L.A. Times: Hello, mother lode.

Even for the Lakers, who have had as many stars as any NBA team, and as many clowns as Barnum & Bailey has climbing out of that little car, it was some week.

Talk about images that will live forever, like Jerry West hitting that half-court shot, and Magic Johnson’s junior, junior skyhook, and now . . .

H-e-r-e’s Andrew, partying at the Playboy mansion, with Playmate Nicole Narain on his shoulders!

The team’s on the road, getting its itinerary rearranged — OK, that’s Games 1, 2, 6 and 7 in Cleveland — with Lakerdom waiting breathlessly for updates on Andrew Bynum . . . and he’s running around with a Playboy centerfold on his back?

Even if it may have just been some new kind of therapy, it wasn’t the kind of update they had in mind.

In Lakerdom, we call this a Full Kwame, for Kwame Brown, who attained immortality during his brief stay by hitting a fan with his own birthday cake.

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