Lakers Examiner: I spoke with a young man today about the Lakers. He’s 18 years old and lives and dies with Laker wins and losses. I was talking to him about yesterday’s win over the Utah Jazz and he said to me, “I was just waiting for the Lakers to blow them out…but it never happened.”

Here is a kid that has watched every Laker game for the past five years, so you would imagine that he would know one thing above all else: the Lakers will let you back into the game.

Now, I don’t blame him for being optimistic and hopeful. Occasionally the Lakers do manage to put it together for four quarters and demolish an opponent, e.g., game five against the Thunder. But the fact of the matter is that the Lakers consistently build a double-digit cushion, only to see it whittled down to nothing midway through the fourth quarter.

There are two schools of thought…

  1. Every NBA team goes on a run. The Lakers should be credited for building such a big lead in the first place and holding on to win the game. A win is a win.The Lakers have no killer instinct.
  2. They need to learn to step on the throats of their opponents and take 10-point leads to 20 and beyond, or else they will lose to better teams.

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  • ATLakers

    Why are the Lakers not going for a 3-peat this year? Because of a blown 24-point lead at home to Boston.

    This cannot continue.

  • Jazz Hands

    We blew it in game one, but we will win the next 4. GO JAZZ!!!!!!!

    • WifelovesLuke

      Looks like the altitude in Salt Lake has gotten to you, you bumped your head really hard or are just an uneducated basketball homer. I’m going with door # 3.


        Well, I’m going with door #4 WIFELOVESLUKE. I think that this is probably a Celd!ck fan whose been on our site since the last season and disguised himself as THUNDER P U S S Y as an OKC fan and is now Jazz Hands! Whatever the case, all 3 teams are LOSERS and I’m looking forward to the next round!

        • Rudemander

          Yes Mr. Myself you are right and anyways the Jizz oops I mean the Jazz would not be in the second round if it was not for coach Carl out due to cancer treatment (my prayers are with him).


          TOUCHING_MYSELF will make you go blind! ;o)

  • lakerman1

    If the lakers do repeat a bunch of you will look like idiots because people will complain and complain and complain no matter what the lakers do. If the lakers are still #1 in the west and tied for # 2 in the NBA what does that say about the rest of the league. They have had issues all season be it injuries / the reserves PGS etc and they still manage to win ball games. I mean Boston blew a double digit lead to Cleveland because they could not contain Mo Williams . Regardless of how most of you crybabies complain they could still win it all. Then you can fool yourself into claiming you are real lakers fans and wait until next year to start the whining all over again. Believe people that is more healthy then sulking and criticising every DAMN GAME. One thing i have seen all season is the Lakers can step it up when they want to and that is all i am going to ask of them. The rest of you keep those hankys ready.

  • Lakers 24 7

    The lead was blown while the starters were on the bench. You can blame our reserves. You can say that there should be no excuse, but our bench has been inconsistent all season, except maybe for LO.

    • Rudemander

      I agree with you Mr. 24/7 I saw the game and that bench really screwed up! LO by far is the best of them all.

  • lakers0828

    This just Shows how Terrible are Bench has been this whole season and how Inconsistent we Have been