Ice Cube knows what’s up…

  • Shareef Davis

    Speak on it ICE CUBE!!!…..I’m not even gonna hold it against him that he sided with Shaq in the Shaq Kobe split…..I won’t even bring it up..

  • KING

    HAHA cube does know whats up. my fav part when hes like dont fukken tell me about no rebounds. hes a forward hes supposed to have more rebounds lol

  • OaklandLakers


  • Megan Fox JJC

    Well said. Now we gotta get Jay-Z to say that. Then Lebron will be hated in New York. xD

  • drive-for-16th

    Haters wat u gonna u say now!!

  • Mitch4Pres


  • imfasterthanur

    ”I don’t wanna hear about that sh**”

    LOL. Tell em’, Ice!

  • http://57.amklac kobe,bi-curious?

    WOW, a laker homer actually perfers kobe to lLEBRON, take that haters….see haters!!!told ya.

  • ThE NeXt FaRmAr

    He is so right with everything he said, Ice Cube is the man!

  • http://LakersNation Marwan

    Its only the truth, why is everyone acting happy and surprised. You knew it, I knew it, the world knew it.

  • 242LakerFan

    …what HE said. It ain’t like Ice is a casual fan, either. I see him on TV at games wherever he goes. He knows what he’s talking about.
    LWO: Stand UP!

  • Short Dog

    Dam straight. Kobe is a Living Legend.
    When you have haters- it means you are doing something right. Kobe has a shit load of haters.
    Lakers #1
    F the rest


    Cube is still throwin it down! Another piece goin platinum! This sh!t should be playin on the big screen before every home game at the Staples Center! And when LeBrick comes to town on Christmas day, it should be playing just before they introduce LeBum and then once again before they introduce Kobe. And again during every time out! Hahaha! Cube’s the fcukin best man!

  • Robert

    Check yo’ self. Anyone who thinks different from Ice Cube better checkity check before they wreckity wreck.