In these dark Kobe/Laker days, I’ve shared many feelings with people accross message forums, phone talks and e-mails. A friend of mine wrote something tonight that I wanted to post here. I thought it could sum up the harsh reality IF the Lakers went through with a Kobe trade. Kobe’s image has seemingly taken a hit, especially with the “Kobe video” now leaking in the media, however, he is still the BEST BASKETBALL TALENT on planet Earth. Even the team on “pluto” agrees. Here’s a take from a friend and front row season-ticket holder; worth a read:

How are you going to feel when Kobe leads AMERICA to a gold medal in two months, and we’ve traded him for ben gordon and a rookie whose name no one can pronounce?

And then Kobe will go to chicago and he will win 2 or 3 titles there.

Brace yourself for the nightmare. This doesn’t end with Kobe being traded. This goes on for the next 5 or 6 years that Kobe plays at the level he is capable of. Phil winning his 10th title in Chicago, and the media talking about how the Lakers traded Shaq, only to see him win a championship, then they trade Kobe, only to see him win one.

We are (bleep) beyond all comprehension – and it’s just getting started.

This is KOBE. In the EAST. With no competition, and capspace to build a team.

Trading Kobe is beyond crazy. Its the dumbest move in the history of sports. And it’s not because I love him – right now I hate him. But it doesn’t matter. We are all going to choke on this for years and years to come.

  • Matt

    Chris I admire your dedication and loyalty to Kobe. Lord knows he hasn’t shown reciprocated with his behavior this month. Yet we hold onto the notion that everything will be resolved. We must put our faith in the Doctor himself to restore order. It is a given the talking heads of the organization Jimmy and Mitch cannot ascertain what it takes to build a championship caliber team.

    Therefore Buss must step in and revitalize a fairly depleted roster while at the same time doing everything possible to calm Kobe Bryant down. There was a rumor floating around at that another KG deal could be in the works with LA. However valid or legit this rumor is I cannot attest to, but I can say that those so called pipe speculations are a breath of fresh air with the recent discussions of trading the worlds best basketball player.

  • Papihitman

    KObe Sucks

  • LakerFAN

    It is common knowledge that there is no sure bet that Kobe will win a championship on another team, wherever he goes the Lakers will gut out the other party roster and Kobe will be left with a mediocre team. Kobe new team will have to rebuild and get players that compliment Kobes game, and that would take at least a season. Other NBA teams are going to try to upgrade their roster too. Kobe has to adjust to a new coachs style, and what if he doesnt like the coach, will he too try to get him fired? Which his new team will give into his new demands since aquiring him they are obliged to keep their superstar happy. Its a losing situation for Kobe, he is starting to get back the calmness he once had before the rape case and after. It seems to me Kobe loves the drama, it probably excites him. But is given any kind of negative drama takes a toll on any individual mental psyche and health. kobe will be 29 this year, he surely has to have reach maturity and understands that the Lakers is the best team for him, his family doesnt have to move, his family is happy to be in L.A. he needs to work with management to see if theres anything he could do to better the team instead of acting unprofessional. Kobe makes nearly 17-18 mill a year, which most of us can only dream of, he is priveledge to be in that position. Even we didnt get out of the first round, the team played hard and we werent good enough, but as leader which Kobe say he is a general, why are you going to quit and abandon your troops instead of instilling confidence in them to succeed. Kobe has to realize that there are Kobe Fans and MJ fans, he needs to stop trying to make it his mission that he will be the best player the games has ever seen because there will always be fans of different type of players in every ERA I think it is a Huge accomplishment to be named or talked about in the same breath of the greats. Please Kobe live one day at a time and try to make it a masterpiece.

  • Kobe Hater

    He sure does suck…if he didnt mess the Lakers up by getting Shaq to leave, he sure does suck for messing up the Lakers now. Leave and go get injured somewhere else.

  • LD2k

    Yes, we know. Kobe “sucks.”

    That’s why EVER SINGLE GM is trying to make packages – per GM’s up in Orlando…

  • *lakerfan15*

    I say we trade his sorry ass th the bulls for Kirk hinrich,Ben gordon and, Loul deng and there 1st round draft pick for kobe and there second round pick and aaron mckie.
    2008 Nba champions!!!
    Andrew bynum
    lamar odom
    Ben gordon
    loul deng
    Kirk hinrich
    Then we can have alot of young players and thats a champions ship team!!!

  • *lakerfan15*

    [quote comment=”1776″]I say we trade his sorry ass th the bulls for

    Kirk hinrich,Ben gordon and, Loul deng and there 1st round draft pick for kobe and there second round pick and aaron mckie.
    2008 Nba champions!!!
    Andrew bynum
    lamar odom
    Ben gordon
    loul deng
    Kirk hinrich
    Then we can have alot of young players and thats a champions ship team!!!

    Im sick of him demanding a trade and he is a ball hog!!!!Trade him!!!

  • billlybooy

    hinrich is untouchable. i would say wallace gordon thabo shit fo bryant & evans.


    remember me

  • ben_The Lakers Fan

    “Then we can have alot of young players and thats a champions ship team!!! ???

    San Antonio just won their 4th Championship, they are also the oldest team in the NBA.

