The paint is always a good place to start for the Lakers considering they have two 7-footers with incredible footwork occupying it. Jumpshots…. not their forte. Perhaps the biggest discrepancy between L.A.’s play at STAPLES Center and at the TD Garden was how effectively the Lakers were able to execute in the paint.

As it turned out, the Lakers averaged 37 points in the lane in L.A. thanks largely to a powerful 48-point performance in Game 1’s 102-89 win, while Boston came in at 33 paint points on the other end. L.A.’s average might have been considerably higher had Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum not combined to take 25 free throws in Game 2, making 20, while Boston’s bigs attempted only nine foul shots.

But in Beantown, it was an entirely different story, the Celtics averaging 50 points in the paint through three games, and L.A. only 34.7.

The specifics:

Game 1: L.A. 48, Boston 30
Game 2: Boston 36, L.A. 26*
*Not including the 25 FT attempts by Bynum/Gasol.
Game 3: Boston 50, L.A. 38
Game 4: Boston 54, L.A. 34
Game 5: Boston 46, L.A. 32

In short, the Lakers were +4 at home, and -15.3 on the road.

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  • vivavegas

    True, but Bynum was playing better the first two games and not as injured. The stats are encouraging, but to be better in the paint we need Bynum to play the same as in game one and two.

  • bdmf

    i know one thing

    the lakers are gonna win the 2010 ship
    for sure
    i’ll bet my apartment on that
    they are gonna win for sure
    im 99% sure

  • bdmf

    man lets plan the parade cuz the laker are gonna win for sure

  • gameplan

    game 1 is decided by the game itself, game 2 the NBA dominate it untill game 5, hope their in favor for lakers in game 6, and in game 7 the true warrior will be crown as champions!

  • vivavegas

    If you are in Orange County the real hard core Lakers Fans will be at Danny Ks.

  • seankobe

    I am having a hard time to watch the game live on abc, co’z I work at night and I have plenty of days given to be my days off. I got lucky to watch games 1 and 3 and fortunate that that game is all won by lakers, I didn’t watch game 2, 4 and 5, but I have requested this day tuesday and on thursday a day after game 1 win not expecting that there will be game 7, maybe it has something to mean that I will going to watch a 7 game series, and hope that means winning!

  • Kobe24Bauer

    I feel the Lakers winning tonight, Kobe will not allow KG and the Boston @ssholes celebration that early at Staples.
    This is going to a nail bitting game 7. Mark my words.

  • LAKERS in 7!!!!!!!

    Lakers fans……FEELING YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • echeverria.d78

    It’s time to wake up Lakers!!

    Lakers need to dominate the paint. Make drama pp work for his shot. Control rondo close the paints. Better defense transitions. If lakers can do that in game 6 and 7 for sure we win the title.

  • xtro

    if you go back to the game 2 loss and the two losses in boston, the champs weren’t blown out. in fact, they were pretty darn close in winning those games in the 4th quarter. i expect them be totally focused tonight.

  • sh0wt1me

    lakers will need a 3rd option or scorer to win these next 2 games. kobe and pau will be there. who’s it gonna be? i’ve given up all hope on lamar. he is done in this series (possibly done as a lakers). artest is struggling in all facets of the offense so it won’t be him. bynum is injured. it’s gotta be fisher or a huge miracle off the bench. my heart is lakers in 7 but you have to look at the facts. it’s gonna be an interesting game tonight.

  • WatWudChickSay? (WWCS)

    We’re gonna find out real quick tonight who has balls and who’s a pussy when it comes to playing BIG in the paint.
    Pau and Lamar, I am talking about YOU.
    Andrew gets a pass because of the knee, but I would not be surprised to see a more gutsy effort out of him than from either of our two other “BIGs”.
    I am pretty sure Fish and Kobe will show up.
    Ron will be Ron.
    But tonight is about the play of Pau and Lamar against Garnett and Perkins.

  • sh0wt1me

    pau will be there. lamar will not. it’s been odom this and odom that since the beginning of the series and he still has n’t had a breakout game. lamar is done and that’s the bottom line. he is done in this series and i hope as a laker. no consistency whatsoever. sorry nation but i gotta speak the truth. lakers must have another scoring option besides the new york ballers. new york ain’t representing for the lakers at all. i’m praying for dfish to find some shooting rhythm or for bynum to miracously find the strength to overcome the knee pain. if not, then i am fearing the worst.

  • Lamer Odom

    Odom future in LA will be set tonight.
    He better bring his best, another passive game will set Lakers fans ire on him forever and Chloe will dump him LOL.

    F-U-C-K you Odom, wake up you S-O-B!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sh0wt1me

    well said on the last post.

  • sh0wt1me

    has anyone noticed that after the lakers gave big money contracts to some of their players, these same players disappear or can’t play basketball anymore. here are some examples:

    sasha vuja-suck
    fluke walton
    lamar odumb
    shannon brown


  • LAKERS in 7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lakers fans………….FEELING YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lakers2000

    It’s put up or shut up time. Leave it on the floor Lakers!!! Go Lakers!!!!

  • vivavegas

    Someone better get ejected from this game. We are too passive and letting talk trash on the court. We really need to shut them up and make them cry.