It seems like ever news source really really want to see Kidd in a Lakers uniform. What are your thoughts? Is he worth it? Sound-off in the comments and tells us what you think!

ESPN: 11. Lakers — The only logical destination for four reasons: They have a giant expiring contract (Kwame Brown at $9 million); an appealing rookie point guard (Javaris Crittendon); a super-appealing young point guard (Jordan Farmar); one more tradable contract to make the deal work (Vlad Radmanovic, on the hook for nearly $25 million through 2011); and most importantly, a genuine reason to make the trade (keeping Kobe happy so they don’t have to deal him). There’s definitely something here, right?

  • Tyler

    I say they keep jordan farmar hes good and is only gettin better
    if we had to trade i would say crittenton (unfortunately) chris mihm
    and mabye vlad
    but KIDD is gettin old but can still play bur for how long

  • laker_27

    Kwame+Javaris+Jordan+Vlad >>>> Kidd

    What do you guys think about this trade:


    NO WAY WE TRADE FARMAR(only if we keep CRITT,we can’t trade both).

  • hZm

    Get Kidd. Give them whatever they want, minus Kobe and Drew.

    Get Kidd now.

    We need to win RIGHT NOW if we want to keep Kobe.

    We need Kidd.

    Jason is like wine, he gets better with age. DO THIS!

  • leo

    keep kobe,lamar, bynum everyone is ok

  • Michael_23

    Very long and pointless article.

  • Shaq786

    odom, mihm, sasha, farmar….. for kidd and malik allen

  • ab4sure

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    Making a trade just to appease kobe shouldn’t be the reason. If we wanted to appease kobe we would have traded Bynum for JO. How would that trade look now??? Yeah i know…

    Yeah Kidd is like a fine Wine better with Age. The only problem is there are only a few sips of that wine left so we better not give up too much for those last sips of wine.

  • BALLIN_’08

    Wow..are half of you guys serious…!!! I mean let’s face it Jason Kidd is a future Hall of fame point guard…but is he enough to help take us to the promised land??? 20 games into the season our weakness is not at the PG spot anymore b/c of the re-signing of a well traveled and well developed D-Fish…2nd in the League in FTP, can shoot the three consistently and has been getting hot from lay-ups, to mid range jumpers….Sure he’s no Steve Nash or Tony Parker…but he’s a great role player. Jordan Farmer has emerged as a force that makes his minutes count, and is well on his way to becoming a star in this league.In only his second season, he might be this league’s sixth man for the 07-08 season…Vlade is the closest thing the Lakers have had to a consistent spot up shooter since the Championship days of Horry…(and even then Horry wasn’t consistent, he just hit them when they counted)…Our weakest spots are the 4 and 5. Even w/ Turiaf, who is an agressive defender but tends to get himself in foul trouble…Bynum is more offensive then defensive at the 5…Kwame is a big body that can defend, but he’s clumsy…He can’t even hard slam a dunk without missing….I know you’ve seen it. So Kwame is tradebait b/c of his inconsistency and salary, so is our inconsistent Run and Gunner Vujacic, he shoots too much and isn’t as consistent as Farmar…Crit is one of the those guys that if we trade we’ll be kicking ourselves in the a$$ the next few years b/c we haven’t given him a chance and the boy is a REAL legit pointguard. He should be getting Sasha’s minutes. In conclusion, we’ll take Jason Kidd for The Veteran’s Minimum, if he’s ready to win a championship. While Kobe AND Kidd are handeling the Ball, Chris Mihm will be getting man-handeled by Duncan, Yao, Boozer, Chandler, Okur, Wallace, O’neal, Howard,….etc. Don’t you guys get it we need a Big Man!!!

  • left

    If we can keep Jordan and J-Critt only giving up Brown, I’m all for it. I don’t see that happening. Kidd is only getting older and Jordan is only getting better. Don’t do it Mitch!

  • xx8baller34xx

    okay obviously mitch kupchak doesnt kno how to make a legit trade for anyone (brian cook AND mo evans for t.ariza?) so in order to get kidd to la here are the only possible people we can give up for him.. mihm, crittenton, ariza, vujacic, brown, and odom.. any combination of these players for j. kidd and one of their Bigs. dont trade farmar or else u would have jus wasted the ENTIRE shaq trade for no one basically. kobe bynum and farmar are the lakers future.

