Lakers reduce offer for Odom and now he has a meeting with Riley and Wade. Not looking too good for us Laker fans.Do you still have faith that Odom will resign with Purple and Gold? Sound-off…

CBS2: Lamar Odom is scheduled to meet with Miami Heat President Pat Riley and Dwyane Wade on Monday about signing a contract with the Heat.

Talks have resumed with Odom and the Lakers, but they remain pessimistic that Odom will return.

  • LakersFirst

    Lakers are ok with or without him. It sound like LO didn’t want to return in the first place.

  • Eidraq

    perhaps they are signing when they meet

  • JFK-analysis-at-TLN

    well i think LO is gone…
    he knows what the heat can give him
    and the lakers lowered there offer and did NOT improve the years
    the is leaving and we can’t blame him….can we really blame a man for making his money while he can…
    he might have money already in the end..LA could always trade him to a crappy team if he is not playing well-at least he would have his money right???

    dammm this sucks.i want him to stay for less money..but i can’t be mad at the guy…Dr. Buss needs to get his ego in check…Business is not personal right?- unless u r US- THE FANS

  • jeremy

    good…get that idiot out of our city so we can move on and enjoy our summer. Miami will feel the same frustration we have the past few years when Odumb decides he wants to play half-ass. How stupid can you be to leave a championship team just to show someone up. It will all be fun and happy when the season opens and thn after a while they will realize that they cannot compete w/ the real teams in the east, as much as I hate all of them. Odumb will be left looking like the dummy once Wade leaves and hes stuck in the south beach version of the Clippers, then again hell probably like that since no one will expect him to win.

  • Mitch4Pres


  • gugy

    Lamar is going to decide between money or rings. Whatever he decides will be something he will have to live with it.
    Lakers made a great offer and they did everything they could, but if Lamar and his agent are acting like greedy bastards, then what the Lakers can do.

    We will be just fine with or without him. Time to focus on our team and bring more talent to help improve our roster.

  • jeremy

    L.A. TIMES is syaing Lakers are still 8-5 faves to win it all again…even w/o Odom. Quote-

    “We didn’t change anything when they got Artest, and if they lose Odom it’ll just be a wash,” said Jay Kornegay, executive director of the Las Vegas Hilton’s Race and Sports book, which has the Lakers as the 2-1 favorite over the 3-1 Cavaliers and 5-1 Celtics. “Odom’s a component, but he’s not a star. As that team has already shown, if they lose someone, they’ll find someone else.”

    Now thats what Im talking about…Wheres the odds for the HEAT Odumb?

  • avcpl

    I just don’t understand lowering the offer–it almost forces him to leave to save face.

  • earl

    well i think LO is gone…
    he knows what the heat can give him
    and the lakers lowered there offer and did NOT improve the years
    the is leaving and we can’t blame him….can we really blame a man for making his money while he can…
    he might have money already in the end..LA could always trade him to a crappy team if he is not playing well-at least he would have his money right???

    dammm this sucks.i want him to stay for less money..but i can’t be mad at the guy…Dr. Buss needs to get his ego in check…Business is not personal right?- unless u r US- THE FANS

    I don’t know what planet you have been on the last 2 months Dr. Buss offered Lamar 4 years $36 million with a last year team option and a guaranteed 3 years for $30 million and Lamar and his agent didn’t even call Dr. Buss back so you really defending Lamar tells me 2 things 1. you either didn’t pay attention to the situation or 2. you’re an idiot if Lamar wanted more years or more money calling people back when they give you a much more then fair offer is at least courteous now having said all that I still think he re-signs with the Lakers

    P.S. Promega is the biggest piece of sh*t celtics fan ever fu*k Promega piece of sh*t

  • Please Leave LA Lamar

    Yes God is answering my prayers. No Lo and next trade Luke and Sasha… Amen!!!!!

  • xXxLF101xXx

    its over fans
    this is the contract signing LOL..
    good luck LO7
    ohh by the way what number r u gettin???
    i think you should get 0 becuz you have zero brain cell!

