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By David Brickley – Los Angeles

Well guess who’s back.

After going 17-1, after the break, the Lakers have lost 3 straight to the Nuggets, Jazz, and most recently to the Golden State Warriors.

The last time the Lakers lost three straight, it was against Orlando, Charlotte, and Cleveland right before the break. The Cavs loss was considered when the Lakers were at their lowest.

The Cavs were a team that the Lakers beat by 55 points just a month before their 99-104 loss in Cleveland.

They were playing their worst basketball of the season. “It’s a painful, painful loss,” said Pau Gasol, after the February 16th loss to Cleveland, “It’s very disappointing. I don’t understand it.”

Then the proverbially “switch” was flipped. The Lakers would win eight in a row right out of the break, lose a close game against the Heat in Miami, and then rattle off another nine wins.

The Lakers looked unbeatable, and did the unthinkable. They came within striking distance of the #1 seeded Spurs in the West, after San Antonio dropped six in a row.

Their focus was sharp, their passion was at an all time high, and they saw the light at the end of the tunnel.

Then they drop three in a row.

Lethargic, unmotivated, sluggish, whatever word needed to describe the team that has dropped their last three. They’re not a very fun group to watch.

Its not as if the teams the Lakers have lost to have executed their offense to perfection, or played lock down defense.

The Nuggets, Jazz, and Warriors simply played harder, and possessed a stronger will to win.

The Lakers have now lost out on the chance to get home-court advantage in the West, so no more questions on if the they will catch the Spurs.

I’m just happy you guys ain’t going to be buggin us about that … any more,” said Bryant, to the LA Times.

With four games left to play, the Lakers would like to finish the season off strong. However, don’t be surprised if they don’t. Last season, they finished the season losing four of their last six, and then went on to win a 2nd straight championship.

ABC analyst Mark Jackson said something interesting on the telecast against the Warriors. Jackson said that he has never seen anything like it, the ability to play so bad, and then flip the switch to play championship caliber basketball.

The Lakers weren’t too excited during the dog days of the season, then they got motivated after the break, now maybe their so close to the season being over that they have quit before passing the finish line.

It’s been a roller coaster of a season. At times this team has just gone through the motions, while at other times they have looked extremely motivated.

Its unknown if the Lakers will choose to flip the switch, and come out of complacency land to finish the regular season off strong.

If last season taught us anything, it doesn’t really matter.

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  • daboss1848

    “They’re not a very fun group to watch.” – understatement of the year.

    • LakerMarc

      You know its only during the low times like this that I get pissed at useless players like Luke who just sits there on the bench and serves as a conversation piece/ vehicle…..why dont they just put a fucking coffee table and some books in front of the bench!!!!

    • More Cookies 4 Kob

      Lakers ran a pulmonary Playoff run of 15 games when we went on our winning streak(S) after the All Star Break which ended 15-1 (before losing to Den). We’re battle tested – now we just cruise into the post season avoiding extra fatigue and/or injury. As long as we secure the over all 3 seed, we should have no problems going into the Playoffs.

      “And boom goes the dynamite!” The panic button has been pushed again by Laker fans who have a shtick for high emotions and memory loss. Last year we dropped numerous games heading into the post season, and how did things end up for the Lakeshow?

      • LakerMarc

        preliminary..pulmonary means ‘lungs’ and there is no such thing as coasting and its stupid to even think abt using that word right now…you’ll be so fucking shocked and stunned if things don’t go as expected ………coaster boy!!!
        **seriously i meant no disrespect either**

  • LakerMarc

    No need to introduce them they’ve already met….

  • Barracuda

    Pau Gasol MRI revealed he had a bone spur in his right knee…Ouch!

    Of course the #1 need as a team is staying Healthy…
    (it would also be nice if they would stay ahead of Dal, Okc, Heat and Celtics).

    As for the Spurs & Bulls…Lakers have proven they can be a good road team and could steal HCA (by winning a game on the road.)

    If all are Healthy.. I still believe that this team cannot be beat in a 7 game series.

    Laker’s, the most interesting (bi-polar?) Team in the world…stay thirsty my friends!

    • 242LakerFan

      “Pau Gasol MRI revealed he had a bone spur in his right knee…Ouch!”
      Yeah, and he’s playing through it. What a soft-ass bitch.
      [Exit sarcasm mode]

  • Mamba4Life

    look at it this way. getting spanked before playoffs will show them what they need to do to decrease the weaknesses they have. we didn’t have a good record last year too eventhough we finished 1st (and that was thanks to Kobe’s 7 game winners) but they stepped their game up when it really mattered. this year, after ASG, we saw what this team is capable of. we saw what bynum is capable of. Therefore, I don’t give much credit to these 3 recent losses. none of the series will go to game 7 this year for us. I can guarantee that. this team is still hungriest team in the league. spurs or bulls having advantadge? so be it. we have enough weapons to turn things around.

  • Stephen

    Everyone needs to relax. Let the haters hate. It’s gonna feel that much better a little over two months from now. I’ve said this, oh probably a billion times this season, the Lakers are trying to 3-PEAT. THAT IS NOT EASY TO DO. Talent isn’t everything people. If you’re the Lakers, teams are gunning for you. If you’re the two-time defending world champion Lakers, that is multiplied by 2. I don’t get what people don’t understand about this.

    • LakerMarc

      its the same shit as the Lakers not getting it to play inside out, play defense, Kobe quit shooting up crap!!! We’re blind, deaf, and idiots and don’t listen….

  • Mr. Anonymous

    What, exactly, was the point of this article?

  • Luke Sucks

    At least in the picture Luke is where he belongs. He needs to keep his ass on the bench and defend the water cooler. I wish Laker management would get this clown off the team.