Phil was on ESPN radio this morning.

There was a very interesting fact – if LA wins tomorrow night – they would have the best record and winning percentage (7-2) of any team with a 9+ road trip since the NBA stopped having games in neutral arenas in the 70s. Let’s do it tonight Lakers!

  • MILO

    This is great im already celebrating tonights win.
    Please T-pups let Green play!!!

  • David

    San Antonio went 8-1 in 2003. That’s the best record

  • Eric Thai

    That is false. San Antonio went 8-1 on their 9 game road trip during the year they won the championship.

  • Remy

    it’s true now, cuz it’s the best continuous road games, spurs had a chance to go back home to SA while the lakers didn’t have a chance to go back to LA