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Somewhere Andrew Bynum is chuckling and slapping his surgically repaired knees.

Just a few games into the season and fans are wishing David Stern had blocked the Steve Nash deal.

The offense is looking more junior college than Ivy League, and the only thing that’s consistent is their inability to defend point guards.
This truly is the worst Lakers team of all-time.

When you can play with your starting back-court on NBA Live ’98 for Sega Genesis, and your two best bench players are named Antwan and Jodie, you’re in trouble.
Twitter followers are beginning to call for the removal of Mike Brown at a rate that mirrors the rise of the Tea-Party in 2010. Thus far the reserves have been so anemic, it is glaring that the Lakers were robbed by relinquishing Josh McRoberts to the Orlando Magic.

Jerry Buss is actually happy that a majority of people can’t watch these Lakers games. The executives at Time Warner must have hired consultants from Solyndra when they decided to pay mega-bucks for this pathetic mess.

You’d have to reach back 34 years to find a Lakers team that started 0-3. But the 2012-2013 installment has joined history, putting to rest early any speculation about matching or eclipsing the Chicago Bulls 72-10 record.

Even Chucky Atkins and the 34-48 hapless 2005 Lakers got one out of the first three. This team is so bad that people are speculating Tim Leiweke foresaw this coming and decided to sell AEG.

The Jacksonville Jaguars called and told the Lakers to get their act together.

The Lakers are having difficulties finding rhythm after a remarkable off-season. Despite the return of key acquisition Dwight Howard earlier than expected, they’re struggling to establish an identity.

Meanwhile it is Armageddon for Lakers fans, and many are suggesting that taking up Zen is the answer.

For now they’ll have to settle for Eddie Jordan and not the former coach of Michael Jordan.

No wonder Magic Johnson dumped these guys for the Dodgers.