Ron is finally feeling better, great news!

My Lakers: It wasn’t until Jan. 24 in Toronto that we confirmed Ron Artest had been suffering from plantar fasciitis in both feet.

It wasn’t until Friday evening in Philadelphia that Artest admitted that the pain had been there dating all the way back to the previous season.

Fortunately for both Artest and the Lakers, the pain finally seems to be subsiding.

The evidence could be seen on the floor across L.A.’s last three road wins and in particular during L.A.’s 99-91 victory over the Sixers (he scored 18 points and locked down Andre Iguodala) and heard off of it.

“I started to feel good in Toronto,” said Artest. “Ever since Toronto I’ve been running really fast, and moving. Just moving. Even in the game where I had two points (Indiana), I felt great.”

Artest explained that while playing for Houston last season, he had torn two ligaments in his ankle but decided not to rest as he was not only trying to help his team, but because it was a contract year and he was determined to put himself in the best position to help his family.

“I played on bad ankles, and (the pain) went from my ankle to the bottom of my heel right to the bottom of my foot, and it kept on going from there,” he said. “I rested in the summer time, but I never really addressed it.”

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  • Robert

    Plantar fasciitis can mess up your game real bad. It makes it harder to make jump shots, and move quickly on defense. This is great news, if it’s really getting better. I think the trainers maybe helping him out with this – maybe he’s trying a different shoe. There are ways to minimize the pain, if you can’t completely eliminate it.
    But .. once his injuries have healed ….. look out! Ron-Ron is a great athlete (not just a great ball player), so if he’s in top form, things are gonna get tougher for other teams.

  • LakerFanSince59

    This reported injury makes sense and helps to answer my questions.

    I was watching Artest as a Laker this year and wondering where his “hops” were? He was just so flat footed when he went for a rebound, drove to the rim, or pulled in an offense rebound and went back up.

    I used to be an “Artest Hater” but I’m sold on him now. He is one of the smarter “on-court” basketball players in the league. If Duncan is the “Big Fundamental” Artest is a close second. He’s skilled, smart, plays team basketball, isn’t afraid to take a shot, plays “stay in front of the offense player D”; I can’t wait until the playoffs when he gets to study, focus on, and play another team for a series.

    As goofy as we all think he can be “off the court”, he really is a student of the game. I think we all will be even more impressed when the playoffs start. Just hope the foot problems are completely over by then.