  • Marcolopolis

    haha I love how all these Kobe haters are dropping comments, get over it, if he leaves he leaves, its bussiness, and Kobe is in the bussiness of winning. It is sad that mostly all of you are influenced by the media, one way or another

  • lakerfan81

    The lakers can not and will not trade Kobe unless it comes down to either sideline him or trade him, and I hope that it never gets that far. But if it does come down to that you can not blame Dr. Buss. No other team in the NBA has had the success that the Lakers have had since he took over the team. There have only been two seasons when the lakers have not made the playoffs, 12 finals and 8 championships thats pretty damn impressive. He has shown that he is willing to do what it takes to make a contender. I know hes getting old and hes trying to pass the team unto his son Jim. Jim is trying to make the decisions instead of letting the people who know basketball make them But I’m sure his dad will talk to him and eventually he will do the same thing that Jerry buss did and allow basketball decisions to be made by basketball personel

    Even if it comes down to having to trade Kobe the lakers will get back to be contenders once again they did after Magic had to retire and Kareem and Worthy retired and they will once again.

    And if Kobe went to Chicago they would have could actually beat the spurs. I’m not so sure. They would probably win in the east but I still don’t think they could beat the spurs or the suns.

  • ct

    some basic omission on your take on how the lakers as an organization had been very succesful under the buss leadership. the main difference then and now is that the current lakers management are clueless, i credit lakers prior success more to jerry west than dr buss.

    if you need proof of how low lakers management had come (not even going to who they signed), just look at how a icon like jerry west was sent out, traded shaquile and now would have to trade kobe. by the way you are also going to lose phil (remember he was called out by jim earlier) so no jerry, no shaq, no kobe and no phil, i am so impressed with the lakers organization, pretty dammed succesfull you say.

    so lakerfan81, i hope you dont really believe what you are saying as i think you are really smart.

  • lakersforlife77

    You know, yesterday I kinda flip flopped with my opinion and now I think I’m going back. This is just such an emotional issue that my opinion on this changes so rapidly. But now I realize there is just no way we can trade him. Even if we can’t make a run, even if he is going to just opt out in 2009, there is NO way we can trade him. This franchise would no longer have any credibility. And I don’t even care about championships anymore, all I care about now is making sure Kobe is in a Laker uniform for the rest of his life. I just got so mad yesterday I let my emotions get the best of me. But like I said a few days ago, I will support Kobe until the day he leaves the Lakers, and I will defend him to the death in front of all my friends who call bullshit on him(faggy nash fans).

  • Another_LAL_Fan

    The thing is that Kobe will veto any trade that include the top two players from the other team!
    Kobe may realy want go to the Bulls, but he’ll not go there if, for example, Gordon, Deng and Big-Ben are leaving! Kobe, Hinrich and who else?
    Remember what he already says: “the ONE THING I will never sacrifice when it comes to basketball is WINNING.”
    He’ll not go to a team where he didn’t have clear chances on winning the NBA!
    Someone up there sayd, “Kirk hinrich, Ben gordon, Loul deng and there 1st round draft pick for Kobe”… do you realy think he’ll go there to play with Big-Ben and Nocione? No way… I realy doubt Kobe loves the Bulls that way to do this.

    He’ll not leave because of that! I can’t see LA making a deal where the Lakers and Bryant gets happy!

  • lakerfan81

    I know the lakers have made mistakes recently and that as an ofront office they have lost a lot of their credibility. I know alot of their past succes is do to jerry west. However, this is still the lakers and they have always been successful. LA is a lucrative organization and stars always want to play here. I could be wrong as small market teams are becoming more successful than ever. But it would be hard to see the Lakers as an organization rebuilding they have never done it in the past. It may take a few years but I do believe that they would eventually get back to being one of the best teams simply because that benifits the NBA as much as it does the lakers.

  • lakersforlife77

    It was really the media that blew this thing WAY out of proportion and they now made this 10 times worse than it already was………fuckin ESPN, sometimes they really piss me off, especially Skip Bayless, God I hate Skip Bayless more than I hate the Suns.

  • lakerfan81

    Another-LAL-fan is exactly right. There is no trade that can be made that will make both the lakers and Kobe Happy. In order for the bulls to trade for kobe they would have to trade Gordan Deng and the #9 pick at the very least. I also think that they would oprobably have to include Thommas as well for the lakers to go for. Then where would chicago be? Nowhere. If I were the GM on chicago I wouldn’t make that trade. I don’t think they would be much better than the cavs, and the cavs making the finals was a fluke the pistons are a much better team they just kind of collapsed and beat themselves. In order to win the championship next year a team has to get better than the suns (assuming they do not trade marion) and the spurs.

    Unless it comes down to where he will not play for the lakers even if he is not traded (like iverson) then he wont be traded. All of this is just the media making huge stories out of rumors because thats what the media does. So the lakers will make some trades to appease Kobe and try to make the team better next year. But even if they do it will be hard for the lakers to make the finals because the west is so good. The spurs will struggle and their the best team right now.

  • lakersforlife77

    ……..yeah and based on many articles I’ve read Chicago would end up keeping deng no matter what. There is no way I would take any deal from Chicago that didn’t involve deng.

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