Sasha tries to find a way to stay positive over little playing time.

L.A. Times: Reporting from Indianapolis – He has been told that his role might be limited, something that was not the case for Lakers guard Sasha Vujacic the two previous seasons.

It happened again Wednesday night, when Vujacic played a little more than 3 1/2 minutes against the Indiana Pacers.

The key, Lakers Coach Phil Jackson pointed out, will be how Vujacic performs when he is on the court and his demeanor during this time.

“It’s disappointing to him,” Jackson said.

Vujacic played a career-high 17.8 minutes during the 2007-08 season and averaged a career-best 8.8 points. He averaged 16.2 minutes and 5.8 points last season.

This season, Vujacic was averaging 7.5 minutes and 2.3 points before Wednesday night’s game.

Vujacic is basically the fifth guard in the rotation, playing behind starters Kobe Bryant and Derek Fisher and reserves Jordan Farmar and Shannon Brown, who has taken over the role once reserved for Vujacic.

“The thing is, P.J. [Jackson] knows what I can do,” Vujacic said. “Obviously we are playing a different kind of basketball and we all know that. The rotations are doing good and we are playing just different than before.

“In the beginning, it was kind of unexplainable. But I talked to P.J. a couple of times. I’ve just got to stay ready. There’s no reason to get down. If you get down, when you go in, you’re not going to do what you are supposed to do. So I just try to stay positive.”

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  • LD24

    No doubt the dude is really annoying at times, but I think it’s also clear that he tries his best when he’s out there. I can’t help but feel a little bad for a guy who really seems to love being a part of this squad, but stands a reasonable chance of being shipped out in the coming weeks…

    • Mr Terrific

      ‘Never mistake Activity for Accomplish.’ John Wooden

  • Green Flannel

    he is a hardworking, dedicated, and positive guy. it is just so unfortunate that he is on a team with so much talent. not much i can say but i hope (if he does leave) he can get his touch back and get more playing time.

  • LakersBabe

    Vuyacic needs to go. Just go away quickly!

  • gugy

    He needs to go alongside Ammo.
    If he played well, his minutes would come. Look at Shannon. The thing is PJ lost his confidence on him, so it will be damn hard to get it back.

  • 007

    yup, give sasha face time on this blog while he’s still a laker…

  • Nely

    I do feel bad for Sasha. And Phil’s reason that he needs to produce and have a good attitude is an EXCUSE. Two weeks ago when the Lakers played the Clippers and Sasha played very well with 10 points in 8 minutes (a game I was at) how was he “rewarded”? Two DNPs two out of the next three following games. I understand Shannon Brown is playing well and Phils apparently gaga over him, but there’s no reason at all that he should he getting 20-30 minutes a game while Sasha gets 3-5 maybe if it’s garbage time. Phils smart enough to figure out how to divide the minutes in a more balaced manner so both players can get quality playing time. And for Phil to just say “he’s dissapointed” is ridiculous. I hope Sasha can get more minutes and continue to produce and be a Laker

    • LakersBabe

      Sasha had one good season. That was it. He parlayed that into a fat contract because Kupcake is an idiot.

      Remember a few years back he was known as a 10AM player. The reason? He shot well in practice and stunk up he court during the game.

      Get his buttt outa here.

      • chadb

        I’d be suprised if Sasha can find a spot on a NBA roster after his contract is up… horrible

  • http://57.amklac missesalot

    he`s worthless without that euro-hairsting thing he used to wear.back when him and mamba couldhit a shot…

  • Sasha4Lvp

    stay positive sasha. ur about to get more playing time in chicago when we trade ur a*s for kirk heinrich, someone who will actually contribute!

  • Mr Terrific

    Sasha’s a great OUTSIDE shooter. Unfortunately,NBA games are played INSIDE.

  • barryc

    the saddest part is that sasha is getting beat out by someone wouldn’t even crack the playing rotation if he were still with the cavs – even while mo williams and delonte west are out with injuries.

    • Mr Terrific

      Vujachoke belongs in the Special Olympics,not the NBA.

    • Green Flannel

      shannon is playing waaay better than he did in cleveland if he was on the cavs playing like this and mo was out then hed be starting.

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