Twitter: Kobe said he doubts he will be able to play against Boston. “Right now it’s a no.”


Twitter: Kobe says he isn’t playing vs. BOS. Tendon in ankle not ready.

  • mr.laker19

    Even though we are playing well, I want Kobe back for this game

  • hiipeihoo

    im glad i didnt pay for over priced tickets to this game

  • http://www.jackyang.info Jack Y.

    Good decision by Kobe. You guys are missing the point. When Kobe comes back unhealthy, he will hurt the team more than he will help. When he’s healthy, he’s deadly. Essentially, the team isn’t as focused when he’s on the court because they think Kobe can bail them out. An unhealthy Kobe won’t be able to bail them out as efficiently.

  • xtro

    we in trouble now.

    • http://yahoo jaydubb415

      xtro are you drinking that xo ” were in trouble now” please tell me you mean that from a kobe is takin 2 long 2 come back,cuzz if you meant that from boston in town not that same boston that needed over time 2 beat sac yea they play us tough but thats a rivalry type of thing, they kept kobe out because this team is slow they play rough and that’s not the team you bring you’re all -world 2 gaurd back when he’s been on crates 4 two weeks, he comes back they take a cheap foul he’s out all season and everybody in LA and there moma crying why phil play him we got a 7 game lead in the west but do it with a whiney voice

  • michiganlaker

    rest up kobe. healthy shooting index finger and left ankle more important come playoff time.

  • 007

    i for one am glad that kobe’s gonna sit it out. what happens IF we do lose this game? the celtics dont get handed a trophy. i think its a win-win for us really. if we win w/out kobe then the team’s confidence rises and depletes boston’s confidence completely. if we don’t win then it’s just a +1 in the loss column and we knew we were w/out kobe and so do the celtics so this game tells them nothing. kobe gets rest no matter what which is always a win situation.

    • black24mamba

      haha i can’t believe we posted that at the exact same time

    • lakerfan_4ever

      I totally agree….winning the game without Kobe and WOW,I will be talking trash like no other…if we lose,well it was expected it,no big deal…but I can really see us beating that collection of grandpas….

  • black24mamba

    this is a great news… So what if we beat the celtics with Kobe, we all know were capable of doing that. Imagine the confidence the rest of the team will have if they can beat the Celtics w/o Kobe. IF we lose, who cares we will know why. This is a great opportunity for the rest of the crew to step up and stop relying on kobe. Just imagine celtic fans having to think about losing to us without Kobe…awesome.

  • nba10

    get well soon kobe the lakers are a much more boring team to watch without you. Now ppl will able to shutup about the team not needing you. The celtics will be a big test against this so calles “invincible” lakers squad that is only 8 players deep (thats if fish shows up).

    • 242LakerFan

      Much more boring without Kobe? You mean you think they’re boring even with Kobe?
      And what’s so boring about four wins in a row, playing great team ball? Bynum being beastly in the paint? Odom averaging almost 15 rebounds? Shannon throwing down vicious jams and having a career all-around performance?
      Talk about hard to please…sheesh!
      I know that’s not what he meant, folks. I just wanted to point out how easy it is to be misunderstood online when you make egregious grammatical errors.
      Let the snarky comments commence.

      • roscoe

        You’re a faggot.

        • thankgoodness tLNfans are not GM

          A fat nerdy one @ that!

      • michiganlaker

        u don’t have too many friends, do u??? doesn’t seem like it.

  • avcpl

    Kind of glad because there is a LONG break again until the next game, so he should be really healed and ready to go for the rest of the year!!!

  • drive-for-16th

    Kobe just needs to keep resting, this game is not very important, he shouldn’t rush anything. We’re playing good and lets beat boston too.

  • Alfonso

    get wel soon kobe! i think even without kobe they got a good chance to beat the curent celtics !

  • keepon_keepinon18

    Just how bad is the ankle? I was thinking he was fine and just didn’t want to flare up again… I guess it will be just a matter of time.

    • http://lakersnation showtime4eva

      it makes you wonder. huh,is there more to it? hopefully he’s just making sure he completely heals

  • Kobe8/24

    I’d have loved to see Kobe play this game but if he’s not healthy, we’re gonna have to keep it going without him. It’s gonna be a tough one against Boston but I have faith that the team will keep the streak going. We gonna see just how physical the Lakers are on Thursday. But I also have to admit I kinda miss watching fade-away baseline jumpers in people’s faces.

