Writer Wendell Maxey thinks that Pacers’ O’Neal will indeed head to the Purple & Gold. Do they have a source or is this all just speculation? Time will tell…

HOOPSWORLD.COM: Sounds like Jermaine O’Neal wouldn’t mind landing in Los Angeles or New Jersey if he had his choice. You see him on the go anytime soon?

Right now Jermaine O’Neal is a Pacer. However any decent general manager knows you don’t want guys on your team who want to be traded. Simple as that. I expect him to go to the Lakers when he’s moved. One reason is Kobe Bryant has yet to see the Lakes make a move to better the team now. New Jersey is a long shot. He’s in the same conference as the Nets. Can’t see that happening. They don’t want to lose to the Nets in the playoffs with O’Neal killing them on the inside. He’d have to go out West.

  • gcdeen

    yeah, but the writer of this article obviously doesn’t know mitch.

  • Lakeshow

    Just watching this whole situation unfold, I feel like, contrary to popular opinion, the Lakers not wanting to include Odom in the deal is not what is hanging us up the deal with O’Neal. Over the last month, the Lakers have made movements toward signing Papaloukas (a pg out of Greece) and showed interest in Juan Carlos Navarro. Why the stockpile of young PG’s? It seem to me that what may have happened is a request from Bird for Bynum, Farmar, and Crittendon plus fillers to make contracts work. The Lakers may have been doing their due dilligence to see if they could secure a few solid PG’s if they decided to ship out those young players. I’m a little surprise that these most recent inquiries by LA haven’t gotten more press.

  • lakerfan81

    sounds like speculation but I have to agree.

  • DMX124

    well hopefully mitch wakes up and does something good for once in is career and “GM”. if J.O. were to go to the lakers then it would be the beginning of the lakers vs celtics rivalry again. If J.O. comes now we go now we got a decent center with exprience then Bynum. we should trade lamar and mihm for oneal.lol. Hopefully something good happens for the lakers this offseason other then enjoying the view of good players getting traded to other teams then the LAKERS.

  • Michael_23

    I think if I were Larry Bird and/or Jermaine O’ Neal I would rethink the situation at hand. I think if J.O. stays in Indiana he would end up like K.G. as he was in Minnisota. He is the best player in his team with no real support from his fellow team mates. J.O. doesn’t really have any big help in Indiana so why let him stay there. Pacers FO should let him go and rebuild.

    Look at these talented basketball players with no help surrounding them in the last years with their respective old teams:
    K.G. when he was in Minny the last 3 years
    Michael Jordan in Washington
    Allen Iverson in Philly
    Vince Carter in Toronto
    Tracy McGrady in Orlando

    Kobe Bryant in Los Angeles the last 3 years.

    Although L.O. is a good player he is not a franchise player. We need players that wont stand around and watch Kobe be the hero all the time. We had Rick Fox, D. Fish, Robert Horry, Ron Harper … players that will put their heart out for the win.

    Hopefully L.O. has grown into that player and can be healthy for us to know he is capable of doing that.

    No matter how great they are, they can’t do it alone. They need talent


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