It didn’t work out for him like it did for Kobe.

ESPN: “It didn’t really help,” Bynum said of the action, which is designed to alleviate the pain of a torn meniscus. “As soon as I drained it, about 12 hours later, all the fluid came back. … It wasn’t really a good procedure.”

  • BE_A_LakerFan

    Is it me or does Bynum always sound negative? I don’t get this kid. I don’t know.
    Anyway, it doesn’t matter. I’m glad he’s playing through the pain. For that I give him props. He just needs to ride it out and in about a week or two he can celebrate our back to back Championships!
    I can’t wait for tomorrow night. Time for revenge. Go Lakers!

    • j.dizzle

      LOL you cant even understand half his interviews cause he mumbles so much but he does always seem negative..BTW why the hell is he always talking about his injuries to the media?..I can care less if he keeps getting asked, he needs to keep his mouth shut, its pretty annoying how he keeps saying its getting worse. I’m pretty sure he’ll be shipped out if he doesnt make a pretty good contribution in the Finals again. Props to him for playing through it but LA needs to look at their options in the offseason.

      • Niko

        Wow, if this is the dizzle I think it is, have you finally given up on your prodigy? Have you also had enough of Bynum?

  • Robert

    Drew, just stand in the post (on D) and swat flies (Rondo, etc.). The Celdicks are slow anyway, so you won’t have to run much. Don’t worry about offense – Pau and Kobe will take care of that, just get some offensive rebounds. Ok, you’re set then!

  • slimehead

    i seem to lose my faith in this guy.. so young yet bugged with injuries.. man bring in bosh…… i think??

  • avcpl

    so drain it again less than 12 hours before the game dumb ass!

  • Gino

    maybe they’re saying these things to do some bluffing with the celtics? why show the full hand when it’s not yet time…

  • lakers0828

    Bynum Better Show up and Play Man Ill Say this If we Lose this Finals I think Its Definitely Time To Break ties with Bynum and Shoot for Bosh

  • socal.s

    He’s just making it seem worse than it is so no one will trade for him……

  • Varick Hudson

    In big Andrew Bynum I see the stuff that legends are made of. Even Though it was against my much beloved lakers when in the 1970 playoffs, Willis Reed came to play Center on an injured leg and hence became one of the 50 Greatest to ever play the game of NBA Basketball. I see shades of Willis Reed in this Kid. Show them what you are made of Big Drew, and put to rest all of the Nay Sayers. Go Lakers. beat Boston.

    • j.dizzle

      LOL come on mannnn,..willis reed? You have to have passion for the game to do that..Bynum shows no damn emotion, I hope he proves me wrong in the next week cause LA is gonna need his length & rebounding.

      • Varick Hudson

        Yep Willis Reed. Big Drew will be Great in this series.

  • I’m illy

    I think LA should goe after Haywood He is a Free Agent and I dont think Dallas is gonna Resign him

  • avcpl

    we’re kind of stuck with him, because if he plays decent they won’t want to trade him, and if he plays poor no one will trade for him. So hopefully he steps up and becomes what he should be!

  • rondo

    Don’t you bandwagon clowns get tired ripping Andrew Bynum? Give it a break Andrew is trying what else you guys want. I would like to see a bunch of you couch potatoes get on a basketball court with a bad knee? Most of you guys only use your hands to work that remote and drink a cold beer until the wife nag you to get off that couch and take a walk.