  • lucid

    If we lose Odom we go from being the favorites to being a contender. Those of you that don’t see that are just blind. We need him whether you want to believe it or not. If some of you don’t understand that then you really don’t understand or appreciate just how much of a weapon he can be. Forget the inconsistency, He is not even our first, second or third option. Nobody in the league can boast someone of Odom’s caliber off the bench except maybe the Spurs. Not only is he vital as “Bynum insurance” but we very well might not even be 2009 champs without him. Show a little loyalty. He is one of us. I want him back!!!

  • Thomas

    Lamar is a really good player, but he’s pushing it and pissing off the wrong people. He needs to stay in LA if he wants another ring, or oppurtunity to compete for one…does anyone honestly think that the Heat will be able to contend for the title next year. Stay in LA, take a minor pay cut and get a second ring. Leave and never win another the rest of your career. I know what most of the players in the L would choose…if LO leaves he’s an idiot!

  • kb24bestever

    we need him back because what if bynum gets injured again

  • Lamar-biatch

    I knew all that candy and pot would eventually rot Lamar’s brain. What a fu-cking idiot. Yes, go to Miami, sure beaches and bit-ches are nice there, but that’s about it. No more rings for you retarded!

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #81437 Will Be Quoted Here]

    “show a little loyalty”???? Shouldn’t this statement be directed to LO?

    LO’s disrespects the Laker organization by ignoring their offer (not even making a comment on it) and begins talking to other suitors – that’s not called loyalty.

    As I said before, the Lakers were here winning championships before LO and will be winning championships after LO.

  • lucid

    Lakersfirst. Don’t expect loyalty if you can’t give it. You can’t expect Odom to take less money and not do what his agent advises him to do because a few fans expect him to be “loyal”. People have been campaigning for him to be traded for years and then when he came up big in the playoffs suddenly people are saying how much we love and need him. Then when he (Odom and his agent) doesn’t respond right away to what is offered then many of us jump all over him. It just makes me sick how fickle and spoiled we as Lakers fans tend to act. That being said, you are right, this is his best chance to win it all again. I think he knows that. That’s why he hasn’t left already. He said that he wanted to stay in LA and i believe him. I think initially he was trying to leverage for money from LA using Miami but when that backfired now the egos are getting in the way. We all love the Lakers and I think that we tend to get a little emotionally worked up when we perceive someone to have “betrayed us”.

  • Lamar-biatch

    I laugh at all these people that say Lamar is key for us being a champion. Yes he is a good player AT TIMES, but the truth we have Kobe, Gasol, Fisher, Artest and Bynum. So we are just fine with those guys and championship favorites.
    Bynum will have a great year. For the doubters, what are the odds he will get injury again for the third time in a row? come on. He will be just fine.

    Have some faith. While I would like to se Lamar play again for us, the truth is Dr. Buss did what he is supposed to do giving him a good offer. There is absolutely nothing else the Lakers can do now. It’s up for the candy man to decide if he wants $ or ooo (rings).

  • lucid

    Good point Lamar-biatch. He is a good player at times and coming off the bench in a limited capacity he has proved vital for us. As a second option just a few years ago he was so frustrating because we expected him to be our very own Pippen. His inconsistent play was maddening!! But now off the bench he has been great for us. We don’t need him to be that special player that we all thought he should be. I still want him back. I think everyone can agree that we are a much better team with him here than not. I think this year will be Bynum’s year if he can stay healthy. I just want Lamar there too. Call me greedy. I hope Bynum doesn’t get hurt but IF he does, we will wish we had Odom backing him up.

