I am enjoying Hot Rod’s temp. time with the Lakers as an announcer. This is pretty cool stuff from Hot Rod.

Daily News: “So now (radio analyst and former Laker) Mychal Thompson is asking me on this trip: Is Kobe better than Jordan?” Hundley said. “I think so. Kobe has been all business. He’s now a smart player and knows what he can do against certain players. He’s become a student of the game.

“I’ve had a lot of fun, even though I’ve had some problems with my timing being a little erratic. But you gotta remember, I haven’t been an analyst in 35 years, back with Chick,” said Hundley, a play-by-play man in Utah before he retired after the 2009 playoffs with another year left on his contract.

“I actually gotta give (commissioner) David Stern a call. I’m just trying to find out how many games I’ve got to broadcast this season to qualify for a ring (if the Lakers win the title). John Black (the team’s director of communications) said he’d look into it for me.”

  • http://www.ld2k.com Chris Manning

    Seriously, I like this guy. I’m glad he realizes his announcing issues (there are some, but I do enjoy them together). Also, brownie points for the Kobe comments and I love the inquiry about the ring! haha.

    • http://lakersnation.com Aaron2416377

      You are sexy

  • Gino

    i know his timing is off, but i like “hot rod”. this guy makes me remember the days of Chick Hearn. it’s nice for the Lakers to give guys like him opportunities like this especially since he was Chick’s partner back in the day. but i am noticing that their timing is improving each game.

  • Matt from Dallas

    wait he said Kobe is better than Jordan? wow

  • B Holland

    He is much better as the lead announcer. I wish he would get an opportunity at that instead of color.

  • Gravy

    it’d be better if Joel would allow him to speak from time to time. Only thing he gets to mention is pau’s rebounds!

  • http://LakersNation Marwan..

    You have to give this man the respect he deserves. He has done it all, he was there with Chick and I see some of Chick’s wisdom and… commentating I guess, rubbed off onto him. Shame he spent so long with Utah, he couldve been with LA in that time and wouldve had enough rings to fill up his hands. We have to give him one, whether he was there for 1 game or 82 games, once a Laker, always a Laker.

  • Kimba

    It’s a crying shame Joel talked over Hot Rod constantly–and I’m almost certain he had the crew turn down his microphone. (The Lakers’ sound professionals couldn’t adjust Hot Rod’s mike? Never was a problem anywhere else!) Joel acted like he was intimidated that Hot Rod might steal his thunder. Instead of allowing him to share his insight about the game he played for many years and has watched for more decades than Joel has probably lived, Joel gave into his Napoleon complex and sabotaged a man who was just trying to help out. Good going, Joel. You relegated Hot Rod to recapping the score and tricked listeners into thinking HIS timing was off. In the end, the fans were the losers in more ways than one.

    • LakersAllTheWay

      I noticed that too. I bet Joel will make sure he doesn’t miss a game the rest of the season.