  • gugy

    Kidd is not the answer. We have two good PG and a developing one in Crit. We are OK.

  • Hugo Boss

    Keep Jordan Farmar. Bottom line.

    Colorado loves the Lakers!

  • SILO

    Wait till December 15th then make the trade.

    LO,Kwame,Farmar and picks for Jason Kidd, Kristic and Jamal

  • E-ROC

    Isn’t Kidd average his career average this season? Kidd makes his teammates better and plays defense. He still can play defense. Kidd sent some bums to the Finals twice! Why would u not want a future HOF on your team? He stays in shape. You don’t read articles about Kidd being a slacker in the gym. Odom, Kwame, & Farmar for Kidd would be my final offer. The Nets might want Farmar over Critt because Farmar is a known commodity at this point and Critt isn’t. By the way, Critt potential is better than Farmar. Just sayin’.

  • jermaine mciver

    Giving up Javaris Crittendon + Jordan Farmar doesn’t make sense how much longer does Kidd got in the league. Maybe if we could have kept around Maruice we could have thrown him in with Kwame and a draft pick. Maybe even Sasha who is way too inconsistent. Vlad could come in handy down the stretch if he can hit his shots. Pull the trigger if he doesn’t involve both our young point guards.


    [Comment ID #18832 Will Be Quoted Here]

    yea but we all see how chicago is doing devolping there talent!!! if you can get one of the greatest pg you get him and try to win now.

  • 187 ON BOSTON


  • SILO

    If there is anyway the Lakers can pull off this deal while keeping Farmar and Java it would be god like. Who better to teach our growing guards than Kobe and JASON KIDD?!

    The killer instinct of Kobe and the unselfish play of Jason Kidd compact into one player. Sounds like a dream. Farmar and Java are more than willing to learn from the two future HOF.

  • ab4sure

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    Exactly, Chicago’s talent is not really progressing BUT the lakers talent is Thriving.


    I am going tell everyone who the Lakers need JO!JO!JO!We need another BIG MAN NOT POINT GUARD.I like the CRITT and FARMAR SHOW and plus the Lakers already have experience at PG with D.FISH’.Kwame is injured yet again and MIHM is too stiff after a two year layoff.At least think about Artest.That’s another 19 to 25 point right there.AB4SURE if my pick(JO) comes to LA(which is going to happen along with Artest)and takes this team to ‘NOTHER LEVEL and BRINGS US THAT CHAMPIONSHIP I will,out of my own pocket,buy you a JO jersey plus a pair of Kobe new shoes cuz that’s how confident Iam about JO in a Lakers uniform.Now say it 3 times me,JO!JO!JO!

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #18880 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I hope your right!!!! But it won’t be done by trading Bynum. I hope this happens soon. Looking forward to my new jersey and shoes.


    It’s not the shoes you want or the jersey …… YOU WANT KOBE with his new shoes on to toss an alley oop to JO with his NEW JERSEY on(get it NEW JERSEY,I won’t go there neither will JO,OUCH).NOOOO WAYYYY we trade Bynum but you have to admit he has to step a lot more(we are waaaaayyyyy past SHOWING PROGRESS,we are talking ALL-STAR STATUS).Think about the destruction that this team will wreak havoc on with the lineup of DF or JF/KB/LO(if traded ARTEST,PLEASE)AB/JO.Lakers fans from all over the world will rejoice in unison as we sing that OL’LAKER SPIRITUAL,”CHAMPIONS AT LAST, CHAMPIONS AT LAST,THANK MITCH ALL MIGHTY(HIS NEW NAME)WE’RE CHAMPIONS AT LAST!!!!

  • ab4sure

    Step up???? Having just turned 20 and a player who started playing basketball in the 10th Grade(age 15) he is REALLLLLLLYYYYYYYY STEPPED UPPPPPPPP!. HE is WWWWWWWAAAAAAaYYYYYY Advanced in his game. So NOOOOOOOOO I dont have to admit because he is doing it. LOL What I am really glad to see is now FINALLLLLYYY Kobe is showing some leadership on and off the court. He is having his best year so far.