    Go Lakeshow..

  • Remy

    we’re not playing for a day, we’re playing for a championship

  • kblaker4life

    Good decision Kobe. Kobe is now rested for 2 weeks and maybe more this equals to one playoff series. There’s four series to get the championship. I Would keep sitting out until the team lose a game, then maybe I would think about coming back.. A healthy KOBE for the rest of the playoffs (2 months) is great. Remember we will be playing until JUNE. Plus Kobe hasn’t gotten any rest for a few years now with USA bball over the summer and he’s not getting younger. We have 4 months left before we host the championship trophy so I WANT KOBE TO REST AS MUCH AS HE CAN, so he can carry the team in the playoffs.

  • yash

    They better beat Celts without Kobe, cuz Cavs just got Jamison, we gotta show them who still runs the NBA

    • lakerfan_4ever

      Winning a game at the end of February doesn’t win you a championship….relax dude…

    • yash

      I know it doesnt, but we gotta get home court advantage. If we start winning lot more games now and showing some effort then it would prove to me that Lakers are better than we expected

  • avcpl

    Damn I don’t want Shaq to win another ring!!!!!! (or Boston for that matter, but looks like Cavs have a better chance).

    Get it together guys!

  • PauLAsol

    It will be a great game or a disaster, either way is going to be pretty darn interesting.

  • http://yahoo jaydubb415

    I know kobe calls his own shots in laker land but i think phil and them called this one i’m sure kobe could of played against warriors team a team that don’t dee up but runs nonstop in comes a slower half court team that dees up over dees up refs its just 2 risky a sprain is one thing he hurts that back then that will linger all year

  • lakerfan_4ever

    I’m actually happy to hear that Kobe is not rushing into the court just to prove that he can play even when he is not totally healthy …nobody wants to play the game against the Celts more than Kobe but he is looking at the big picture and letting heal his ankle is the smart decision.Besides,we are winning games without him and I’m so happy how the guys are responding to the challenge by playing hard.

  • Marwan Marzina

    Check this scenario. No Kobe. Lakers didn’t get Artest and still had Ariza. How would Ariza do? He would suck so bad that it makes Kwame look like an All Star.
    Seriously, Ariza feeds off the open looks he gets from Kobe and Pau and Pau has been doubled and tripled and there is no guarantee that the ball would do directly to Ariza. That would make him a non factor.
    Artest however can create his own shot and work in the post. Although he doesnt get it in all the time, he does do a better job of shooting the ball than Ariza did. Ariza has had good stats with the Lakers but Artest trumps them so far. His 3P shooting is better and his FG is better.
    In conclusion, Artest>Ariza.

    • LGM10

      yeah ive heard ppl complaining about how ariza has been horrible in games in houston and how hes been a “bust.” Lets just hope artest can get healthy (no plantar fasciitis).

  • Robert

    must be serious, if Kobe isn’t playing. This is a game he would really want to play.
    When a star player is out Feb and/or March, it actually gives them time to rest up for the playoffs, so this is a good thing.
    2 years ago, Garnett was out with injury (2008). He rested up, and was able to play at a high level for playoffs/final. When Shaq was w/Lakers, and was out for injury during 1st part of year, he would be rested up for the playoffs/final.
    So, this will be good for Kobe. Even if we don’t get home court against the Cavs. We can beat the Cavs on their turf. We can beat Orlando (last year!) on their turf. We just have problems w/Celtics, but we’re ahead of them, and would win home court against them.
    So, no worries. Win or lose tomorrow, Kobe is preparing for the playoff run. Much more important. Besides, we beat the Celtics on THEIR court. Much more important!

  • Marwan Marzina

    If the Lakers can beat the Celtics on Thursday without Kobe, that will be the biggest win of the year in the NBA for any team.

  • Josh in Da 310


  • JR8901828

    Don’t matter if he is or if he ain’t.
    Were gonna beat the Celtics!!!
    I think it’s time to stop relying on the guy
    GO LAKERS!!!!!

  • http://yahoo hojo

    I am glad that kobe is out so the the BOSTIN CELTICS will win.LAKERS SUCK