ira.jpgUpdated Story - The Los Angeles Lakers have signed free agent forward Ira Newble to a 10-day contract, it was announced today by General Manager Mitch Kupchak.

Newble, currently in his eighth NBA season, most recently played for the Cleveland Cavaliers and Seattle Supersonics, averaging 4.2 points, 2.7 rebounds and 15.5 minutes in 43 combined games this season, including 13 starts.

Prior to playing in the NBA, Newble played in the International Basketball Association for the Wisconsin Blast (1997-98) and played in the CBA with the Idaho Stampede from the 1997-98 season through the 1999-2000 season.

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    hahah YES!! Now we got a great defensive specialist. AWESOME

  • mauriceaj


  • Mr.81


  • Lorenzo

    Good signing. :D


  • Kobe08-09


  • LakeShowtime

    Nice Ariza and Newble that is going to be a great defensive pair, plus it adds more minutes of rest to the starters which is needed, at this point.

  • lakerz

    whens he playing for us?

  • kb24

    this is great news I hope he takes all of Luke’s Minutes

  • dezmond

    Hell yea!!!!! What a bench and hes gonna be a Ariza type guy maybe without so much offensive up-side but a defensive threat for sure!!!!!

  • phaman

    NICE…the only thing im wonedering about when we get to the playoffs…were only allowed a 12 man roster…but with every1 comming back frum injuries and we get newble, that puts us at 15…who are we sitting out??

  • caron butler

    when will ariza be back

    sign artest aand arenas over the summer, that will make the best defensive back court

  • jimmie johnson

    lets trade fluke to miami for 3 future first round picks

  • Lakers 24 7

    Newble knows where the champinship is goin, thats why hes headed our way, he wont settle for second with LeBron, HES GOIN FOR FIRST WITH KOBE!!

  • LakersOnFire

    all i remember about newble is that he hurt kobe’s ankle that one year.

  • xtro

    Yeessss!!! Defense! Boom! Boom! Defense! Boom! Boom! Defense! Boom! Boom!

  • Michael_23


    I was gonna type the exact same thing until I scrolled down and saw your post. hah.

  • Billy Kupchak

    [Comment ID #30059 Will Be Quoted Here]

    arenas = defense?!?! WTF are u smoking? my father would be insane to sign arenas!!! :-D

  • einyo

    he will play as much as mbenga

  • Mr.81

    [Comment ID #30056 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Coby Karl, DJ Mbenga/Chris Mihm depending on health and Ira/Ariza depending on health.

  • c

    question: Isn’t there a rule that you can only sign free agents before a certain day (which I think passed) if they are going to be eligible for the playoffs. So does that mean he will even be able to play with us in the playoffs.

  • ballafreestyle

    [Comment ID #30068 Will Be Quoted Here]

    They had to be waived before a certain date in order for them to play in the playoffs. So it doesn’t matter when the Lakers sign Newble.

  • Tim

    i think coby, mbenga, and luke should sit out, luke is good but he has that fractured bone in his foot and defense win championships

  • agamemnon spankatronix

    “question: Isn’t there a rule that you can only sign free agents before a certain day (which I think passed) if they are going to be eligible for the playoffs. So does that mean he will even be able to play with us in the playoffs.”

    Newble was released by Seattle prior to March 1, which makes him eligible for the Lakers playoff roster.

  • Tim

    btw i think he chose us over the cavs becausehe would get PT here and he knows we’re winners

  • MILO

    I’ll reserve my comment about this guy untill i see him on the court!

  • e

    good sign


    I had time to think about Newble and my verdict is…..GOOD DAMN PICK UP. Newble will bring toughness and MAJOR ATTITUDE to this team and just in case we play Clev. in the finals…..could happen.

  • http://myspcewa lakers_rep

    Great Addition gotta give kupchick lots of credit this year..hez the Manager of the year

    cant wait till all the guys come back Bynum, Ariza, Mihm, Gasol..n know with Newble cant be Mess wITh

  • http://myspacee kobeMVP

    YEssssssssssss!!!!!!!!! he should take all of LUKE WALTON minutes…Lets Trade Walton for Elton Brand

  • the antoine

    i dont think i can forgive newble for landing on kobes shoulder.. kobes been hurt by him twice.. and we have bad luck with laker on laker accidents

  • Michael_23

    I agree, if Newble and Ariza are in the team have the minutes passed down like this at SF:

    LO > Vlad Rad > Trevor > Luke > Newble

  • Mr.81

    Newble could play all the way from 2 to the 4 if needed, so he gives you some more versatility.