    In the last 3 or 4 years after Shaq,have any of us been to a practice facility to this team practice,NO.So we can’t debate his leadership skills.These are grown men making LOTS of MONEY so it shouldn’t come down to one player being the LEADER.That’s why LA won 5 championships because it wasn’t about just one guy,that’s what Kobe was saying the whole time.I agree this is his one of his best(if not THE,so far).

  • ab4sure

    This is not just me saying this but the laker organization. coaches, players, etc… There is usually one player who stands out on each team…Duncan, Kidd, etc.. Kobe is the leader for the Lakers.

  • LD2k

    From Pincus:

    Let’s go on the assumption no Odom – and that they prefer to move Farmar over Crittenton


    Lakers still need to send out $5,617,840.00

    Assuming they don’t want to touch the young guys like Crittenton, Bynum, Turiaf, Ariza – and thet vets like Kobe, Odom, Fisher – and prefer to keep Walton

    that would either mean the Nets take on Vlad

    Even if they put in Mihm + Sasha + Karl – they’re still short $

    It really would take either

    Kwame + Farmar + Vlad


    Kwame + Farmar + Walton + Sasha – which is probably more than LA wants to do.

  • Tim

    ok right now i think we need some more PF’s and Jason kidd if available

    We can trade:

    Chris Mihm (When trade restriction is over)
    Ariza (Same as above except he cant be traded with player combination till 2 months after)

    for Jason Kidd

    I would move JAvaris to a SG position because he can score more than pass

    PG Jason Kidd/Derek Fisher/Jordan Farmar
    SG: Kobe Bryant/Vujacic/Javaris
    SF: Lamar (i prefer not to trade Lamar, maybe if we actually have another allstar he’ll get interested and actually play)/Luke Walton
    PF: Ronny Turiaf
    C: Andrew Bynum

    ok so now we dont have any backup PF’s or C’s

    we can sign Elton Brown from the D League for the PF position

    since Coby karl is still part of the roster we can trade him out for Jermareo Davidson

    PG Jason Kidd/Derek Fisher/Jordan Farmar
    SG: Kobe Bryant/Vujacic/Javaris
    SF: Lamar/Luke Walton
    PF: Ronny Turiaf/Elton Brown
    C: Andrew Bynum/JErmareo Davidson

    of course we can just get PF’s or C’s from free agency too, or sign Marc Gasol for C

    yeah call me crazy

  • Tim
  • Mr. Juan / Your Warlock

    Get Real! What makes anyone think that bringing Kidd to L.A. will result in a championship…. When New Jersey’s BIG III & company, barely competes for playoff positioning, year in and year out, for quite some time now, and in a much weaker conference…and I’m talking giving up nobody!…let alone all of our promising young talent…Forget this! This is a losing proposition.

  • drew

    This is the trade i would like. 3 way trade: The Kings, The Lakers, The Nets.

    Reason these teams do it:
    KINGS: Kings just need to rebuild….Martin is hurt and Abdur-Rahim is out the season. With this they get a future PG with Farmar, future G/F in Wright who’s athletic ability has been compared to Joe Johnson and T-Mac, they also get Kwame’s big contract off the books next year so they can sign a big free agent next summer

    NETS: Nets can compete in the East with: Bibby, Carter, Jefferson, Odom….they dont want to rebuild and this allows them to compete

    LAKERS: Do I Need To Explain

    The only potential problem is trying to convince Sac they need to rebuild. And they might ask for Critt, but either way the Kings can have Critt or Farmar, but not both

  • Rpoc

    Excellent article. Problem is Mitch/Jim ain’t creative enough to do that. Pat Riley got a huge multi team deal together for his Heat before and it wasn’t as complicated as what Simmons is proposing.

    Simmons must be fraking wetting himself these days with his damn Celtics.

  • dave p

    How many more good years does Kidd have? These people giving up 3 or 4 players for Kidd are nuts.

    Trade Lamar and Sasha or Luke, and or a pick for Kidd. I would not trade Andrew, Farmar, or J Crit.

    It’s time to flush Lamar. Pull the plug on this guy.