Inside the Lakers: Sometimes numbers really do tell the story. The Lakers, statistically speaking, have the best bench in the league and it isn’t even close. The Lakers bench has a +/- rating of +263. Utah is next at +215, followed by Chicago at +191. No other team in the league is over 100.

Where does that show up in the box score?

Quite literally, the Lakers just wear people out. In games through November 15, the Lakers outscored their opponents by a league-leading 6.5 points in the fourth quarter and second-best 3.9 points in the third quarter.

In Thursday’s win over Phoenix, the Lakers outscored the Suns 30-23 in the third quarter and played an even 25-25 in the fourth.

The Lakers bench outscored Phoenix’ bench 44-30.

  • kobe124

    Those happy times we use to have back in 00,01,02 are coming back!!!
    This is the Season Lakers 09 Champs!

  • jason420_7

    i’m so sick of hearing some idiot fans on this site go “oh it was a sloppy win cause we didnt win by 30″..everything is going just fine right now..keep it up lakers!!!

  • stanley
  • Mamba2410

    I agree with jason420_7, guys, we’re not perfect and we will not beat every single team by an average of 30 points, maybe 20 though, but I don’t think that we should really care about how we win…just as long as we didn’t win by luck or by Kobe.

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  • Zen Master

    Just a random & lame comment by me, might LA be able to get Marbury and convince him to play like before 05? Hehe, I’m just sayin’. I don’t think Stephon would ever except a mid level after receiving a buyout though.