Just how dominant was Kobe Bryant during these NBA Finals?

  • Kobe Bryant averaged 32.4 points and 7.4 assists per game against Orlando during the Finals.
  • These are numbers NOT even Jordan put up.
  • The only player to match or surpass Bryant’s averages in each of those categories in an NBA Finals series was Jerry West, who averaged 37.9 points and 7.4 assists per game for the Lakers in their 1969 Finals loss to the Celtics.”
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    does that factor in field goal percentage?turn-overs?non-marketabilty..who would of thought there was a softer team than the lakers, well ORLANDO has to be the what the lake show was last year!

  • Andrew

    I’ll answer this ass-clown.

    FG percentage – 45 percent


    Game One – 1 turnover
    Game Two – 7
    Game Three – 4
    Game Four – 3
    Game Five – 1 (when his finger popped out)

    That’s 16 TOs in five games. 3.2 pg.

    Marketability – I’ll let CNBC tell you http://www.cnbc.com/id/31367376

    I can’t tell if you’re a Magic, Celtics, Cavs, or Blazers fan.

    Here’s a tissue.

  • willow

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    LMFAO! Way to shut him up Drew! Why do these haters still come here and act like they know what they’re talking about??? The Lakers just won the championship! F*ck man get a life!!!! I always say haters hate because they want to be….If somebody hates you, it’s coz you got something they can never have!

  • Eidraq

    he’s the best in the world!

  • Robert

    Even BS (Bill Simmons, from ESPN – the #1 world laker hater), no matter how much he spins it, doesn’t have an answer for Kobe’s greatness.

    Here it is (i.e., the last word on Kobe):

    Kobe is the greatest player in the history of the NBA (tied 1st with
    Wilt). Forget statistics, forget everything else. Kobe is “already” the greatest, and his statistics and championships are just ‘consequences’ or ‘results’ of that, not the reverse.

    Long after the haters are gone (which should be right now, actually), everyone will remember how great Kobe was.


    Here is my tribute to “Kobe” The One and Only;

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  • http://57.amklac kobe,bi-curious?

    this is so great i`m going to burn-down the city….thank garnett for being out…otherwise your milking each other again dumb laker fan..


    How can it be your tribute? It is not your video. Kobe is saying that is one of my weird fans which is why I have security. Please stay away from the parade. You will a bad name to all true laker fans.



  • lilkobe24_game_is_more_like_lilcobykarl11

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    We can all thank garnett again next season, cause you know that fool ain’t gonna be right after that stick surgery! He ain’t 21 like Bynum and his body ain’t gonna respond like how it used to. $h!t, I’ll thank him now!

    Hey Kripple Gimp! Thanks for playing, have a great retirement!


  • Josh

    unfortunately he didn’t have ANY clutch moments in the close games, except for his amazing pass to Gasol at the end of game 4. Besides that he choked in game 2 by not passing in a quadruple team, getting blocked by TURKOGLU of all people (embarrassing) and then turning it over in game 3 and missing free throws.

    But overall his stats look good, so oh well right?

  • WifelovesLuke

    Josh, you are a fool. Kobe makes so many turn around shots that it’s become so typical that idiots like you say he made no clutch shots! How about Kobe’s Jordan moment against Dwight? Hanging in the air moving the ball from right to left, falling back to the ground and banks it in over the Defensive Player of the Year. No clutch moments? Game 4 pass to Fish….BANG….3 pointer in OT. Game 5 with 8:30 left in game. Orlando brings it back to a 13 point game….BANG…3 point dagger from #24. Watch the series again A hole!


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  • Josh

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    I did see the series.. you are talking about plays during the middle of the game, not the end. And the pass to fish in overtime I wouldn’t consider a “clutch” play. That is what he should have done.

    You cant honestly say he didnt choke in game 3 in the last few mins. At 2 mins, shoots a terrible super long three when we are done two. Misses. 1 min left, down 3, misses a free throw. Then, down 2 with thirty seconds left, turns the ball over. Not exactly clutch. And he did that in game 2 as well, just lucky courtney lee missed the shot.

    I am a big lakers fan, dont get me wrong, but Kobe wasn’t clutch at the end of games is all, the rest of the games he was brilliant, just didnt do anything clutch at the end of the games that stood out in my mind like he usually does. Even Kobe himself was pissed at how he played those games, its not me making this up!!! Dumbass

  • Andreas

    Kobe is great (and had his best finals) but FYI:

    Kobe 2009-Finals(5 games):

    32.4ppg 43%FG 7.4apg 3.2TOVpg

    MJ 1993-Finals(6 games):

    41ppg 51%FG 6.3apg 2.6TOVpg

    so who was more dominant??


    ^^^^More dominant??? To what? …FYI:

    Very weak numerical analysis sits, which proves absolutely nothing…
    …Different opposition, different situation, different league treatment, different era, different Philosophy, different, different, different, etc, etc, etc!
    …It is virtually impossible to reach a definitive conclusion with this type of analogy!

    So what is your actual informative point? …If you’re not actually hating, than you should learn to enjoy the ride… cuz it’s only just beginning!

    The Warlock