The Lakers end up with 4.5 million and save a total of $6.2 million for selling their No. 29 pick (Toney Douglas) and Miami for their No. 46 pick (Patrick Beverley).

elonuLakers Basketblog: The Lakers selected Chinemelu Elonu from Texas A&M (via Nigeria) with the 59th overall pick in the 2009 NBA Draft. A 6-10 junior, Elonu was drafted after the Lakers traded the draft rights to Patrick Beverley – whom they’d selected at No. 42 – to the Miami Heat for a future second round pick.

“Basically it’s keeping in line with our philosophy with the draft,” said Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak. “We ranked the players in the draft and we ended up getting the guy that we thought would be the 34th best guy in the draft at 59.”

Kupchak said that Elonu would likely play for the Lakers in the summer league and have a chance to make the team depending on if he’s “as good as we think he is.”

“He’s a wonderful person,” Kupchak added. “Great kid. Plays hard. He’s developing, every year he’s getting better and better.”

  • sasha vujabrick

    if he can bench vujabrick puke and farmabrick then welcome to LA!

  • Marlen

    damn im wondering….why didnt we take mills or budlinger at 42?

  • lakerfan81

    I understand the need for the money to resign our free agents, so I am not upset about selling out picks. But I think Douglas could have been a decent player in the triangle and possible replacement for Fisher if either Brown or Farmar do not dramatically improve.

  • Al The Laker fan you should meet

    Great Draft pick. Great Draft overall its about structure in the NBA and you don’t win 15 titles without having it. The Lakers Offense does not consist of having a TRUE point guard so those picks we traded put cash in our pocket and gives us room to make moves in the draft in the future. Elonu is a young and extremely athletic BigMan with a ton of potential! I like him because he is a really good shot blocker and shot challenger and more than decent college rebounder.

  • Justin Fisher

    With Orlando getting Vince Carter, Shaq in Cleveland, as well as the rival Spurs now revamped with Richard Jefferson, and maybe the steal od the draft in Blair, Lakers may need to Tweek the roster, as we barely made it out of the West last year.

  • Justin Fisher

    Just a suggestion, without adding salary, consider Minnesota has drafted four guards yesterday so we send say…A Sasha and Luke or Morrison for one of their guards..Ty Lawson reminds me of a quicker Derek Fisher.

  • Day


  • RoWyN

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    i know why do we need two derek fishers? lakers are champs coz when they need sumthin they go get what they want instead of whats available. if we need a future PG, why settle for a rookie that’s untested, when we can go balls out and offer say chris paul a chance to live in LA (anyway i dont mean go and get exactly chris paul but i hope u know what i mean.)

    besides, if it aint broke why fix it? (look at cleveland and orlando — thats y they dont have banners in their stadiums.)

  • RoWyN

    BTW, Orlando is so stupid thinking VC solves their problems. They ship out two major guys on their rotation. i like courtney lee, reminds me of rip hamilton. then by bringin in VC, i wonder if hedo will ever be the same, maybe theyr not signin him back. Also i wonder how they plan on playin the gorilla with vinsanity.

  • Heron

    you’re only reminded of Rip Hamilton because of Lee’s mask, not his game. Their games are totally different. They’re better, but they better hope Nelson gets back to form.

  • RoWyN

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    i know me too… mesquite shrimp tacos!

  • Heron

    I think drafting this guy maybe means that they waive Powell in another money saving move.

  • 007

    ^^lol. does he remind you of rip because he started wearing that face mask?

    all of these big name trades just goes to show that everyone is gearing up to challenge the lakers. but none of these teams are guaranteed to mesh well just because they add big names to their roster. look what happened when shaq went to phoenix. i love when the lakers make EVERYONE else in the nba panic. i bet stern is panicked now because his zebras might not be able to stop the lakeshow despite all of his attempts. seriously, the lakers dont even get homecourt calls on their own homecourt anymore. oh well, makes the ‘ship all the more sweeter

  • LakersFirst

    Good draft pick for the Lakers. The Lakers do need to groom another power forward.

    For those that are scared of Orlando getting Vince Carter, the Spurs getting RJ and the Cavs getting Shaq, CALM DOWN!!!! The Lakers don’t need to shake up the roster. The first step is to resign their free agents. The Laker organization is too smart to make a trade just because other teams have (that’s a knee-jerk reaction – not smart). The Lakers know they have a strong roster. Their the world champions for crying out!

  • Al The Laker fan you should meet

    It’s funny I can always come on here and point out those fans who are lacking testicular fortitude when comes to the Lakers.

  • Al The Laker fan you should meet

    Check out this Article on our 2nd round pick:

  • lakerferlife7

    those trades dnt mean shit…the lakers will be better next cause bynum will be healthy and play like he did befre the injury…we will dominate even more next year…

  • BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!
  • LakersNewDynasty08

    ill trade any of our bench players besides odom for stephen curry….dude is amazing

  • Kman

    Lakers did not play up to potential and still won, before we go changing things maybe we should see how the HUGE confidence boost affects the team we have.

    Stop hating on Luke he just helped win the NBA Finals you ungrateful bunch of hooligans.

    Sasha isn’t going anywhere because no team is going to take his contract at this point in time.

  • pio2u

    We are LA! Life is good; 2009 World Champions; nuff said

  • lainok

    i wish making trades and signing players for the lakers was as easy as taking off the restriction settings on a video game, and then manualy going in and making all their player ratings 99.

  • Harold