Just one day from the start of training camp and media day, Kobe Bryant’s status is becoming more clear.

After reports of  being ahead of schedule, videos of him jumping off a high dive and running on an anti-gravity treadmill, he gave the most significant answer yet regarding his return to the hardwood in an interview while in Dubai for his Health and Fitness Weekend:

“Now it’s about cutting the recovery time, I should be OK [for the start of the season],” Bryant said in an interview with The National, a website in Dubai.

The feeling amongst fans and media have been mixed.  Some feel that he would return in December/January and there were those that did not doubt he would be back for the start of the season.

For those that have followed his career since entering the league in 1996, it’s no surprise that there is a good chance he will return sooner than later.

While there are those that believe Kobe is rushing a return to the court, just put those thoughts to rest.   Kobe has always taken care of his body and is very thorough in his injury recovery.  He can play through broken fingers and sprained ankles, but this injury is significantly different and he knows it’s an injury that has ended many careers.

Mitch Kupchak has recently said there is no timetable for Kobe’s return and rightfully so.   With a few weeks away from the October 29th opener versus the Clippers, Kobe still has some work to do in his recovery, but do not be surprised to see him suit up opening night.