1160500Here’s some interesting news on a Lakers broadcasting front; long time former Utah Jazz commentator, “Hot” Rod Hundley will be filling in on the TV broadcast for Stu Lantz, who will be missing a six game stretch while his wife recovers from surgery.

Hot Rod, retired from the booth last season, he’s commonly regarded as the “Voice of the Jazz”, whom the Lakers will be (ironically enough) playing tomorrow. Hundley, 75, has deep Lakers roots, playing six season with us. He started his broadcasting career along side Chick Hearn. A legend being the mic, Hundley called over 3,000 for the Jazz. TLN readers might remember Hundley from our Podcast.

For those who listen to the radio broadcast, Mychal Thompson will be missing two games, Friday against Minnesota and Saturday at Utah due to the unfortunate death in the family. Luke Walton will be replacing M.T. alongside Spero Dedes. You probably went back and re-read that. No typo there, we didn’t mean Bill Walton and not someone else coincidentally named Luke Walton. Make sure to hear our injured small forward in what could be on the job training for his post-player basketball career. Way to put people on the payroll to work! If he’s anything like his father, it could be the greatest commentating job in the history of Western civilization

On behalf of TheLakersNation.com and Lakers fans accross the world, we would like to wish Mrs. Lantz a speedy recovery and send our condolences to the Thompson family.

  • http://www.ld2k.com Chris Manning

    Crazy stuff. In fact, I can’t wait to hear Hot Rud Hundley — and Luke will be fun as well.

    And like you mentioned, us all here at TheLakersNation.com wish our condolences to the Thompson family and we hope for a speedy recovery to Stu’s wife.

  • Kevin Henderson

    That Bill Walton joke there is the funniest thing I’ve read in a long time haha. Let’s hope Luke is NOTHING like his dad when he’s behind a microphone!

    • lakerman1


  • Quidnunc

    I remember when Hot Rod was Chick Hearn’s sidekick (actually I remember him at WVU but that’s a different story). Hot Rot used to call Chick “Chickie Baby” which Chick just sort of tolerated. I like Stu and wish his family well but it will be good he hear Hot Rod do some Lakers’ games.

  • Joey D

    an unfortunate death in the family?

    as opposed to….what?