More from Hoopsworld on the latest from JO. Some interesting quotes in the article which may indicate he indeed wants Los Angeles. In fact, he’s on record for saying, “I love L.A.” Here’s a few quotes from O’Neal on Kobe’s situation, and his own:

Hoopsworld: … “I understand exactly what he’s saying,” O’Neal added about Bryant. “Everybody handles their situation differently, and he handled the situation best that he thought he could handle it. But all in all, I understand exactly what he’s saying – he wants to put out a team that can win. That’s pretty much what I told my team: if we’re in a rebuilding stage, then maybe it’s my time to move on.”

… If I was going to be traded from Indiana, LA (Lakers) and New Jersey would be my top two teams,” he added. Being in Los Angeles for the charity event, O’Neal reiterated that he spends a lot of time in Southern California in the summers. “I love LA,” he said. “I normally train here every summer.

… “You know what, I think right now, he’s at a position where he wants to prove to people he can get back to an NBA championship,” O’Neal said, “and I’m at the point in my career when I want to prove to people that I can help a team get to a championship.”

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  • DeepFrost

    yo smells like JO in a Lakers uniform))…hell yeah baby!!..

  • lakerfan81

    It seems he really wants to play in LA. Which makes a trade here more likely. If Bird won’t lower his asking price it might have to wait till after the season starts.

    He said he would also like to play in NJ. NJ could offer a package build around Richard Jefferson and Kristic. Not sure who else they would throw in to match salaries. Collins? Sean Williams?. I am also not sure if Indiana would want Jefferson’s long contract (he still has 4 years left on it). They also probably would not want Collins long contract either. The other thing going against NJ is that they are in the east and teams usually do not like to trade within their own conference.

    The Lakers can offer two packages. LO, Bynum and Sasha for O’neil. Might be overpaying for O’neil but it would improve the Lakers defensively but they would be losing something offensively (Odom may be inconsistent scorer but he is the best passer on the team (along with Walton) and he already knows the triangle). Indiana wanted more than that though. they wanted Critt (19th pick at the time) as well, future draft picks and Brown in exchange for O’neil and Murphy (worst trade ever, sorry had to throw in a simpsons reference). But if they would take just Odom, Bynum and Sasha then you could argue that it might be worth making that trade. Or a trade of Bynum, Odom, Sasha, Vlad for O’neil and Foster, but thats just wishful thinking.

    Another possibility would be a trade not including Odom. Indiana will not take Vlad’s long contract if they are rebuilding so he cant be included. So it would be a trade of Bynum, Brown, Crittenton, Sasha and Cook for O’neil. If Mckie will agree to a sign and trade then you might be able to get away with just Bynum, Brown, Critt McKie (S&T for 3.5M only the first yr is guaranteed and he woudl just be bought out and then he would retire). That to me seems the best trade for Indiana if they are rebuilding. THey get two yong talented players (Bynum, Critt) and two expiring contracts (Brown, Sasha (Mckie))But is Oneil worth 5 players? and will Indy accept that trade?

    We will just have to wait and see what happens. My guess is that O’neil will be traded before the trade deadline in FEB. Unless of course Granger has a huge breakout season and so does Diogu and they make the playoffs and O’neil decides to stay.

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    Century Boulevard (We love it)
    Victory Boulevard (We love it)
    Santa Monica Boulevard (We love it)
    Sixth Street (We love it, we love it)
    I love L.A.
    (We Love It)
    I Love L.A.
    (We Love It)
    I Love L.A.
    (We Love It)

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  • Michael_23

    Give up Bynum.

  • D. Imhoff

    I want O’neil! He is the answer! I WOULD RATHER KEEP LAMAR! Especially,after seeing Lamar play his heart out in the
    Sun series, but if it is the only way,then so be it. It would be very depressing to lose O’neil. As Michael Irvin said on Saturday, and I apply it to the Lakers; Mitch, Jim and Jerry; Its time to Look Up, Get Up, and DON’T EVER GIVE UP!!! GO LAKERS!!!


  • keep24

    I hope they make this happen, but you can not do what Boston did for KG. DO NOT TRADE LO and BYNUM in the same package.

    You need 2 superstars and 5 solid players do get anything done. It is for that reason that Boston will not win a ring. It really does take 5 to win.

  • Michael_23

    Bynum, like Smush, doesn’t seem to have any heart for the game of basketball. They have talent and are young but no commitment to the game. D. Fish does not have a lot of talent, but has a lot of heart. I don’t agree with the $$$ they gave him but we do need players like D. Fish and Kobe who will give it their all night in and night out.

    Mihm will be in the starting center. He shows consistency when he’s healthy. Bynum does not. Bynum must go.

  • as1084

    hell no….not one or the other! make it bynum. LO is better than JO straight up. That would be stupid for the lakers to trade LO for JO. If it isnt bynum and fillers, DONT DO IT!!

  • Fred A.

    Bynum got to go!!!!!!!!!!!

  • gcdeen

    as1084, “LO is better than JO straight up”.
    REALLY??? When was the last time LO made an all star team?
    How many all star teams has JO been on?
    Please do your homework.
    Lamar showed up at about 30% of our games last season. He was injured for most and we need to get rid of him before he blows out a knee and is untradeable.
    Get rid of Bynum and Odom. Get JO!

  • rmeazy82

    What more do you guys need before you get this guy in a laker uniform. Make it happen F.O.