it ain�t easy�Since the dawn of time their have been heroes, average men or women with an above average ability for greatness. When King Leonidas of Sparta took his guardsmen of 300 strong into the battle of Thermopylae, he saw them revel under his brilliance and majesty as they conquered 20,000 Persians before succumbing to inevitable defeat at the hands of the tyrant Xerxes. Today more than 2,000 years later we again see a similar scene of voyage for glory.

Kobe Bryant must command his troops to victory against the powers that be that currently hold the gold in the NBA. However the politicians of the Laker organization have shown very little patronage towards their King. Their efforts have been futile and for that Kobe hath been forced to battle the masses with a sub par lineup of soldiers.

Alas the time of reckoning is at hand, the politicians must forge an adequate band of personnel to ensure Kobe’s conquest for eternal glory. This off season, there have whispers of union between Kobe and another valiant warrior from the East. It has been said that such unification would bring about a squad capable of dethroning the current champions. As such they would pledge their lives to the grandeur of the great city Los Angeles.

And so we wait, and wonder, just who is this brave soul from the East that is prepared to offer his services to our liege Kobe Bryant?

In recent weeks we may have unearthed that answer. He is a man that stands distinguished amongst the NBA elite, a man whose reputation of stellar play precedes itself, a man so well renowned he is known simply as J-O. Now in the prime of his career, like Kobe Bryant, seeks splendor in the face of adversity. He has seen soldiers fall to age and the peril of injury and trade. And realizes the window of opportunity will soon fade unless a change is made. Jermaine O’Neal then journeys to the City of Angels.

Flash to next season; combine the reckless dominance of the interior by Jermaine O’Neal, with the masterful supremacy of the perimeter by Kobe Bryant, and there are the makings of a dynasty. In the end the valor will be ours, the Laker faithful, those who stood by their King and his promise of victory till the very end. And we will one day tell our children of the miracle we had witnessed. A tale of a King who received his support and went on to prevail in the quest for an elusive championship ring, achieving triumph as any true hero would.

  • Gabriel

    What a nice read bro thanks, but more bad news with another Buss butting in and basically saying Kobe is gone soon

  • 300/LakerFan

    Jermaine O’neal is not a superstar just a good player, not even versatile like Lamar Odom. Oneal continues to get posterize by gaurds like carter, wade, lebron etc. defense is questionable? He definitely is not the answer to our problems, don’t dare compare him to other great power forwards like Duncan, Garnett, because he is not on their level, to be Kobe sidekick in battle is ridiculus because he is no SHAQ and those two were unbelievably talented together almost unfair to the other teams. We need a better all around squad, Get artest, for starters and pray Garnett changes his mind, plus to say Kobe is like King Leonidas is ridiculus, Leonidas stayed with his troops to the very end and kobe asked to be traded without even thinking about the millions of fans who supported him during his rape case and would like to see him retire as a Laker. “Kobe, and that goes for anybody out there is not bigger than the game of basketball, he is supposed to be a leader yet he gets frustrated if the team he’s on now can’t win, just like MJ said you have to deal with the cards in front of you and kobe motto is sieze the day,” but he gives up so easily. When the lakers built a better team around him and if they still can’t win Kobe needs to question himself instead of displacing anger towards others, this unfair to Laker fans. No one man is bigger then the Laker organization, kobe needs to realize that!

  • MO6

    thats a really kool article man

  • One35

    Gabriel Shut up.. Johnny Buss is not part of the Lakers 5% 3% 1% NONE. he has no say. its his opinion.

    yes what he did was stupid but it doesn’t mean its Bad news.

  • Big D

    Amen 300/LakerFan Amen.

    As I’ve said before, the Lakers are better with JO, but adding Jo does not a dynasty make.

    For example, they will lack depth and talent in key positions and the Spurs will embarrass them in the playoffs next year assuming they manage to keep their same basic team in tact.

    So, perhaps with JO they make it to the second round, never drop more than four/five games, and end with a better record than last year, but that’s about it.

  • felix

    I agree with the above comment but, I’d rather see kobe’s unbelievable talent win championships and go down as the best possible player he can be. Instead of being stuck with a horrible team like the one he’s on now. So I’m a true Kobe fan and even if he goes to another team I will support him. Of course if he plays against the lakers, than it’s lakers all the way. However he has to much talent to not win anymore and the roster is such a mess that I cant see them competing for anything any time soon, no matter how hard I try.



    This is Sparta!

    GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!

  • MO6

    ya i dont think JO is the answer to are problems either, i think we need Artest. and have to keep LO and get JO

    Best lineup


    Championship contenders

  • kobeguru

    Erm, with that trade, we would have no bench, because we would have to make a heck of a deal for that lineup.

  • Mr RiCo

    Think about how the Lakers starting lineup would be if KG joins the team next off-season!

  • Matt Sharp

    Wow, all this feedback already. I’m honored to have received this much attention. Where do I begin, we’ll to start I do apologize to any 300 faithful that I may have offended. This was not my intention, truly I just wanted to shake things up and show what things might be if we overglorified our athletes to the point of making them historical legends(wait don’t we already do that lol). I can assure you that I’d much rather insert KG in place of JO but given the enourmous media coverage surrounding the O’Neal talks I thought it’d be more fitting to use him.

    The comparrison of Kobe to Leonidas was made for the purpose of showing how the Laker FO neglects to send back up much like the senate was against sending the full Spartan army out to fight. If I wanted to get cute I may have even compared Phil Jackson to Queen Gorgo. Think about it, both went to bat with the politicians in the hopes of rallying support for the King/Kobe. Both even go to the extent of offering themselves sexually but it might be a reach to compare Jeanie Buss to Theron.

    Point is you really can’t take everything to the literal extreme, for if you do your bound to find a flaw in almost everything. I think our nerves are all on edge because of the end to a very tumultous season and the start of a chaotic off season thus far.

    But more than likely we will have to accept the fact that a major change is forthcoming. No way around that, at best, we can just hope that whatever move it is propels us to success. I for one will support just about anybody that puts on that Laker Uni just as long as were winning. Whether be JO, LO, TO, etc. As long as we compete. I try and abide by the saying, “Hope for the best prepare for the worst.” Still I have to believe given the popularity of this team someone in the organization has got the brains to not F things up totally.

    Anyway thanks for the feedback Y’all keep it coming. I promise not to snap back…For I am Kind ;.) Lakers Till the death! Go tell the Laker fans, passerby, that here by Laker law, we lie

  • DoSomthingAndDoItNOW

    As much as i hope for the “hero” to arrive, it seems that as time goes on , and the clock keeps ticking, that our chances for glory keep sliming more and more. Had we been aggressive last year, we could have signed carloos boozer or ben wallace(rather than snowboard-master VladRad for 25 mil), we could have never traded Curon butler who is now an all-star for bust Kwame Brown who has the third highest pay-roll on the laker-squad, we could have traded away baby Bynum for the Grown Jason Kidd, and all the samw time keeping LO and KB24!

    Our Lineup could have been


    Curon Butler



    and Boozer/Wallace

    and we would be woopin the cavs rather than those fukin spurs

    if manegment dont make a move quick, there may never be one..