This one made my blood boil. If morons in the media wouldn’t compare him to Jordan everyday, this wouldn’t be an issue. Besides, go compare Peirce to Jordan now. Let Kobe be Kobe for a change…

ESPN: “We just wet the bed,” said Kobe Bryant, who should never again be compared to Michael Jordan unless his play undergoes a seismic shift.

And Rivers benefits from having so many toys with which to play. Boston goes 12 deep, which allows the Celtics to shrug off injuries and foul situations that would knock a shallower team sideways.



  • lakers817

    Media is full of Bullshit

    “media is full of dirty tricks” -2pac

    So true!!

  • Smush Walton

    Black Mamba, Triple Ocho, The Dagger…

    Please don’t mention Kobe’s name in the same sentence with Michael Jordan any more. A debacle of this magnitude would never have happened to MJ.

  • xtro

    Mamba never wanted to be compared to MJ. He wants to be Kobe.

  • Jordan

    I love Kobe’s game (which he mirrored after jordans) but its the fact that he tries to sound like mj when he speaks, his on court expressions. He wants to be MJ, I dont find it a fluke that kobe changed his number to 24 (one better than jordans) His olympic number is better than Jordans 9…its obvious. So until he starts to act like someone other than Jordan the comparison will never stop. Its not just the media fueling the comparison either, at work all I hear from lakers fan is “Kobe is better than Jordan, He is the next Mj..blah blah” As much as I hate to say it.. Jordan would have never let his teams choke like this.

  • Laaffiliation024

    [Comment ID #39701 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Lol. what do jersey numbers have to do with comparisons?

  • Lakers 24 7

    Hollinger should shut his trap until the series is officially over, Kobe will drop 81 on him and his grandkids



  • LakersFirst

    When people state the Kobe is the greatest player to ever play the game, the natural comparison is compare him to MJ. However, Kobe is NOT Jordan. With all due respect, Jordan is better.

  • Mr.81

    Sadly, Jordan wouldn’t of let that happen last night. Kobe took a step back in the journey to greatness.

  • e

    lakers didnt even play lakers offense at the third and the fourth..kobe is most effective when he comes off of screens and shoots…instead, the team didnt play that screen and cut game, instead they gave it to kobe on the top of the key in which he had to go 1 on 2 or 3..therefore dont blame the game on kobe when the whole team did not execute correctly

  • e

    also..pippen, horrace grant and rodman never let jordan down at the end of games…they did their part to win…where was pau and lamar at the end of the game? where was vlad rad?? im sorry but not even jordan can take on triple teams and score every time down the stretch..give kobe a break…when he shoots the ball, critics say he doesnt pass..when he passes the ball critics say he cant take over the game…think about it

  • xtro

    Phil needs to look down his bench and use players such as Mbenga, Newble or Mihm to inject energy and defense.

  • Bartlascasas

    Jordan never had to deal with junk defenses or guard the best player on the other team. Did anyone ever see any of MJ’s games. He had bad games in the playoffs where his team also lost. Shocking huh. His biggest rival was grocery bag(J. Starks). Grocery bag used to torch him and he sucks. He used to stand way off his man and get steals playing the pass. He didn’t play 1 on 1 defense anywhere close to Kobe. When someone went by him there was someone behind him to pick his man up. How in the world can you compare the two. MJ had 2 of the toughest rebounding forwards and a bunch of three point contest winners on his team. We have the biggest tank in Laker history-Walton, The worst dribbling point gaurds in the league-fisher and farmar, and the softest starting forwards I have ever seen-Vlad and Lamar. Pierce would have fouled out of the game in the 2nd quarter if he defended MJ like Kobe. He was pushing him during the dribble with 2 hands and never got called. Switch teams and Bryant wins 2 more championships than MJ because he wouldn’t have had a “vacation” due to gambling issues. Put the tapes together and Kobe will have 5 times the game winning/ending shots of MJ. Paxon and Kerr probably have more than MJ. Hollinger, your the guy on the court who thinks he had a good game when you score 10 points, though the guy you wetre guarding scored 30 points.

  • two0one7

    This is what the legend and mystique of MJ will do for you. People act as if he’s never had bad finals games or series for that matter. Taken from another blog:

    “MJ shot 42% in both the 97 and 98 NBA Finals. Ironically, he shot 6 for 19 against the Sonics in game 4 of the 96 Finals. MJ shot 5 for 19 in a closeout game at the United Center in the 96 Finals and Bulls still won. MJ had teammates that didn’t disappear when the game was close, he played with arguably two the best defenders at their respective positions (Pippen and Rodman).”

  • http://deleted Mr. Juan / Your Warlock

    Geeeeeeez, sometimes I think I could be arguing with 14 year olds… Ignorance truly is bliss, but can also be a huge disappointment/disillusion.

