Well, even if they are all factual and based on statistics, it still feels good to be in the top 5… er… updated this morning, try top 3!!! Although I don’t agree with the comment about trading Bynum. From ESPN:

Krazij: The Big 3 are the reason I am watching basketball again. Celtics fans have something to cheer about again.

quzybuk: Chris Paul’s PER is 30.20 (second in the NBA behind Manu Ginobli), and well ahead of the 2nd best pg — Steve Nash at 25.43. If he can maintain his current production, then it would be an MVP-caliber year by any definition.

trhl4lfhuff: For the Lakers to be a serious contender they need to realize Andrew Bynum isn’t as good as they think and should trade hi

  • Kareem

    Nice to see some respect for the Lakers ;)
    But i agree with Hollinger,If we want to be a real championship contender we need to trade Bynum for Jo or Gasol (but there is no way in hell than i trade both LO and Bynum for any of them)
    For example we trade Bynum/Kwane/Cook/Sasha for JO we have a team of
    Then the next off-season we can sing another center for the MLE(A defensive center like Kwane or Kurt Thomas will be great)
    That will be a championship team IMO

  • MILO

    The Celtics are good but man dont over-rate them.They still have not prooven themselves to me because they have yet to face a good team from the west.If they can beat Dallas,SA,Phoenix Houston with T-Mac and i know for a fact that Kobe and the Lakers are gonna show them who is who. Then that would be something to talk about, but for now i still think they are being overated…

  • xxv112002

    How can he say that about Bynum when he clearly stated “The Big 3 are the reason I am watching basketball again”. He should watch the Lakers first before suggesting a trade.

  • xxv112002

    And Mr. Hollinger, if you check the teams the Celtics played against, there is only one western conference team they played against which was the Nuggets. With a lineup of 3 future hall of famers, they better win against the sorry eastern teams. Look at the Lakers schedule. The Lakers have one of the toughest schedule in the NBA this month. They played against San Antonio, Houston, Detroit, Phoenix, and Utah. All these teams I mentioned are the teams that will make the Playoffs. Who did your Celtics play against again? Nuff said.

    So you make your corrections for your next “Power Ranking” and save youself from embarassment and put the Lakers at number 1 which they deserve.


  • steve

    The power rankings there are based on a formula that is updated daily. And the comments are from readers who emailed in their opinions. Hollinger puts no opinion into the ranking,aside from creating the formula. But i do agree we still need one more piece to be a real contender, and if it requires trading bynum, then we should still do it (hut not him AND odom)

  • lakerfan81

    This is purely a statistical measurement, nothing more. It puts heavy emphasis on point differential and strength of schedule. That is why the Lakers are 3rd, they have had the hardest schedule so far (their opponennts are a combined 43-22 and 6 of those losses are minnesota). The reason Boston is number 1 is because they have like 15 pt differential or something so far. But all you have to do is ask yourself this question to figure out who is the best team: Who would you pick in a 7 game series Boston or SA?
    My order so far would be:

    Boston (not sure because they haven’t played anyone but They are undefeated)
    PHX, Utah (tied)

    The Lakers could move up their next 3 games are all winnable (Chi, Ind, Mil). THat would be an 8-3 record with the hardest schedule. Not too bad if they can pull it off. When I first saw the schedule I was thinking that if they could come out of November at or near .500 it would be a good start. They look like they might do better than that.

  • xxv112002

    What we need is an All Star like Power Forward. We need to get rid of Kwame, Cook, Radmanovic, and Sasha. Develop Javaris Crittendon then were good. I wouldn’t trade Bynum for O’neal (Knee Problems). People say when healthy, JO will be a force for the Lakers. The problem is “when healthy”. We have too many toilet paper players on our team, we dont need another. Unless we can get him through free agency. Maybe Elton Brand who we can use as a bruiser with Bynum at Center. Imagine Elton Brand playing alongside Ronny Turiaf. We will be the most physical team in the NBA. I know I know, then we would be over the cap if we sign anyone of them. But with the ticket price increase, Jerry Buss better save up for this upcoming free agency.

    Starting lineup can look like this:

    C Bynum/Mihm
    PF Brand/Turiaf
    SF Odom/Walton
    SG Bryant/Evans/Carl
    PG Fisher/Farmar/Critt

    And these are only 12 players on the roster!

  • lakerfan81

    Can’t sign anyone for more than the MLE because the Lakers will be over the cap next season just like they are this season. Its not a matter of money, its just not allowed under the CBA. I am surprised how many people are completely clueless of how the salary cap works. The only way the Lakers can get a player like Brand or JO would be via a sign and trade. And the only players that the Lakers have that would interest teams are Bynum, Farmar (hes really improved this year) and Odom to some extent.

  • xxv112002

    Well thats just a swift kick in the nuts. But I just dont see any improvement if we let go of Lamar or Bynum. If we let go of Lamar, then well be looking for a third scorer/rebounder/playmaker. Lamar is a “do it all” guy which Championship teams need. If we let go of Bynum, well be thin at the Center position. We cant rely on Mihm or Kwame (if he ever comes back). Is there a Center we can sign via free agency that is available? And please dont tell me we can use Marc Gasol to replace them next year. LOL.