  • franco

    If this is true and LO signs w/ the heat then it shows how much the lakers don’t need a guy who is willing to waste his talent lounging on south beach instead of winning 2 or 3 championship with a RESPECTED organization and doing something productive in his life where he can look back and be proud of his NBA career. LO ur lame if u sign w/ miami

  • spongebob

    [Comment ID #81446 Will Be Quoted Here]
    i think i know the answer to bynum’s injuries, i hate saying this but andrew could lose some weight, i think he would be better off weighing 275, he will still have 10 pounds on dwight howard but oden will have a weight advantage over him

  • jeremy

    Ur rite Franco…hes obviously a 1 and done type of guy….and now he can get his way and him and d-wade can be BFF’s

  • Vee

    MAKE THEM STOP!!! MAKE THEM STOP!! don’t let them near my baby!!!! LAMAR NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • EVan T

    [Comment ID #81446 Will Be Quoted Here]

    totally agree . This season Farmar improves, Brown improves, Sasha Rebounds(he can’t have much worse of a season) .
    The Lakers ceiling is in another galaxy still. Miami is maybe where the Lakers were after they drafted Bynum(now they have Beasley and Chalmers as sophmores) . The Heat only offer LO a starting job that’s it. It’s not like LO is leaving to play with an all world talent he has KOBE, THE BIG SPANIARD, and now RON RON. Get a deal done ASAP this shouldn’t have gone on this long especially after David Lee packed Trevor’s bags. David Lee ruined the career of the hometown Trevor but if Jeff Schwartz didn’t see what else is out there on the open market is poor and mediocre at best in a tough economic climate , Schwartz just like David Lee should have not future NBA clients ! LO NEEDS LA AND LA NEEDS LO

  • EVan T

    Every explanation to go Miami has a counter explanation to stay in LA ! Erik Spoelstra over Phil Jackson ? Nothing Makes sense about going back to the team that dealt you for the aging Diesel.

  • Michael_23

    If Bynum keeps getting into foul trouble, then we need LO. Josh Powell has been pretty solid as backup but he’s no LO. Lo brings character which a lot of players dont have.

  • Mike

    It’s funny how Riles and Wade are reaching out to Lamar, despite the fact that it was them who shipped Lamar out of Miami to get Shaq in ’04. Lamar actually LIKED Miami, and was both sad and shocked that he was leaving. I wonder if that’s playing on Lamar’s decision or not?

  • Mike

    BTW, I think this meeting means Lamar is gone. Because while Riles and Wade are recruiting him tonight in LA, where are Kobe, Ron, Phil, and Pau?? Outta town, doing their own thing…

    Ariza was taken by their GM visiting him in Vegas, Sheed was taken when the Big 3 of Beantown came out to Detroit and recruited him in person…see a trend?

  • go heat

    yeah thats what im talking about lo in miami!!!all you idiots who think miamis not going to be contenders think again now the heat are going to pursue calos boozer.GO HEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lucid

    Spongebob I think your right about Bynum’s weight. That could be the key. EVan T, let hope Lamar comes to his senses. He will regret leaving if he does. If he does, it will be for the starting job and long term security. I hope he realizes that Wade’s future there is not yet guaranteed until he signs on the dotted line. If he went to Miami and Wade left then he would just be another talented player that left a sure thing for all the wrong reasons only to fade into obscurity on a team that will likely be re-building until he either retires or gets traded to a lottery team for cap relief. All the while, watching his old teammates and friends in the midst of another glorious dynasty from the comfort of his couch with gummy worms in hand. Years in the future when he re-tells his glory days to his grandchildren, with a tear in his eye, he will tell them how he once was a world champion Los Angeles Laker. Let us hope it never comes to that. He needs the foresight and wisdom to know when he has a good thing and that for once in his career he is an important part of something truly special.