  • jordans


    You truly are a fool. That was one of the most ridiculous posts I have ever read on the internet. You have no clue. I don’t want to waste my time correcting all your stupid points, but I will say this.

    Jordan had 25 game winners.

    Kobe has 7 game winners.

    Get your facts straight young one.

  • vida8

    did kobe said compare me to MJ ?????
    Last time i checked those idiots are the one compared him……

  • ade

    why compare Kobe to MJ?

  • john



    So true,vida8.

  • lalball81

    [Comment ID #39764 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Lol, are you kidding me. Kobe has something like 23 career game winners while Jordan has 30. Kobe is only 29, and is likely to surpass Jordan in overall game winners by the end of his career.

    Get your facts straight, dude.

  • LakersFanforLife

    I understand the compulsion to compare the greatest of each generation with the greatest of the previous one, but in this case, it is patently unfair to Kobe. Kobe has said he wants to be the best, he works harder than anyone to be the best. In our society, best means the most championships (in most cases, anyway). Even if he wins this year, he still would need two more to tie Jordan. Give him a break! It’s like every game he plays in, stupid commenters like Hollinger are saying either he is ready to take the mantle from Jordan or he never will be ready. Kobe has never said he wants to be Michael Jordan. I think the comparisons are ludicrous. While they are both the most gifted athletes of their respective eras, their games are really quite different. Jordan was poetry in motion on the court, but he was also strong as hell and he had ginormous hands. Kobe has most of Jordan’s moves, plus a whole arsenal of moves no one has seen before Kobe. He is perhaps not as savvy as Jordan on the court or in the locker room (at least yet), though I rebuke the idea that he is not as mentally tough. Kobe is a warrior. His season was fantastic – he truly made all his teammates better. Some might say it was Jordanesque, but I say it was Kobe getting comfortable in his skin, with his teammates, and his role as the undisputed leader (really for the first time – at least with anything resembling a team). With Jordan, especially the last 5-6 years, his defenders knew what was coming in many cases, but he was just too damn great to be stopped, albeit with the periodic jaw-dropping amazing “never seen before” kind of play. With Kobe, he does things offensively that defy consistent defending…he can shoot with both hands, drive and handle the ball from either side. He consistently does things, offensively at least, that even Jordan didn’t do…and like Jordan, Kobe generally makes it look easy and effortless. Bottom line: it’s time to stop the stupid-ass ignorant comparisons to Jordan. Let Kobe be Kobe and when he is ready to hang it up at age 37, 38, or whenever, we can count the hardware, look back on his career, and make a long-view assessment of his place in history. But for now – give it a damn rest! Go Lakers!!!! One game at a time!!!

  • Brooke

    the stupid morons in the media are the ones comparing him to MJ, he never compared himself to Jordan.

    to quote Kobe best: “Let me be me” When Stephen A asked him about the comparison

    also MJ had players who knew how to make shots and didn’t let him down. This isn’t the first time Kobe’s teammates let him down.

  • ab4sure

    It is unfair to compare kobe with MJ. The reason people do is becuz people like to judge who is the best of all time. Even kobe has said to friends and teammates that he wants to be the greatest of all time. Kobe should be let to make his own story… or in other words history. MJ already made his… 6 ships.. 6 finals mvp’s.. 5 league mvp’s a DPOY, a nat’l championship (nice shot). I could go on but why. Many other stats could be named. Jordan as DPOY used to guard the best player on the other team, he had to go against junk defenses(Detroit’s Jordan’s Rules). Jordan dominated his opponent Starks included. The way pierce guarded kobe last nite was the norm when jordan played.

    So let Kobe be Kobe and forget comparing them because frankly the trouble starts when people start saying kobe is better. Those who think so wait a few more years and make your argument. I think the answer will still be the same though.

  • kPoAbUe

    first of all who is hollinger to say what or why we cant compar people hollinger u just dont say anything plz plz hollinger

  • jordans


    that is false, Kobe does not have 23 game winners.
    Please don’t make false statements like that. 7 game winners is impressive for Kobe, but its no Jordan.

    And its the Lakers fans that caused this stupid comparison in the first place.

    Don’t get me wrong if he pulls something out of his azz and wins the next three games, the discussion will begin again.

  • Neo-Laker Era

    I got this off of two different websites. They were message boards, but everyone was asking the question, “Between KB and MJ, who has the most game-winning shots?” This was posted on both sites.

