Remember THIS? Dwight sure does.

ohsnapO.C. Register: Dwight Howard doesn’t like to think about the first time he played against Kobe Bryant. So we will.

It was his rookie season. A November night. In Orlando. Howard scored five points, Kobe 41.

But it was Kobe’s first two points, a booming dunk, that haunts Howard four years later.

“He baptized me, brought me into the NBA and back to reality with one play,” he said Friday.

”Every time he gets ready to drive down the lane, ever since then I’ve had the flash of him dunking and hearing the crowd…it was like ‘BOOM!’ That’s all I heard. I’ll make sure that won’t happen again.”

Kobe has since dunked on Howard and scored another 40 points in Game 1 of the NBA Finals.

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  • Cheryle

    LOL! @ him calling Dwight, “Josh” at first.

  • Isaiah

    i don’t think it was kobe’s first two points because that dunk occurred in the third quarter. unless he scored 41 points in less than two quarters :))

    and yeah, sunderland was funny calling him josh howard first by mistake..

  • kb24bestever

    yeah i’ve noticed dat dwight hesitates to get in position to block or in front of kobe or in front of the rim when kobe drives traight to the rim.

  • kb24bestever

    Take a look at ma myspace page just represanting our nation.
    had it for a minute now.

  • sam the man

    Dee Howard your nightmare of posterization by the blk mamba continues so get used to it. Dont you see, He is flashing his fangs ready to deliver a deadly bite on your nba dreams. He is ready & able to take what is rightfully his, the nba chamionship. So step away Dee, you havent seen nothing yet.

  • Robert

    DH is happy to be in the Finals. He has many years to come. Orlando’s job for the next few years is to punish the Celdicks, and keep them out of the Finals (or, first round, or second round, or East Conf.). I don’t think DH is a bad guy. Shaq needs to stop messing with him (maybe he’s trying to piss him off to get him going). But in a few years time, it may take another thing to piss him off, then he’ll be a beast. Right now Kobe is pissed off. It’s redemption time. Look out.


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    I wish Kobe would do that to me


    ^^^^Classic wussie_fvcken_ pussie, hanging on to someone else’s balls! …What’s the matter, can’t cope with your own reality? …Still chasing someone else’s Thunder? …How good does My_Warlock ass taste?

  • Dwight Howard

    It’s just ONE game. We’ll bounce back in game two. Go Magics!

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  • Nabil

    Wow, GREAT pic of that dunk!!! I’ve seen it a bunch on video, but that angle and that moment is just the perfect pic to capture the epicness of that crotchjob. that’s some serious elevation.


    I had a dream that KB24’d me like that. I was under the basket and kobe sailed right into my face and baptized me. That dream is the second best dream of my life. The first is what I call my Eagle Colorado dream where Kobe turned me around. Everytime I think of that I get WET ALL OVER.

    For all you girls out there you may want to know this. Kobe doesn’t wear Hanes underwear. In my dream he was AU Naturale! ;)

  • pb2000

    New lil wayne and Kobe: check it out

  • MILO

    todos chinguen a su madre lakers are the best muthafu-kers

  • lilkobe24_game_is_more_like_lilcobykarl11

    Man you Laker fans don’t know what you’re talking about! Just wait until you see us play out the playoffs!