  • Lakers4u

    To all the people who think that the lakers dont need lamar:

    You cannot be hung on bynum kobe gasol artest. Those are our STARTERS. Who will come off the bench when one of the bigs need a rest? JOSH POWELL!!!! If you look at every contending team in the NBA…their bench AT LEAST has one designated hitter that comes in and basically keeps the bench steady. Celtics now have big baby (if they re-sign him), and sheed. Cavs have zydrunas if he comes off the bench, and delonte if anthony parker takes his starting job. SPurs have always had ginobili and their bench is more stacked with vets like theo ratliff and MCDYESS!!! Orlando’s bench is STACKED now too. What do the lakers have?

    farmar…sasha…brown…powell…luke. Luke and brown bring SOME consistency but not enough to be a solid 6th man. We need a better bench…odom is the perfect fit for that. Plus, bynum will have success only against approx half the teams, not the faster teams. LO was the reason lakers beat cavs both times (im sure you remember his 3rd quarter in cleveland). His inconsistency does not matter as much since he is coming off the bench and does not have the pressure of a he always does the essentials such as rebounding and making plays when needed.

  • lucid

    go heat. I hope you are kidding. If not then you are Carl Childers sling blade retarded. Either that or you’re 9 years old. Go back to trying to bite your own ear.

  • Lakers4u

    Also…people should not be hating on buss too much. He just does not want to shell out 100 million this season (after luxury taxes). Think about it…100 mil! thats ridiculous. I am trying to find top nba team payrolls in nba history but i cant find a link. 100 mil seems to be up there. Not to mention…lakers need to offer kobe a contract renewal. Lakers are going to have crazy high payroll if they commit to odom for too many years and too much money a year.

  • Robert

    Pat and Dwayne are playing the tag team hustle, to get LO to come to Miami. After a nice dinner, and some after dinner mints (maybe 200 of them) and a good smoke (or toke), they’re going to try to get LO to come to Miami on emotional principles.

    “Hey Lamar, you don’t need the Lakers – come play with me instead of Kobe – you can be in the starting lineup! Won’t that be fun! You can do that for 5 years. And, don’t forget the parties in South Beach woo woo! Sign your A$$ on the dotted line. Let’s get this going”

    “I’ll even introduce you to my tailor, and you can get some bomb a$$ suits for the night life. Oh, and you can borrow my hair goop when you’re in the locker room. Not that you need it … but, doncha wanna be slick like me?”

    “I don’t know man. Pass the dutchie. Hay, sounds good. Ok, whatever”

    Sorry to break in. Hey LO, I really want you to stay with the Lakers. C’mon, we grew up in the hood together. For old times sake, man. We can beat King & the Duck in pickup games, make some extra cash on Venice Beach.

    “I don’t know Ron. Pass the dutchie. Hay, sounds good. Ok, whatever”

  • Dump Vujabitch, Fluke, and Farmass

    If Odumb really cared about Rings, then he would’ve signed with the Lakers already. Go snort your candy in Miami where you’ll never win another championship douchbag!

  • vbean

    LO brings alot to the Lakers on the court off the court and in the locker room. Drew is not ready to man up and do anything and the time period of waiting for him to grow is getting smaller. I was hoping he would come back and play with Artest without him I do not see the Lakers repeating at all. Kobe should be all over this and getting it done He can afford long distant phone calls.

  • go heat

    yo lucid i am 9 im following this via twitter because lamar puts the heat over the top

  • Robert

    Actually, if LO snubs the Lakers, that will give Kobe fuel to win another Championship or two (or three). Can Kobe win without LO? …

    … I think so!

  • kwame4mvp

    who gives a sh!t now… We got Artest. Bynum is going to be a beast too!

  • vbean

    How long are you willing to wait for Drew to grow into a beast seems like he is struggling to do so after how many years and when Drew doesn’t quite bring anything but fouls who has his back with no LO Kobe has been mad before about lack of back up on his team to help him and he could not do it all even though he tried

  • Robert

    Don’t forget that Artest was doing just fine by himself, without TMac and Yao in the playoffs. He was challenging the Lakers (leading the Rockets). I think he will fill 1/2 Ariza’s spot, and 1/2 LO’s spot.

    This is also his shot at NBA redemption. If he helps take us to the Championship, then it will be ‘huge’ for him, and the Lakers. Don’t you think he’s going to ratchet it up a notch in the upcoming year?

