Here’s why the Lakers may be the greatest team ever (by a Bucks fan)

    A Bucks fans argues why the Lakers may be the greatest team ever… there is still a LONG way to go but I like it…

    BucksDiary: Should we save everyone the time and the aggravation and just have Kobe pose kissing the O’Brien Trophy retro Jordan style right now? Because barring injury or stupid personnel maneuver (neither of which can be discounted), there is next to no way the Los Angeles Lakers will be denied the NBA World Championship this season. In fact, they may end up being the greatest team of all time. And I’m talking objectively. Let me lay out the case.

    At the moment, I would argue the “Greatest Ever” distinction lies with a different Los Angeles Lakers team, the 1971-72 version. I make that assertion because that 71-72 Laker team had a “Net % Team and Opposition Win Score above the NBA average” that was higher than any team I calculated, and my calculations go back to the 1963 NBA Finals.

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    • lakerschamps09

      hahaha umm i dont care bout greatest team just wanna win the ship


      That how you know we’re THE GREATEST ’cause of the fact,1st Kobe gets MVP chants in Atlanta,Sac-town,and yes,Boston (the most fairweather fans…EVER),then do the impossible and get to the Finals with one of the youngest teams to ever reach The Finals and I’m not talkin’ about the past accomplishments,that’s tooooooooo much time,self explanatory.

      …and the fact that a very respectable fan from another team would take the time to right one of the most BRILLIANT articles on this site..pretty much solidifies it for me.


    • Mitch4Pres

      fools need to stop jinxing us

    • Billy Kupchak

      all we need to do is support the team for every single game! :cool:

    • Lil Joe Buss

      We are good…. 85 Lakers were better!!!

    • T.A.

      To be the greatest team ever I think you have to win 70 games, not 72 like the bulls

      because 70 in this western conference would be ridiculous.

      70-12 season

      win the ship over Boston 4-0

      Kobe MVP
      Kobe Pau NBA ALL STARS