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  • PatheticWebsite

    Nice to see this shit fucking website rip off more talented sites once again. First you copy-paste all your articles. Then you change your name to try and reap the benefits that a more successful site has rightfully earned. Now you steal their article ideas. Classy. This site is a fucking joke. Any professional journalist would understand that you shit heads are ripping off other people’s ideas. Get an original thought.

    • laffsatu

      kind of like kobe trying to steal JORDANS GAME? 

  • King? No Ring?

    Hey Fish, it’s over baby!  Tired, slow off the break, unable to cover without resorting to running people over, at least you’ve mastered the innocent little “what, me, what did I do look”  bye bye 

  • LakerLiker

    Congrats on the new Yamaha Generators sponsorship!