Kobe Bryant w/ Jerry WestThe Truth (Kobe’s blog): What’s up you all.

Haven’t checked in in a while,

I’m sure you guys have been hearing all this and that and are not sure what to think or believe.

The Truth section was created for times such as these.

So here’s tha deal:

I have NOT asked to be traded, I don’t want to be traded and I have given no ultimatums or demands of being traded.

I love it here in LA, my family loves it here.

I’ve been a laker fan my whole life. A REAL Laker fan! I’m talkin Silk Wilks days, and know the history of the Lakers going back to George Mikan era. I WANT to retire a Laker and contend for titles.

It is my opinion that Mr Clutch, one of the greatest GMs the game has ever seen would b able to get us to back to that level sooner rather than later.

If he is available, then it makes sense to give him the reigns and let him do what he does BEST. I KNOW I can trust him to build us an elite team.

I’m tired of losing and I’m sure you guys are tired of it as well.

Now is the time to step up and make some things happen. We have all have waited patiently for three years…Let’s GO!

– Strength and Honor

  • http://ld2k.com LD2k

    There you go people, haters, and doubters. Kobe isn’t going anywhere. He’s a TRUE Laker. We can’t say the same for other players. He’s here to win. He’s pissed, he’s determined, and he wants help.

    Maybe a call to KG isn’t as far off as we all think/thought.

  • http://yahoo.com Christopher

    Maybe a call to KG and bring Jerry West and put Mitch as assistant GM. Tell the front office this.

  • http://yahoo.com Christopher

    Telkl K.G about this website and he’ll come to Lakers. Go Lakers!!!

  • bigbadjames

    yessss. i have no worries

  • http://hzmdesigns.com hZm

    Sorry, but I still kinda believe that Kobe in some way does mean it. As much as he’s denying it.

    IMO this is all a way to scare the Lakers into getting Jerry West. I believe Kobe DID say that he will request a trade over the phone.

    Whatever it is, looks like it might work.

  • http://twitter.com/nugge7 The Nugget

    Am agreeing with hZm here. We’ve seen Kobe spin the media to his own benefit before. I wouldn’t be surprise if his doing it now. :-/

    I just hope am wrong.

  • Fatty

    LAtimes Laker blog was shut down tonight.
    No more Kobe talk allowed. I guess they couldn’t take anymore talk against there own reporters this evening and shut down the blog for the night. No explanation was given.
    But Heisler released an article this evening trying to rebutte the talk on the blog today. They aren’t happy souls at the Times.
    Why the irrational hatred for Kobe, I got no idea?
    But the hatred is real. And all kobe ever wanted was the Lakers to improve. What an evil person he his.

  • Ryanfu09

    Kobe isn’t going anywhere! Hes going to be a LAKER for LIFE! For all you Laker fans that are doubting this situation and think Kobe is twisting the media, think about how all of us would feel if Kobe didn’t care! He wants to win and we want to win… and when we get JERRY WEST and he improves our team over this up comming Summer WE WILL WIN! Stay REAL! and stay with the Laker band wagon while we are down… cuz we WILL be back on top!!!

  • One35

    LD2k Unless there is changes coming what gives?

  • Still want Garnett

    wonder if KG has seen this site and read all the comments about him?…
    If he saw this I think it would help him make the right decision…
    Peace out.

  • kgmvp

    for sure kobe will stay but if his going to be traded i want the lakers to trade him for 2 all stars but hope kobe stays.
    LAKERS 4 LIFE YEAH!!!!!!!!!

  • Al

    perhaps trade Kobe for Tim Duncan Lebron James? Now that would be a championship team :P only kidding

  • DeepFrost

    Now all that is left is to GET KG!))

  • punkjones

    Kobe’ll be a Laker for life if the franchise gets its act together: figure out who’s running this damned thing, figure out who’s in charge of personell. This three-headed monster called Lakers management, i.e. Jerry Buss, Jim Buss and their yes man, henchman Mitch are looking worse and worse so far this offseason. Mitch extends Cook and Sasha – utterly worthless players who shouldn’t have jobs in the NBA (Oh yeah, he drafted those losers in the first place. So is this like covering for his initial mistake by saying, see I really meant to do this? Here’s some more money). We’re over the cap again when whe should be going after a veteran point guard free agent like Chauncy Billups? MISMANAGEMENT.