It seems that Derek hate is in the air.

O.C. Register: The Dallas Mavericks already had one guard who knows Kobe Bryant implicitly – and has the defensive prowess to defend him – in Jason Kidd. They went out and got another one at the trade deadline in Caron Butler.

Meanwhile, in the eyes of an ever-increasing number of Lakers fans, Bryant’s hopes for another championship could be foiled by another guard … on his own team.

Old buddy Derek Fisher.

Fisher is fast moving into Bryant longtime territory of being an uncommonly divisive player. That’s actually not altogether surprising given that Fisher has a lot of characteristics in common with Bryant. Both would never fail to believe in themselves, which means they’re perfectly willing to believe they’re better than they really are – which isn’t exactly an endearing quality.

But if Fisher believes he’s better than he really is right now, so does Phil Jackson. And ultimately, that’s where the Lakers are with this: They still trust Fisher to do what they need done, which I’ve tried to explain before can’t be boiled down to a shooting percentage or judged by the speed of a defensive slide.

It’s the Lakers’ trust that Fisher will do the right things for the team on the floor that keeps him out there.

That is rooted in but not limited to all the goodwill he has amassed in his past. It’s also that the Lakers don’t have anyone better – and that’s the angle that should be more of a concern for Lakers fans.

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  • asg

    The real truth is, fisher cant keep up with any small, quick, pgs in the west. billups, williams, kidd, parker, westbrook, etc. and the many more. So what the lakers need to do is, first play fisher behind kobe at the SG position. I would let farmar and brown take over the PG position. So i think even though the lakers didnt make a move for an upgrade at PG, we will be jus fine if they make changes to the line-up. In addition they need to sit bynum down and have a KOBE like talk with him…..or remeber the attitude kobe had…”ship his asss out”…type of talk. Let lamar shine with Gasol. It is hurting the offense and the play of Gasol when we have Andrew looking to score everytime. he cant pass

    • Eidraq


    • jack

      SG must be able to shoot. How exactly would Fish fill that role? Fish and Farmar need to be the PGs with Kobe and Brown the SG.

      The triangle does not rely on a PG as on other systems. It’s based on ball movement. Any player that hogs the ball needs to be benched. Yes that includes Kobe.

  • hello world


    • hello world


  • spitzer09

    Fisher is a LIABILITY to the team and should be traded at the earliest opportunity. The same goes for Sasha, Fluke, and Farmar. The money spent for these player is way too high considering their low output and poor play night after night. I’d trade the lazy, unmotivated, clumsy, injury proned and full of ego Bynum ASAP before other teams figured out the truth about him. Trade him for Bosh !!

    • jack

      More like Morrison, Luke and Sasha. Farmar is spotty but he produces much more than the other three combined.

  • Robert

    Kup didn’t make any trades at the deadline, so that isn’t going to happen. Knowing Phil, he’s going to go with his usual lineup, and let it ‘play out’. If the team can pull itself up and win the Finals, then they’ll take it from there.
    If they can’t then there will be big moves in the offseason. Phil will let the players (including veteran Fish) decide for themselves – let them SEE that they are limiting the team, and figure out how to best serve the team. Recall when Luke pulled himself out of the starting lineup 2 years ago? Good move. That’s what Fish should do. He should let Phil know that the team is best served if he plays ‘strategic’ minutes – e.g., last 8 minutes of 4th quarter, or when we’re behind and need that ‘killer 3 pointer’. He can still shoot, so his offense is still needed.
    He will figure out what to do. He BETTER figure out what to do. No more excuses. No more ‘I’m doing my best’ – no more ‘best’ – best isn’t good enough – has to be ‘better’ – has to be ‘exceptional’ … like Kobe. Take more vitamins, Fish.

    • jack

      Kupcake is a fool.


    Lets all watch how many times Fisher clanks a jumpshot, after his man scores on him. Lets all watch how many times he tries to throw a horrible post entry pass from halfcourt to be stolen. Lets all watch how many laker fastbreak he single handedly destroys to due horrible decision making. Lets all watch how many times late in the shot clock he looks off Kobe so he can put up his own shot. Lets all watch how many times he takes it to the rim so he can throw up a no look up n under layup while attempting to throw his body into a defender. Lets all watch as Jrue Holiday and Louis Williams eat Fish up on offense. LETS ALL WATCH THIS TONIGHT. It happens every game, and Fish needs to man up n realize he’s hurting the damn team! I understand loyalty, thats why we didn’t trade you (that n nobody will take you), so sit on the bench, and cruise your way to another ring. If we need im late in the game in the finals, fine, till then, I can really do w/o Fisher in our lineup. Sorry to say it.

    • LAALLDAY213

      a few typos, sorry, it really pisses me off talking about this guy lol.

  • LGM10

    You mean “filleted” marwan. Funny i think it should read more as “if fish plays well, lakers won’t get filleted” but we all know that hasn’t or won’t happen; the guys not getting any younger and it’s not his fault but rather phil jacksons. The only way to limit this inadequacy is to give farmar more MINUTES; albeit it being a contract year, jordan HAS played a lot better this season and has shown what he can do when given an opportunity (he was great in kobes absence). Plus he’s also become a good 3 point shooter, something we severely lack and need. Brown on the other hand shouldn’t even be considered a pg because he doesn’t distribute or look to get his teammates involved; he’s better off as a 2 coming in for kobe. It’ll be an interesting offseason….hopefully this “mess” doesn’t cost us a ring.

  • LGM10

    Again charles y r u always here? This is a site for lakers “FANS” if u like the cavs so much gtfo and go to a cavs blog instead of posting stupid, negative, and nonsensical remarks. And then u go out and put “golakers” wtf? who’s side r u on. Idiot.

  • gamerphamer

    it seems that Phil Jackson leaves or puts Fisher back in late at games because he doesn’t want to hurt Fisher’s feelings. That is, even if Fisher is having a bad game like the Boston game in LA. Phil should go to the guard who is playing well during the game and realize leaving Fisher out is not such a bad thing if he isn’t producing. Same goes to Bynum. Don’t worry about hurting their feelings Phil.

  • lakeshow008

    Considering we’re stuck with this guard trio for the rest of season I say phil should limit fisher’s minutes and play farmar more. yes he may have been on the floor when the turnovers occurred in the fourth but prior to that he was able to get into the seems of the mavs defense and get some easy buckets. His PER is HIGHER than fishers and he’s become a much improved shooter. He played well in bryant’s absence and has improved this season (ok its a contract year but he IS playing better); all he needs are MINUTES phil. Enough about your love for derek, give farmar more of an opportunity. And brown.. well i don’t know why he’s considered a pg when he doesn’t even distribute or look to involve his teammates, he’s more of a 2 guard and better as a sub for kobe rather than fish.

    • LGM10

      HEY! i wrote that on the oc register page. Yes my screen name there is lakeshow008. Funny, i guess technically u didn’t plagiarize whoever posted this lol.

  • asg

    everything aside, the reason why i think fisher is going downhill is because he has missed freethrows. he was always money from the line. he is missing both freethrows in some instances.

    • Luke makes me Puke

      Yeah – he can’t even do that now. Pretty sad!

      Whenever he is driving with the ball it is a train wreck waiting to happen – throwing himself into the defender, flailing his arms, flinging the ball up wildly – it is really so PATHETIC!

      About all he can do now is spot up and shoot – and even that is warm to cold.

  • T-Dub

    Fisher has always been a medicre back up. With the Lakers 1st tour, Golden St., Utah. He’s never been a starter quality PG…now he’s old. HELLO, it only gets worse!