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Warranted or not, there has been plenty of speculation around Dwight Howard’s alleged desire to swap beach cities.

Aside from the obvious reasons a superstar would want to play in L.A., it seems that Gasol’s puzzling absence and Orlando’s early exit this postseason have only validated what some fans have thought to be a foregone conclusion.

However, according to an ESPN report earlier this evening, Dwight Howard’s thoughts and future ambitions both lie with the Orlando Magic:

“As of right now, I’m a part of the Orlando Magic and I plan to be here.”

In response to the observable comparisons to Shaquille O’Neal, who bolted the Magic after the ’95-96 season to join the Lakers, Howard said:

“I want to start my own path and I want people to follow my path and not just follow somebody else’s path. I want to have my own path, and I want to start that here in Orlando.”

While the future is certainly unknown, for now, it appears that Dwight Howard’s first choice is the Orlando Magic.

  • Jjredding

    Lebron said the same thing 

    • Margarite

      If you want to see Howard you need to become a fan of the Orlando Magic! Only purple and gold Howard will see is his pajamas.

  • Lake310

    i guess he staying. dont think he wanna be like bron or melo

  • andy

    “Yeah, I’m planning to go to the Lakers.”

    yea right… he won’t say it even if he wants to. but the lakers have never come up on a player that was rumored about. gasol, kobe, shaq… all surprising

    • 123KID

      this is true. even mike brown was a surprise. 


    yeah right some of the superstars that came to the Lakers are all surprise trades or signings..

    we just wait Lakers fans what will happen next

  • Cegrist

    Yeah like the Lakers getting Shaq was the best kept secret in the world? Or When the Lakers got Gary Payton and Karl Malone?  Sometimes it the Lakers do get a surprise like Gasol, but sometimes there are alot of rumors and suppostion ahead of time.

  • Margarite

    Some Laker fans are always in denial, They love to twist up stories so it can fit their way of thinking, Sort of obsessed if you ask me.

  • laffsatu

    thought kobe could do it himself,….like jordan did?

    • Anonymous

      Ppl said he couldnt do it without Shaq. Thats a difference. Jordan had good teams which included Ron Harper and Scottie Pippen who were great players themselves.

      And please, could you stop your fixation on Kobe? Youre worse than the Kobe worshippers tbh…

      • laffsatu

        watching DIRK and LEBRON  just shows what a tool kobe really is…..

        • Drew

           Haha i’m guessing Lebron went to Miami thinking he can win a title himself right? Idiot

    • rondo

      kobe make you uninformed fans think he’s doing everything by himself, Bullshit kobe!

      • Rlbarbee

        what! like mj tha past hatter get a life………..

    • Rlbarbee

      Kobe has tougher defenders need say no more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • xtro

    it’s over.

  • alan

    His arrogance will bring him nowhere. Who does he think he is? Expecting others to come join him. Not in this league, Dwight. 

  • Vivek Reddy

    I understand it makes sense for the Lakers and teams like the Bulls to go after Howard, but it seems unsettling that all the stars are going to a handful of teams.

    David Stern will have to figure out this and many other issues during the offseason. But I have a tough time having any faith in him: David Stern is the epitome of douche.

    5 reasons why:

    • MDUSC

      It’s definitely not unsettling that all the stars would want to go to only certain teams. If the decision was yours to make, would choose Cleveland, Milwaukee, or Los Angeles? There is always going to be preference to the bigger and better cities especially coastal cities. David Stern nor the owners can force any one player to stay, it’s simply their decision.

    • rondo

      The Lakers never said they wanted Howard. That was something you fans cooked up.

  • lakerman34

    pau for noah and deng, then trade odom to cleveland for a scrub + one of their top picks. draft kemba.


    but in all honesty, i think we can forget about dwight howard.

  • Mastarockafella

    He’s just saying that.

  • chad

    come on lakers make it happen some way because paul gasol andrew bynum lmar odom & dwight howard really does sound good

  • Only good teams get Rings

    I didn’t know Hollywood had a team?  Oh yes, true, last few years our loved Purple boys have been only acting like a team instead of playing like one.  Even the Guru threw in the towel because of Koby and his lack of maturity and being a false team leader.  Kobe has to go, but who would want him?