A cool article on the insight into Kobe’s legacy and his close pursuit of ring #5.

Bleacher Report: Kobe Bryant is the single most polarizing NBA player of this generation.

He is both globally loved and loathed.  Laker fans jump to his defense when they hear any disparaging word, while his detractors relish in every single one of his failures.

Bryant is either a fierce warrior who drives his team to victory or a selfish dictator who saps the confidence from his teammates. It just depends who you ask.

He is either a rapist who should be incarcerated or the victim of a fame-hungry floozy in search of money.  It just depends who you ask.

Kobe is either a soulless, derivative force that succeeds in spite of himself or a misunderstood superstar on a never-ending search to be loved.  It just depends on who you ask.

Despite the vigor with which people show their emotions toward him and despite the awards and championships he has won, there has been only one constant in Kobe Bryant’s career:  It has been plagued by a massive shadow of doubt.

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  • Copy & Paste Police

    Do you guys even write any of your own content? Anyone can just copy and paste all day . . . worst blog EVER!

  • justdogm1

    he cemented his legacy with those GAY PHOTOS…………………..FORGOT THOSE ALREADY?

  • Robert

    One more cookie = greatest Laker of all time (even Magic concedes this). 2 more tie him with MJ. And 3 more cookies makes Kobe undisputed greatest NBA player in history.
    Any of these 3 would be great – and please enjoy this superstar NOW. There won’t be another like him for … hmm … not sure if ever.
    Actually, if he passes Kareem’s scoring title, it might help the GOAT argument even if he doesn’t end up with 7 rings.

    • B Holland

      greatest player in nba history? how?

  • lakerbunny


    • B Holland

      Isn’t the word fucking censored? Come on Tln you have 8 year olds viewing your sight.

      • Showtime4eva

        We’re the ones who need to play some defence our offence wasn’t that bad last night but they shot us down but I agree with you FUCK that FUCKING zone defence lol