The time is now. Do you side with the older Kobe, or the younger Bynum; this is the question which has caused tension between all of the Lakers fans, and the front office. J. O’Neal is putting himself out there for the Lakers to grab, many agree we’d be in contention with a Fish/KB/JO/LO lineup. But are the Lakers willing to trade Bynum away? Indy star, and others, sadly say no:

IndyStar: The Pacers and Lakers are believed to have discussed a trade involving O’Neal this summer, but have been unable to reach agreement. Various reports have claimed the Pacers are holding out for Lakers center Andrew Bynum to be included, while the Lakers have refused to do so.

  • lakerfan81


    Is this real or is it someone speculating on why a trade did not happen. Jerry Buss said that Bynum was tradeable (he said anyone but Kobe was tradeable). Everyone else is/was reporting that they would not giv e up both LO and Bynum. So I don’t know how true this is (At least i hope it isn’t).

  • keep24

    I’m confused too!

    Are they talking about LO and Bynum or just Bynum and other pieces?

    Are you telling me that the Lakers FO is banking on Bynum over KB in his prime?


    The only thing that I could think of is that I think Bynum must kick ass in practice or something, because I just don’t see what the big deal with this regect is.

  • mr47

    I am guessing this is pure speculation. Every other publication said the Lakers will not toss in Odom AND Bynum. The only reason I can think of is them being scared of JO’s injury issues, but man, its JO!

    My love for kobe has faded a bit the last few months, but as a Laker fan, we have to make him happy. It’s either kobe or bynum, and i think even bynum would pick kobe. Get JO mitch.

  • as1084

    what this story is reporting is very unclear….does he mean the lakers r unwilling to trade bynum WITH Odom or just wont give up bynum in any package…its very confusing the way that statement is worded. I think its saying the lakers won’t include bynum in a package WITH odom. Dont forget this guy is spinning the story in favor of the pacers.

  • shortdiezel


    We can’t bank on Bynum being this superstar.. even if he will be.. how long will it take? and when his contract is up, will he stay with the Lakers? there are too many variables and speculation to worry about the future.. we need to REBUILD NOW!!!!

    There are no guarantees, except that we currently have the BEST PLAYER in the game in KOBE BRYANT and we are at major risk of losing him next season..

  • lakerfreak

    trade bynum and resign him next year then we get Jo for free we can resign brown too hahaha

  • Michael_23

    Andrew Bynum was blessed with having the greatest center of all time, Kareem Abdul Jabar, teach him all his moves. He even was trying to teach him the unstoppable skyhook. Bynum would not attend practice with Kareem and showed he wasn’t committed. Kurt Rambis and Phil Jackson even said so on several radio interviews. He shows no respect for the legend.

    What a shame …


  • Fred A.

    Bynum/Radmonivic/Cook/Farmer/andFirstRounder should be enough for JO. Do you think so?

  • Fred A.

    Micheal you are right. is a great web site.

  • gcdeen

    I agree, let’s get rid of Bynum! And Lamar Odom too. He’s very injury prone and showed up in less than 30% of our games last year. Why doesn’t anyone remember his inconsistency last season? He was the #2 option yet he failed to score in double digits many times!!!! Ship out Bynum and Odom. Let’s get J.O! He’ll give us 20 and 10. Then push to get Artest. He’ll give us 15 and 7 and play some sick D. Come on, can’t Laker management see it? Think of our D with Fish, Kobe, Artest, O’Neal and Brown?!?