  • Mike

    Drew’s not that great. I don’t think he has the discipline or the competitiveness to be great. He’ll be getting punked by Dwight Howard for the rest of his career.

  • vbean

    And who do you propose will play the other half of LO and Ariza? If I was watching the same Laker games when it came down to the closing part both of them were on the floor. So are the Lakers going to play one man in two spots? When is the last time Powell or Drew closed a game?

  • go heat

    nice team u guys have,paul gasoft as tissue paper,andrew ow my knee bynum,ron im a nut job guys lost trevor ariza and now lamars playing for us u just went from heros to zeros how you like billy bob now byotch.

  • TonyF

    If Buss’s offer is inferior to Miami’s this might mean something, If not than this is more bs and possible posture. If lO leaves he deserves what he gets. Sick of him, head case. Adios fool

  • vbean

    Go Heat is making sense even though I do not like it

  • vbean

    Wow Tony what did LO ever do to you or do you always take things so seriously

  • Victor

    Wtf ‘go heat’!? You think can talk trash now!? Keep on dreamin you fagg0ts! You will torch yourselves again this season. You cant even get past the hawks. Damn D.Wade and Riley u can suck on odom’s diabetic c0ck.

  • go heat

    thanks vbean i was just trying to make a point to guys are defending champs.2.i think the lakers are awesome.3.lamars under apprecited by jerry buss and some fans and media think like tonyf

  • go heat

    victor im not 9 im 11 years old i think your last blog is illeagal to make that reference to a miner. ill be sure to notify the proper orthorites.

  • pj

    first its not lamar who has a problem, its Dr. Buss. he is too proud and an idiot for decreasing the offer. we need lamar and thats it. you cant blame lamar for talking to other teams who offer him better money but lamar still wants to be a laker. Buss is an idiot if he lets go of lamar, he is the best sixt man. without him lakers will lose depth, we need him now that teems are beefing up their roster. we know that adding lamar increases the luxury tax by roughly 13M, without him lakers still have a luxury tax of roughly 7-8M, but adding him makes lakers another shot with the title, without him lakers chances decreases. wouldnt be better of spending 13M with a championship than spending 8M without a championship?

  • Rinnegato

    If LO doesn’t want the LA lifestyle, celebs/artists/models/movie stars, championships, weather, media exposure – (which would help his marketing brand/side projects)… then I guess good luck not winning any championships in Miami LO.

  • lakersfan in florida

    What is up with this mocoso (that means jit in your lingo go heat)heat fan in hear. Listen youngster you have obviously not analyzed much basketball in your short meaningless life. This website is for real fans with real knowledge of the game. We just dont root for our team when there good. Miami fans and florida sports fans in general are nothing but bangwagoners.

    Even if LO doesnt come back we still have an oppurtunity to go back to back. Ill admit its going to be alot tougher , but I feel that alot of dudes will step there game up. We still got the best player in the game (yes better than d wade its not even close)


    I personally can care less about what the heat will do this upcoming season. But dont come in hear talking trash an crown yourself 10 champs. Cause you can take this to the bank the heat will not beat the celtics , cavs or magic. KG will eat LO for lunch.

    Just dont be surprised when LO shows up every 2 or 3 games.

    Im done with this mocoso time for your bedtime .



  • lakerfan13

    we will be better off than what people think

  • Banzai

    Goodbye Lamar Scrotum.

