Great article on Lakers D…

True Hoop: Their D has been praised all year by scouts and experts. Right now they’re sixth in the NBA in defensive efficiency, and first in offense. When you watch, you can often see that it is good. And being first in team efficiency rankings, and high in another, is usually enough to win a championship. (Cleveland is fourth in offense and third in defense at the moment. Boston is first in defense and fifth in offense — last year’s title winning team was first in defense and ninth in offense.)

I bring this up because how well the Lakers play defense could well determine who wins this year’s NBA title. Here’s Friedman, quoting Cleamons, who sounds like he thinks the Lakers could get better at playing defense:

“The only thing we’re doing is what a lot of teams have decided to do: basically, playing a man to man defense that is actually a zone; we’re sending an extra defender over in situations that we feel threatened. There’s no big secret about it; that’s what we’re trying to do: give more help when we can and we’ve been fortunate thus far.”

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  • LakersNewDynasty08

    good defense makes a really good offense


    you guys wanna talk good defense?!?
    then talk about the best team in the league, the 2009 champs, the team the fakers CANT beat!
    and you fakers KNOW it! ive been seeing some of the comment u faker fans have been saying “were not gonna win a chip with this D, if we keep playing like this theres no way were gonna beat boston, we need to get rid of lamar and luke” thats all u faker fans can talk about! oh yeah and “we better get homecourt or at least bynum back” FUKC YOU GUYS! with or without bynum a healthy garnett, pierce, allen will OWN you guys!
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    perking > gasoft
    garnett > entire fakers squad
    rivers > “no timeout” jackson
    celtics > lost angles “can never catch up fakers”
    just like paul, thats THE TRUTH!
    respect it!
    sucks we wont be seeing ya’ll in june when we take back our trophy in june from the san anPHONY-o spurs!

  • BostonBlowsMyBalls

    This troll needs to go back to his a$$hole. This is what happens when the Celtdicks start loosing; they lurk around other blogs stirring up shyt. This clown is talking as though the Celtdicks are going to make it to the final round. The way the Celtdicks are playin, they would be lucky to make it out of the first or second round. They’ve already slipped into the 3rd seed, and you want to talk smack!

    You need to do what you do best…. that’s suck your boyfriend’s d1ck until he cuuuuums all over yo face!!! Last year was a fluke dipshyt. Your Celtdicks got away with a lot of dirty plays. The league caught on and they’re catching all the dirty plays this season (ie. first 2 games we beat you biaaatches, and they called all those dirty fouls… after the game you biaatches were all crying)!…. mind you second game without Bynum.

    The Celtdicks will have to go through Orlando and Cleveland, which I doubt they will do. Those fockers are getting too old. Pierce of shyt needs to get back on his wheelchair. That fool belongs in Hollywood. Consider last year a gift.

    Get to the final round then we’ll talk. Until then go back to sucking KG’s d1ck. That dude’s playing one bad leg, which looked like another Hollywood act. You clowns have too many pretenders on your team. You guys are the real fakers!!!!! Ouch… someone get me a wheelchair hahahahaha!!!!!!

  • LakersFirst

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    Get the Boston name right. It’s the …


  • Smush Walton

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    Better takes some Kaopectate for that diarrhea of the mouth. You seem to have a particularly bad case of it.


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    You guys can’t even stay first in the SORRY A$$ eastern conference and your talking? Celts can’t make it passed a series without homecourt advantage and when they play the Cavs in the eastern finals it’ll show. You better go on and bandwagon over to the Cavs because the Celts are done with and the Cavs will have a d!ck in there throat when they lose to lakers in 4 games.

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    Gasol > “parking space” perkins
    Bynum + Odom > Garnett
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    Paul is the Faker with his wheelchair and you have no dignity or respect. And your right even the SPURS will beat you, but you wont have a chance to play in the Finals because Cavs and the Magic will cum all over you.

  • Coooooop

    the lakers D is average. I wouldnt try and put them up there with the cavs or celtics. those teams rely on good D. lakers game is high shooting and fluid offense. when they make a lot of shots its hard for the other team to try and catch up and score with them resulting in poor shooting. lakers have some solid nights on D but most of the time their D is still soft, too much gambling and lack of communication. how many easy layups do we still see and wide open 3s. i would put the lakers at the backend of the top 10 in the league at best. teams like celts, cavs, spurs, rockets, blazers, pistons, hawks, and jazz have better D and more consistent.