  • Ko-Pau19

    another great signing! hopefully he can provide another defensive threat for the long stretch before the playoffs! Great job Mitch! Keep it up!

  • ricky

    not sure if there will be enough minutes for him off the bench. he is a good pickup, but with most of our injured players about to return in a span of 2-3 weeks, im not sure if it was necessary to sign him. also, only 12 players are allowed on the playoff roster, so who else besides coby karl and dj mbenga?

    i suppose once that time comes, the coaching staff will know what to do about roster spots, but all im concerned about right now is the healthy return of pau gasol, andrew bynum, trevor ariza, and possibly chris mihm.

  • vida24

    great.. no we can play some defense !

  • lalakerfan

    10 day contract! No guarantee he’ll be around come playoffs.

  • Phant0M

    I’ll Take It


    Seeings though Ira IS a good pick(I hope they keep for next season,he’s a beast on defense)I’ll go ahead and throw out a name that may surprise some of you and I think it give The Lakers a shot at a 70 to 73 wins next season,Mickael Pietrus(The Air Jordan of France,GO TO YOUTUBE),think about it).

  • xtro

    Nah. The management will extend Ira’s 10 day contract eventually knowing Trevor Ariza is still out and his playoff experience will come in handy.

  • tradekwame11



  • megaloco10

    i can see this guy is smart by just choosing lakers over cavs…

  • Lakers

    good move by mitch

  • SunsRGay

    newbie is like bruce bowen…cheap and dirty…he likes to slip his foot right underneath the defender causing their main player to miss 14 games…dirty bastard


    Billy Kupchak,tell your Dad he is “THE KING OF MOTHERF!@$IN’ LA” and I’m from DC and I know that(Best GM of the past 10 Yrs.,just off getting Gasol alone makes him that).

  • kb24 4life

    hey on the latimes says that the lakers signd newble for the rest of the season and on says it was a 10 day contract…

  • Michael_23

    Is he playing tonight?

  • LD2k

    The LA Times is reporting we signed newble for THE ENTIRE SEASON:

    The Lakers signed free-agent small forward Ira Newble to a contract for the rest of the season.

  • Aceiz2fresh>>>>latimes

    but we’ll see

  • em and em jr.



    I told y’all days ago NO ARENAS,I AM A DC NATIVE(and still lives here,unfortunately)so I know first hand,CARON BUTLER YES!ARENAS…..F@$& NO. Forget the big names or usual suspects,there are guys,right now on the wrong team that would excel with The Lakers like,M.Pietrus(GS)Josh Smith(ATL),Luol Deng(CHI),Jamario Moon(TOR),C.Maggette(LAC),Francisco Elson(SEA),just to name a few. Maggette and Pietrus(Don’t sleep,this is GS best defensive player and most athletic)are my favorites,YOUR TURN.


    Anybody know anything about SUN YUE(THE ASIAN MAGIC)coming in to LA next season. Lakers get this guy and a nice Free Agent(see comments above)and your looking at 4 in row,I’LL BET $200 EACH YR. BEFORE THE SEASON STARTS ON THAT ONE!!!

  • pau! pau! Pau

    [Comment ID #30161 Will Be Quoted Here]so is it true that sun yue is a 6-9 player who plays PG-SG-SF

  • hernando valenzuela

    [Comment ID #30160 Will Be Quoted Here]
    why aren’t we getting any of these guys, we need arenas as well

  • Smush Walton

    Hey Ira,
    I’ve got some nifty post moves I can teach you!

    Luke “Smush” Walton


    Don’t need Arenas.Tell you why tomorrow.

  • yash

    [Comment ID #30080 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Ya Like that’s gonna work. Dumasss. Walton for Brand its like the kwame trade. We dont rely need any mo big men

  • Aceiz2fresh

    haha o mman if we got brand,

    but we dont need him…..

  • hernando valenzuela

    [Comment ID #30192 Will Be Quoted Here]why

  • Phant0M

    Cuz we don’t

  • xtro

    Walton scored double digit last night, ya fools! Why would u trade someone who can run the offense for the second unit. Stop hatin’ on Luke!

  • fluke swalfmeen

    [Comment ID #30236 Will Be Quoted Here]
    you know what, you are right, we need to improve our bench, and gilbert isn’t a bench player, trade fluke for a better sixth man, ronny and jordan both are not good sixth men

  • jmac


    trust me, after 5 years as a cleveland fan, the guy adds ZERO value.