil a year he will go as fast as Lo will brick a 3 point shot.

  • lakers08-09

    I’m going to enjoy 2008- 2009 should be another fun year.

    Portland has built a special team up North.They will get a
    new fan base as well with Paul Allen owning both Blazers
    & Sea Hags.

    This point guard J.Bayless best rookie in summer.
    G.Oden–working out looking good.Will be easily a top 5 center.
    Martell Webster–under rated add Roy
    Outlaw-young & energy Aldridge is The man.

    Nate is a top dog coach Kieth Pritchard maybe the best Gm in basketball.
    In two years will see. Bynum is the next Great Laker Center.

  • lakerschamps09

    if we are champions for the 08-09 season there will be NO problems NO problems.. kobe will stay idk bout takin less money.. imo lakers are only gonna resign LO if he takes less money.. we gonna give bynum an extension after this season not before it.. so just win and it will solve everything… dont and u mite have some huge problems


    [Comment ID #49173 Will Be Quoted Here]WHAT FOOL????YOU NOT MAKING ANY SENSE!!!!

  • lakerschamps09

    [Comment ID #49173 Will Be Quoted Here]

    lol man ur funny.. just cuz u love spain and gasol u shouldnt be saying those stupid comments like that…

  • Michael_23

    He’ll be only 30 when he opts out. The only way I see it is another 7 year 125+ million contract.

    TLN, give us a rundown of teams next summer who will be under the cap. I doubt those teams will be to Kobe’s liking.

    Could Chicago be making cap for Kobe? Afterall, they may not sign Ben Gordon this season.

    Clippers also haven’t used the money to fill-in for Elton Brand. They could use that $$$ to get Kobe.

    What do you guys think?

  • lakerschamps09

    [Comment ID #49171 Will Be Quoted Here]

    wat come on man… thats just stupid to wanna get rid of kobe

  • Smush Walton

    Kobe better still be here, but God I hope Lamar, Luke and Vlad are gone. How many more years can we wait for Lamar to figure out his game? This year will be his 10th! and 5th as a Laker!

  • vintij

    First of all, why would kobe take less? If you are the biggest name since jordan why should you have to accomidate to anyone? THEY should pay him whatever it takes because there will be no other player like him. Would any of you take less money for any reason at all? No you would not.

    Now secondly, i have no idea why everyone is worried that kobe will leave to europe. Look, how much is 50 million us dollars in europe? About 25 million. Living over there cost twice as much because the dollar is twice as weak. So all that 50 million transfered into euro is actually about 25 million, the same he gets over here. So unless he is transfering that money to US banks and not using it to live over there, really there is no reason to go to europe for the same amount of money Dollar for dollar. Dont you guys know the exchange rate? You actually think 50 million US dollars is the same as 50 million euro? Please.

  • Somebody Cool

    Keep Odom, everybody knows he’s not worth 14 mill including him. If he wants to stay a laker he will take a paycut next year. Nobody in the league will sign Odom for over 7/8 mill.

  • daboss1849

    [Comment ID #49189 Will Be Quoted Here]

    You got it backward dumbass… 50 million euro’s equal 73 million dollars. the dollar is extremely weak. you would be a fool to turn down that deal. Not to say they will offer it but if they do both lebron and kobe are going to be going.

  • LakersFirst

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    Why would Kobe take less?? To help free up some cash so the Lakers can keep their talent (i.e. Bynum’s extension) and possibly sign additional talent that can help the Lakers win a championship. THAT’S WHY!!

    Get your fact straight man. Rumor has it that teams can offer Kobe $50 million USD (U.S. Dollars) a year. There is NO WAY he can get that in America from any NBA team. And if a European team chooses to pay him in Euro. Forget about it, that’s even more money because $50M euro is about $73M USD.

  • Mamba2410

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    I wish Bynum would take under 10-mill per year, but dude, no offense, but the idea of Bynum taking anything less than a max contract is ver unlikely, don’t blame me, blame Bynum, I’m just saying man, is all.

  • Freshh

    First poster said Kobe would take 6 mil a year?!


  • jonathan

    We have to hope bynum takes a deal similar to that of Iguodala. It shouldn’t matter if Kobe opts out or not, give him a similar deal as the Celtics gave Garnett extension. LO would probably get a 5 year 50M (maximum), but unlike Ron Artest, Odom is a team player, in LA to win a championship, loves LA, and would probably take less in order to help out the team.
    The idea of getting King James is stupid, because bynum will eat up lots of cap space, while Gasol will eat up the rest of it, so no cap space to get Lebron.
    Lakers need to trade Walton for anyone, even if it means taking more money for a year, but getting an expiring contract.

  • lakers08-09

    [Comment ID #49186 Will Be Quoted Here]

    LO,until his contract runs out.They’ll make the decision.Just stop
    crying about.Luke was hurt & Vlade played well.He showed emotion
    after the loss.Don’t think he cried though.

    Bynum will get max,because he will come into camp that strong.
    If he even improves close to last year.lookout.

  • E-ROC

    Kobe could re-sign to whatever amount Tim Duncan did. I think it’s $19 million a year? I could see Kobe signing for that amount. We’ll just have to wait and see.

  • JB

    Aug 19th, 2008 at 11:23 pm
    Kobe’s decision on leaving the Lakers will be based on the success on the Lakers this year. I honestly could care less if Odom left as a free agent because it gives us $14mill cap space to use on someone better. Maybe if we can re-sign him for less money. But yeah, Kobe’s decision on staying in La La Land will be based on that championship or not.

    – you have no idea how the NBA works, so don’t post stupid statements. the lakers are going to be close to 30 million over the cap. if they lose odom and his 14 mil, they are still over the cap by 16. just because a players contract comes off the books doesn’t mean you automatically have that number as cap space. what a moron.