    Kobe Bryant

    (1) 05/10/00 – Lakers 97 – Phoenix 96 (playoffs)
    (2) 06/14/00 – Lakers 120 – Pacers 118 (playoffs)
    (3) 11/16/00 – Lakers 112 – Kings 110
    (4) 02/07/01 – Lakers 85 – Phoenix 83
    (5) 02/13/01 – Lakers 113 – Nets 110
    (6) 01/02/02 – Lakers 87 – Nuggets 86
    (7) 02/22/02 – Lakers 96 – Hornets 94
    (8) 05/12/02 – Lakers 87 – Spurs 85 (playoffs)
    (9) 12/06/02 – Lakers 105 – Dallas 103
    (10) 04/04/03 – Lakers 102 – Grizzlies 101
    (11) 04/06/03 – Lakers 115 – Suns 113
    (12) 12/19/03 – Lakers 101 – Nuggets 99
    (13) 02/17/04 – Lakers 89 – Blazers 86
    (14) 03/21/04 – Lakers 104 – Bucks 103
    (15) 04/14/04 – Lakers 105 – Blazers 104
    (16) 03/12/05 – Lakers 117 – Bobcats 116
    (17) 11/02/05 – Lakers 99 – Nuggets 97
    (18) 01/07/06 – Lakers 112 – Clippers 109
    (19) 01/13/06 – Lakers 99 – Cavaliers 98
    (20) 04/30/06 – Lakers 99 – Suns 98 (playoffs)
    (21) 01/14/08 – Lakers 123 – Seattle 121

    Michael Jordan

    (1) Nov. 11, 1984 vs. Indiana, 118-116
    (2) Dec. 7, 1984 vs. New York, 95-93
    (3) April 24, 1985 vs. Milwaukee, 109-107
    (4) Nov. 11, 1986 vs. Atlanta, 112-110
    (5) Nov. 21, 1986 vs. New York, 101-99
    (6) April 15, 1988 vs. New Jersey, 100-99
    (7) Feb. 16, 1989 vs. Milwaukee, 117-116
    (8) May 7, 1989 vs. Cleveland, 101-100
    (9) May 27, 1989 vs. Detroit, 99-97
    (10) Nov. 13, 1990 vs. Utah, 84-82
    (11) Jan. 22, 1992 vs. Charlotte, 115-112
    (12) Nov. 11, 1992 vs. Detroit, 98-96 (OT)
    (13) May 17, 1993 vs. Cleveland, 103-101
    (14) March 25, 1995 vs. Atlanta, 99-98
    (15) Feb. 11, 1997 vs. Charlotte, 103-100
    (16) June 1, 1997 vs. Utah, 84-82
    (17) February 13, 1998 vs. Atlanta, 112-110
    (18) March 22, 1998 vs. Toronto, 102-100
    (19) June 14, 1998 vs. Utah, 87-86
    (20) December 22, 2001 vs. New York, 87-86
    (21) January 31, 2002 vs. Cavaliers, 93-92
    (22) February 15, 2002 vs. Suns, 97-96

    Jordans Free Throw Winners ( I dont have a coppy of Kobes Free Throw Winners )

    March 26, 1985 vs. Indiana, 120-119
    Oct. 25, 1985 vs. Cleveland, 116-115
    Feb. 12, 1988 vs. Milwaukee, 95-93
    April 3, 1988 vs. Detroit, 112-110
    May 19, 1989 vs. New York, 113-111
    March 18, 1997 vs. Seattle, 89-87 (OT)

  • lalball81

    [Comment ID #39804 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Sorry, 21 game winners. That’s my bad, I was two off.

    It looks like YOUR statement was false, as you claim Kobe only has 7 game winners on his career.

    Not sure about FT game winners as they didn’t track Kobe’s, but both lists are impressive.

  • lalball81

    And I’m almost certain MJ has more game winners than 22, it’s something like 31 actually. 21 is about right for Kobe, but he’s bound to get more.

    As you can see throughout his career, Kobe gets about 2-3 game winners a season. If we continue the pattern, and Kobe playes 8 more seasons, he’ll have about 37 game winners by the time he retires. I” say it again, that’s IF he continues the pattern.

  • e

    [Comment ID #39735 Will Be Quoted Here]

    thank you for proving my point…so for those who want to bash on kobe, go ahead..face it ppl, lakers are not getting anywhere without him

  • http://deleted berks24

    what about 04finals vs detroit
    and the
    65points on blazers it can b considered

  • Neo-Laker Era

    [Comment ID #39840 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I don’t know. I just took this from another message board site. It’s not an original post of mine. Go google it or something.

  • NBAchamps2008

    There will only be one MJ and kobe is a distant 2nd.

  • lalball81

    ^ And that’s exactly the point. Nobody said Kobe was equal to or above Jordan, but that he’s the CLOSEST thing to Jordan.

    Let’s stop comparing players from different eras. There will never be another Jordan nor will there ever be another Kobe.

  • T-DUB

    What all the idiots…including some on this site…seem to ignore is that MJ didn’t win until he got all-star and veteran help. something Kobe still doesn’t have. Whats ironic is the people who criticizes are not other pro ball players. They are a bunch of losers who’ve never even played at any sort of high level. So…how could they possibly know what it takes!