  • go heat

    oh by the way dwades the best player in the world via m.v.p in the ramesy

  • JFK-analysis-at-TLN

    [Comment ID #81434 Will Be Quoted Here]

    earl please understand something before you go calling ppl IDIOTS..
    LO is more concerned about YRSon his contract than anything else….4 yrs 9 mil with a team option means that after four years the lakers can decide not to let him return…if they did that…he would have 27mil and then most teams would only pay him the vets min..2mil….

    the guy is asking for a guaranteed contract..that way, no mattere if he get traded or not, he makes 36-which miami is offering over 5yrs…

    ok math time
    Miami- 36mil
    LA-27 (if we dceide to let him go after 3yrs.)
    and where ever he signs he would get vets min of 2mil…so 27+2+2+2+2= 36mil…

    so my idiot friend earl…he would have to play 4more yrs to get to the money miami is offering…

    now if LA gives he a guaranteed contract, he makes 36 over 4yrs…..

    and i think LO is better off in LA..and i also think earl should keep his opinion to himself….
    Earl- i pay attention =) idk about u tho

  • lakersfan in florida



  • Stephen

    Wow I actually thought heat fans were respectable. I guess not, don’t worry about these fags who just wish their team will someday be at our level which will never happen.

  • Lakers4u

    JFK, you are calculating a worst-case scenario for odom. I feel that after 3 years, odom will still be able to get MLE instead of the vet minimum. He has too much skill and size for his value to be vet min at 33 years of age.

  • lakersfan in florida

    I wonder if LO is so concerned with getting another deal in three years why didnt he just take out three year deal.. He would be unristriced and would still get a good deal after winning another two or three rings.

    I think LO has had to much of the medical kush.

    Trust me I know I live in Florida. Magic fans and heat fans dont know ish about the game they only follow them when there good. I live out here near orlando.

    Theres was nothing sweeter than seeing magic fans cry after we destroyed them

    lakers nation were real talk happens.

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #81443 Will Be Quoted Here]

    As I recall, the Laker organization has done NOTHING but been loyal to Lamar. He was the key component in the Shaq deal. When he played inconsistently, he was the mention of multiple trade rumors and the LAKERS stuck by him and DID NOT TRADE HIM, when many thought they should have. They showed loyalty by offering him a $10M per year deal when they already have a roster of $84M and were prepared to pay millions more of luxury taxes just to keep him. You don’t call that Loyalty????

    It makes me sick that there are Laker fans that think the Lakers revolve around specific players, when this is not the case. I have been saying it all along and I will continue to say it … The Lakers have been winning championships LONG before Lamar Odom, and YES, long before precious Kobe Bryant, and the Lakers will continue to win championships long after they are gone. The Lakers will be fine with or without Odom.

    It even makes me even more sick when supposed Laker fans don’t trust the Laker organization when they have won 9 championships under the ownership of Jerry Buss. It disgusts me when people doubt the Laker organization when they have proven, time and time again, that their goal is to win championships. Since the tenure of Jerry Buss as owner, the Lakers have been the most successful franchise since 1980, winning 9 titles since then. No other NBA team as won more.

    There needs to be more trust in the Laker organization, by all Laker fans. If LO really wanted to be here, he would’ve signed already.

  • go heat


  • Robert

    A poem for heat fans invading TLN site:

    The Miami Heat
    will never repeat
    we’ll always defeat
    can always be beat

    Your words you will eat
    the Heat will be beat
    when the Cavs they meet
    for us a real treat

    Shaq will tweet
    that ‘the Heat are meat’
    easily beat
    by the Lakers elite


    NEW POEM to Odom

    Odom Odom
    this deal you will Blow-dom
    if you don’t say No-dom
    to DWade and his Coach-dom

    It’s good if you Know-be
    that you should stay with Ko-be
    You can drink your So-be
    This is no Joke-be

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #81489 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Ain’t that the truth.

    I like how the Heat think that a bench player is going to put them over the top.

    Face it Miami Flamers, this is DWade’s last year in gay Miami Beach.

  • lakersfan in florida

    2009-??? heat are like the 2004-2006 lakers with LO as the second option before Pau.

  • Lamar Odumb

    can we sign & trade him for beasley?

  • Victor

    @go heat: i think your name is funny. I mean, ‘GO HEAT’??? Heat what?! Heat choked? You must be kidding me! L0L. It’ll take another 20years for miami to even go to the conference finals. Heat Shît. D-wade will be injured again and you will have the WORST record in NBA again. Yup, twice in 3years. You suck on that go heat shít.

