Lakers Examiner: It was just last week that people were asking whether the Los Angeles Lakers were better off without Andrew Bynum.

It allowed Lamar Odom to flourish in the starting role, while providing more space down low for Pau Gasol to operate.

In Bynum’s absence, Pau picked up back-to-back Western Conference Player of the Week honors and Odom was putting up silly numbers in the rebound column.

Not to mention the Lakers were playing their best basketball of the season.

That all came to a screeching halt this weekend, however, as the Lakers dropped two games in a row to Western Conference foes, the Denver Nuggets and the Steve Nash-less Phoenix Suns.

It was more evident than ever that the Lakers missed their big man as they watched Shaquille O’Neal drop 33 points in 35 minutes.

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  • zgum


  • sketch

    What’s crazy is that when we were winning, the Laker fans and the critics thought that the Lakers are doing great! LO is playing like he’s never played before as a Laker and he was this dominate force and all of a sudden the Lakers don’t need Bynum and we’re a better team wtihout him!

    Now that the Lakers have lost 2 straight and it’s panic time and it’s we need Bynum and we’re not as complete of a team without him! Boo Fcukin Whoooo! Of course we’re better with Bynum, we’ve got 2 7 footers in the middle! What we needed was for LO to play well and up to his potential, not that he needed to replace Bynum.

    This is all ridiculous! We need Bynum and we need him soon! We just need for LO to continue to play like how he did against Boston and Cleveland and dominate along side Bynum, Kobe, Pau, and Fisher, and the rest of the team!

    Stupid asses who thought that we were better with Bynum out of the lineup! The thing that Phil needs to do is to show different lineups against different teams, depending on what the match ups are. I don’t want to see Phil be stuck on 1 lineup and just throw in the subs whenever needed. I want to see him be fluid and organic…zen like, with his lineups depending on who we play and what their strengths and weaknesses are!

  • Jack

    It’s only 2 games people. Where was all the panic and craziness when Boston or Cleveland lost 2 straight? Just relax already.

  • zgum

    im not panicking…

    im just saying we need bynum…

  • sketch

    exactly zgum, exactly!

  • LakerPoetBR

    Not too tight, not too relaxed.
    We are yet to see what kind of player
    turns out of Andrew Bynum. He is NOT
    injury prone, as many ppl said, both
    injuries were accidents. And, after
    reading the interview with Kareem
    I’m starting to get a great feeling
    about that fella. He gives us a
    defense integrity that is really
    really what makes the lakers a
    dominant team, not just a offensive
    power that can’t defend the post.

  • jason

    we dont need him on offense, but we definitely need him on defense. Paul gasol, god bless him i love him, but his interior defense consists of him standing still and puttin his arms straight up in the air, even when its a guard comin to the basket, please try and block the shot once in a while.

  • patrick

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  • Margo

    Saying we don’t “need” him for offense, but we do for “defense” is contradicting in this manner: The guy was averaging a double double before he got injured both times…and defensively, he changes people minds when they come to the paint! THE game is just different when he is in, because he is starting to get such great position in the paint, that it makes it hard not to go to him. 7ft with great low post position and good hands, and a 10ft jumper, give it to him. I look at like this, when he and Pau is in the game, it really gives Pau the ability to utilize his other skills, like the jumper, and even the bounce, cause that’s what effective PF’s do! Lamar, however, must come off the bench ready to do, what he is doing now! He must stay aggressive, looking for his shot, and yet keep the ball in his hands, because Farmar is more offensive minded than assist leader. JMHO

  • LakersFirst

    What team doesn’t need the starting center????