hollywood kobeWelcome to Hollywood, a place where dreams are born, and in some cases come true.

Tinsel Town has harbored many miracles here in the past weeks, De Niro and Pacino have teamed up to do another movie together, the Dodgers managed to stay within a few games of first place in their division, and Paris Hilton got thrown back into jail and let back out. As amazing as those feats are, they do not come close to matching the sheer brilliance of one rumored event.

Yes my friends, I am speaking of course of Kevin Garnett to the Los Angeles Lakers.

The possibility of acquiring the former league’s Most Valuable Player has Laker fans salivating. “KG to LA” is a conception years in the making. Imagine the Lakers, fearsome and almighty strutting through NBA endeavors with future hall of famers Kobe Bryant and Kevin Garnett.

Until a few days ago this fantasy would have remained just that, a flight of the imagination so to speak. Then we read the headlines, “McHale open to Garnett trade discussions”, and “Lakers and Minnesota discuss a possible Garnett trade”. Suddenly hope had arrived. For those who have dared to dream, namely those associated with GetGarnett.com, now have some meaning to their cause.

Garnett a Laker? Is it possible?

While at first glance it would not appear the Lakers have the talent to offer Minnesota in an exchange for Garnett, one must remember though that the Timberwolves are looking to rebuild. They seek out young talent and expiring contracts so they may reconstruct the roster similar to what Portland has done and Chicago before them. Therefore a deal centered around big man prospect Andrew Bynum and a lottery pick could be enough to sway Kevin McHale into pulling the trigger. Now currently the Lakers do not have a lottery pick, however that can easily be remedied by offering up Lamar Odom to any of the teams with a top 8th draft pick.

Bernie Bickerstaff, Head Coach and General Manager of the Charlotte Bobcats has suggested that the Bobcats could look to deal their pick for an already established veteran as they have funds available under the salary cap and the ability to absorb a hefty contract along the lines of say a Lamar Odom. So we then mock up a scenario in the mold of Andrew Bynum, Kwame Brown, the 8th pick, the 19th pick, an additional expiring contract from Charlotte and possibly a future first round pick going to the Wolves for Kevin Garnett.

McHale mulls it over but after seeing what little Phoenix is willing to offer without Amare Stoudamire and a whiny Shawn Marion, he consents to the swap. Laker fans rejoice as alas their savior has arrived. There will be an enormous parade held in his honor starting at the gates of Disneyland and leading to Figueroa. Jerry Buss will again be the league’s best owner and the DUI charges will be dropped as a courtesy.

So with all this conjecture and seemingly aimless banter you just have to ask yourself one question. Do I feel lucky? Will do ya… punk? Ode to Mr. Clint Eastwood and the rest of the cast of the Hollywood crew. They keep us reaching for the stars and hoping they align just long enough for a true miracle to come true.

KG to LA, believe it!

  • ryguy2303


  • http://twitter.com/nugge7 The Nugget

    [quote comment=”2716″]BREAKING NEWS!! THE KOBE VIDEO IS OUT! http://WWW.THEKOBEVIDEO.COM OMG[/quote]
    Speaking of Hollywood and drama…

  • Sopi

    nothing surprises me anymore

  • ryguy2303

    what do the lakers do now!? do they ignore this video or take it into consideration?
    whats the latest news on anything?


    Lets just hope we get garnett. He will solve this problem and we will c a championship real soon.

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  • http://www.vivathegame.com VIVA THE GAME | Dating tips

    I’ll be praying all day! I’m going to have a barbeque and my own party is this deal falls through.

  • lakercali

    I hope KG will become a Laker but I won’t believe it until i see the press conference with him holding up the great purple and gold.

  • marky

    who cares what he said in that video?

  • karkrazie626

    Why are the suns willing to give up Amare? He’s younger, he and Nash have something special. I belive all this Suns, Hawks, and T-Wolves, involving Amare talk is all BS to hide the real trade with the Lakers.

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  • l@kers4life

    i saw the video for papaloukas and he not bad, actually he kind of reminds me of gunobli from the spurs. The lakers should pick this guy up and trade sasha.

  • l@kers4life

    I think the lakers must get either KG or JO , that will make KB to stay in LA, otherwise hes gonna want out.

  • lakerfan81

    rmeazy82 thats just it its just talk you cant just make wild trades you can only put out trade propositions and see if the other teams will take them. I’m sure Jerry buss and Mitch are trying everything they can and are putting out all kinds of trade proposition and receiving trade propositions. People just do not hear about them. Only about 15% of trade propositions are reported and those are usually the ones that have no grounds in reality.

