Good to see they are doing well.

L.A. Times: Sasha Vujacic, who has been out because of a sprained right shoulder, has been unable to practice, but said he hopes to be available next Monday after the Lakers return home from a three-game trip.

Luke Walton, who has been out because of a pinched nerve in his back, worked out on an exercise machine Monday and said his back felt good, but that “good is a relative term right now.”

  • asg

    who gives a fu*k. both of you douches did this on purpose, so we couldnt trade u. get the fu*k outta here. All i know is yall better come back with a stick up your as*es. u need to prove you belong

    • lakerfan2010

      that made no sense at all hahaha ..

      anyways hope sasha and luke come back soon!

  • Stone Cold Steve Austin


  • shit.

    Fuck these ingrates.