  • Joe Demarne

    kobe has done things jordan was never able to do. i know its hard for people to accept the fact that Kobe is better than Jordan.

  • two0one7

    OK Chew on this. The bulls team in 95, the year that Jordan retired to take his baseball vacation, won 50+ games. Thats right, a team without Jordan, led by Pippen won 50+ wins. Thats how impressive the supporting cast MJ had. MJ never won anything until Pippen and the rest of the guys joined the Bulls.

  • KnicksFan09

    The funny thing is you Lakers fans are such hypocrites. All I hear from you people is how Kobe is better than Jordan and then when he clearly shows he is not, you complain when he is called out about it. Look at the statistics, look at the Finals, look at the playoffs. Kobe will probably surpass Jordan in points, rebounds and assists because he started his career earlier but his averages are all lower. He isn’t the FASTEST to 20,000, he is the youngest, Jordan did it in 100 less game. Kobe’s Finals “memories” are forgettable whereas Jordan’s live on for ages. Jordan’s playoff performance is just so much more than Kobe’s. Part of it has to do with Jordan being effectively marketed but his passion and drive was truly above anyone else this league has ever seen. The only NBA Dynasty without a dominant center and for the love of god Dennis Rodman averaged less than 10 points per game and in the early 90’s who did Jordan have as center, oh man Horace Grant. Just admit you are hypocrites. The media helps with the comparisons and you’re right it is NOT fair but that’s what comes with being na elite player nowadays.

    Oh and btw, Jordan went out and guarded the other team’s best player to the idiot who posted that. If he was so much worse on defense why was he 1988 DPOTY, 9 Time ALL NBA Defensive First Team, #2 all time in steals and the only player at the time to have 100 blocks and 200 steals in a season? Why is he regarded as the best defensive player of his generation.

    Lakers fans admit it. Jordan would’ve never let his team blow a 24 point Finals lead. Kobe is the best player of his generation no question except for maybe Duncan/Shaq, the second best SG ever but if you go around talking the smack on MJ then get mad when he lays an egg in the series deciding game you open the door for this.

  • LAKings

    T Dub you moron EVERY NBA championship team has all stars on it. The 2000’s Spurs, 80’s Celtics/Lakers, the 70’s Sixers, the 60’s Celtics.

    What is your point….

    And Joe…all those things happened in the REGULAR season. But in the real season Kobe just does not perform like MJ did.

    You guys have the dumbest arguments with your MJ did not win until he had help. No crap, no superstar won without help. Bird had McHale and Parrish, Magic had Kareem and Worthy etc.

    Who cares about game winners? We know he is clutch, but can he lead his team to a championship without Shaq? He did have that OT forcing shot in 2004 Final but I mean still nothing compared to Jordan’s Finals resume.

    In the 1998 Finals Pippen had a severely injured back to the point where he was almost unable to play. Jordan still led them to a ring over Malone/Stockton.

  • LAKings

    Gambling issues?

    He retired because his father was shot and he lost his will to play. He played for his father and family.

    Btw, would Jordan have raped someone?

    And the Bulls wouldn’t have won with Bryant because it took so many incredible performances from Jordan to win those 6 rings that Kobe has proven by now he can’t do, at least not in the Finals he can’t.

  • Mike Green

    “I love Kobe’s game (which he mirrored after jordans) but its the fact that he tries to sound like mj when he speaks, his on court expressions. He wants to be MJ”

    I absolutely agree.

    Kobe himself deliberately invites comparisons to Jordan by blatantly imitating his style of play, mannerisms, gestures (anyone remember how Kobe aped Jordan’s fist-raised-straight-in-the-air-gesture after hitting the last game-winning shot in Utah in practically EVERY GAME of the ’99 season??) and even his voice tone, inflections and patterns.

    Folks, if it looks like a duck, sounds like a duck and acts like a duck, then, goshdarnit, it’s TRYING to be a duck!

    If Kobe wants the media and public to “let me be me”, he needs to follow his own advice.

  • Dave

    Just admit it. Kobe is not as good. Again, the only reason the comparison is being made is because the media and Laker fans invite the comparison.

  • jim

    its hard to let kobe be kobe,cuz first of all kobe imitates all the moves of jordan…i know kobe lovers you will react…come on guys we all know that…kobe mimicked jordans…all that kobe ever do was practices every single day the moves on mj,thats not TALENT dude…thats imitating…so all you dudes out there whos saying kobe is better than mj,your a moron who doesnt know basketball…maybe if kobe has hes own moves,now thats a real debate….

    the tongue
    chewing gum
    the fade away
    the mad look after hitting a shot
    the fist after hitting a big shot
    ect …………………….
    thats talent dude…lol