  • shins74

    From all of this Dr. Buss has to be blame for all of this mess from a incompetent GM, to a player that acts like a Diva, he should have been the one to stop all of this nonsense from the get go.
    But beyond that no matter if we bring in KG or any superstar to this team until Kobe learns to be a teammate and a leader because lets be honest he hasn’t done neither of those, this team will have drama forever, it’s sad to say and it will be hard to see Kobe in another uni, but it’s time, I prefer to have a team that plays with heart than to have a player that just destroys the team because he thinks he is god, well Kobe here’s news for you, you aren’t bigger than the Lakers!!!, too bad you couldn’t act like Magic, it’s funny you idolize Magic but act nowhere near what Magic was, you act like a punk…. Goodbye!!!
    Lakers will be back I can wait…..

  • kisofdeath

    hahahahhahahha i feel you 100% kobe ship his ass out….

  • LAalltheway

    Great article. All this shit that’s been going on this past week has been crazy. But as more and more phx trade senarios are breaking apart, turning out to be nothing more than heresay, I think our chances to get KG now are as good (if not better) than ever. People are running out of excuses to keep Garnett out of LA. It just makes too much sense. As far as the Kobe video goes, he just should have been more careful, and those no class idiots should have respected his privacy. I mean seriously though, we didn’t trade Bynum for Jason fucking Kidd??? Imagine him and Kobe together, locking guards DOWN on defense, and someone creating for Kobe for a change. But if Bynum helps us get KG, all can be forgotten. Keep the hope alive.

  • kisofdeath

    Sources: KG Trade Before Draft Unlikely But Not Impossible
    June 28, 2007 – 1:31 pm
    ESPN –
    While teams like the Lakers and Suns will continue to pursue Kevin Garnett, and the Wolves seem intent on trading him, sources say that it’s unlikely, but not impossible, that a deal goes down by the time of the draft

  • lakersforlife77

    no shoutbox man….not cool

  • http://www.hehatemeisgod.com Hehateme

    Damn that’s funny!! I agree ship worthless Bynum out and kupcake can join his ass out of here. I applaud Kobe for speaking the truth. Do you honestly think Mitch Kupcake will bring us Garnett? LMAO

  • Lakerboy248

    I thought the “Kobe Video” would be worse than that. That was barely anything!!!!!! Everyone talks crap about everyone, it is no BIG deal. He is just showing his frustration with the Lakers right now.

    But anyways, if the Lakers get Garnett, I think he will lighten up. Keep the HOPE alive!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lakerboy248

    10 minutes guys! Brace yourselves, something might happen.

  • ryan

    10 minutes what!?

  • http://twitter.com/nugge7 The Nugget

    [quote comment=”2792″]10 minutes guys! Brace yourselves, something might happen.[/quote]

  • ryan

    wtf! 10 minutes until what!? what channel!? what radio station!?

  • http://hzmdesigns.com hZm

    10 minutes until the deadline?

  • Conor

    Lets just wait til tonight….

  • Darkblaze

    draft is later on in a few hours.

  • Darkblaze

    actually it’s 3 hours EST but it begins at 7 EST (4 PST) so a long ways to go

  • Lakerboy248

    yeah the deadline.

  • Lakerboy248

    or i don’t know, just forget about it.


    its the draft…just started…2pm eastern(11 am western)

  • kobeguru

    If a trade happened, we wouldn’t hear it immediatly. If it included the 8th pick from charlotte, would we hear it right before the 8th pick, so we just wait.

  • kisofdeath

    yup yup now its the calm before the storm

  • kb24mvp

    i heard of a three team deal with charlote check it out:

    charlote gets:lamar odom and filler(they are looking for veteran and are willing to trade pick and minesota didnt want him)

    minesota gets:bynum kwame filler 19th and 8th(via cha)(min wants young talent expiring contracrs and picks needs all filled)

    lakers get:KG and possibly filler

    i dont remember the website i saw this on but it was out there

  • Brandon

    That seems like a good deal. Lets see if it happens. Lakers gotta make a deal for KG, just to appease 24.

    Lakers should also sign Grant Hill. That would be nice!




    Ohh so that means we’ll find out before or during the draft phew……

  • LakerNation1

    (kb24mvp)charlote gets:lamar odom and filler(they are looking for veteran and are willing to trade pick and minesota didnt want him)

    minesota gets:bynum kwame filler 19th and 8th(via cha)(min wants young talent expiring contracrs and picks needs all filled)

    lakers get:KG and possibly filler

    that sounds really reasonable. trades like this can make anything happen. just gotta hope….again….and again