Moderately good news, but it’s sad to hear Ratliff will be missing time. L.A. got good news relating to Odom, as the MRI on a sore right foot came back negative. The MRI did confirm what Phil Jackson had previously described as a “bone bruise,” but the lanky lefty can play on it and will stay in the starting lineup against Milwaukee.

Blake is also expected to play in Wisconsin, as he was feeling better and did make the trip with the team.

The news is not so good in Ratliff’s case, however, as the 37-year-old center will have arthroscopic surgery on Tuesday morning in hopes of discerning the problem with his sore left knee.

  • DR Len

    If Ratliff is out for more then a fort night Lakers need to pick up a big body.

    • Marwan Marzina

      That’s what Caracter is for.

    • LakersFirst

      I agree.

      Caracter is a undersized power forward and is a rookie.

      Lakers currently have 3 power fowards – Gasol (even though he is playing center his natural position is the 4), LO and Caracter. Even with Bynum back, there would only really be 3 big men. Would love to see the Lakers sign another 6’11/7 footer (PF/Center) guy.

  • WTF

    you guys copied the ENTIRE article this time? GARBAGE . .

    • LizzakeShizzow

      TLN contributes a lot to the Lakers fanbase. If you dont like this site, then shut up and get the fuck out. SImple right?

    • daboss1848

      what do u mean copy? they link the article, like they usually do . . . they dont take credit for writing an original article anywhere here – it has a colored link for (click it and it takes you to original post)
      they also provide original articles, but usually they provide articles from all over the internet in here for our convenience (so that we dont have to do the legwork)
      another example of a typical ungrateful fickle fan . . . .

  • we always laff at you loooser!

    for you to read it again because you dont…

  • Robert.

    Actually, I’m too lazy to go scouring the whole internet for this news, so THANKS TLN, for providing it here (it is timely enough for me).
    I hope Ratliff isn’t a bust. There seemed to be good reasons to sign him, but I’m not sure how well he has done (anyone know)? Maybe the knee problems have prevented him from being the presence that he was supposed to be when they signed him.
    Glad LO is just bruised. I’ve said that he’s ‘key’ to the great success of the Lakers. If he can play like he did (except against Denver), we’ll be fine. And just wait until Drew returns!

    • Marwan Marzina

      You’re welcome Robert.

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    thank-you for the good laugh robert, your post are really comical and funny.

  • Neto

    Get Dampier!

    • Pauverisor

      Excellent idea, he would be somebody we could count on down the stretch if Bynum gets hurt again. Can somebody get a message to Mitch?

  • sancho

    I have felt along that we need another Big. With Bynum’s glass knees , and Ratliff being injured, I have dount that Gasol and Caracter can bang with the SmellDicks bigs (Perkins, Big Baby, Shaq & Jermaine O’Neil) in a 7 game series come June.

  • Boococky

    trade bynum and artest for melo and nene. done deal

    • Robert.

      Funny you mention that. It seems that Melo is now talking about playing for a Championship team (instead of a ‘rebuilding’ team like the Knicks or the Nets). He ‘specifically’ mentions Lakers, Celtics, Spurs.
      Nene would be a good ‘big’ for the center position, and Melo would provide killer offense (but – no defense). We would be losing a good defender in Ron-Ron. This trade ‘could’ work, but I’d rather see some of our 2nd unit be sacrificed, maybe in a 3-team trade (Sasha? Caracter? Ebanks? even add Blake or Barnes? I’m not as ‘skilled’ at GM as many of us here at TLN).
      Any other trades you can think of? It looks like Kobe wants to have Melo on the Lakers – that would trump the new ‘heat’, and pave the way for the ‘next’ generation of Lakers.