  • Boo heat !!!!!!!

    Haaha forget lamar we got gaffney

  • dracul

    So 3 years at 10 million per year was no good.

    But apparently 5 years at 6 million is a better deal.

    If Lamar goes to Miami, what’s he gonna do after D-Wade opts out next year ? Ask for a trade to the Lakers?


  • gugy

    WOW, Heat fans here saying crap. That’s all funny. It seems no matter what team is on the Lakers radar all their fans come here to talk cr-ap. That’s fine with me. Jealously is normal when it come to the Lakers dynasty. Every team wants to be like us. The glamour and the stars.

    What can we do? Let them flame, it won’t last long anyway. lol

  • PurpsNGold

    Ehh.. Jerry Buss is being Jewish (Sorry to all Jewish people out there.. Just a saying).

    If LO leaves thats cool I mean after bball he doesn’t really have much to do to make money and thats the downside of being a professional athlete. I cant blame him if he leaves for the money.

    Jerry Buss needs to pay him, tho. Hes being a big Jew, dude whats to be a Laker, and Buss tries to tighten the choke hold. Dude [Buss]is ruthless.

  • Robert

    Maybe Buss is being obstinant, but maybe not. Maybe the Lakers management is actually smart, right? If they were desperate for LO, they would have figured a way to sign him. If not, could it be that they know the club, and their own players, more than anyone outside the organization (including us?). Could it be that they are making the right decision for the club in handling it the way they are?

    This is a professional, and ‘historical’ organization. They chose Kobe over Shaq, knowing what a commodity Kobe is, and that Shaq was a potential future liability. Didn’t it pay off? They know the values of players, and how things operate. They will already have a challenge in fitting Artest in the lineup (who I think will work out just fine). LO making these fluctuating waves, by itself, may have caused concern for the organization. I think the Lakers were making a fair deal, but LO’s team was playing the ‘deal’ game.

    The Lakers will make things work, with or without LO.

  • Drake Hunter

    Here’s the head scratcher in the Miami deal Odom is going to sign!

    Miami is going to give him a 5 year $34 million dollar contract but the kicker is they are going to give him the option to opt out in 3 years so that he can maybe get a more lucrative contract offer which is what he wants and will do with their contract.

    So now in essence, he’s going to sign a 3 year $20.4 million dollar contract with Miami and test the free agent market again in 3 years.

    The Lakers offered a guaranteed 3 year $30 million dollar contract!!!

    That’s $14.4 million more and even with Florida not charging state tax, the Lakers deal still comes out more! Whether he’s high or not, any idiot can do subtraction and know the difference.

    We gotta move on because Lamar already has! To keep us a strong team we just need to alter the lineup and bring Bynum off the bench or sign an atheltic PF like Hakim Warrick to play with Sasha, Joradan, and Luke and we should be ok. Our starting five is the best in the league. I can’t wait to hear the news of Lamar signing with the Heat tomorrow morning so that this nightmare can be over and everyone in the Lakernation can move one!

  • Laker4Life

    This little 9 year old kid thinks the Heat are contenders. All they are are pretenders. Think about Go Heat stop being so damn cocky or it will bit you in the ass. You think Lamar will make you a contender? Lamar is going to be in L.A. and you will be like we got Boozer, but he is headed to N.Y. Well if Odom signed with Miami, we would have already heard. Too bad.

  • Franchise98bn

    Fu-ck Lamar Odom!!! He doesn’t want to be part of the greatest Franchise in sports history. He doesn’t want to play next to the best player in the league.

    Wake Up Lamar! D-Wade ain’t Kobe. You can’t just show up every other game and play hard. Their gonna expect you to play hard every game. The last time I checked you sucked when you were the number 2 option on the Lakers. You are getting the money you deserve. Your a fu-cking 4th option on a great team. Just Face It.

    Get the Fu-ck out of LA! We don’t need you!!!! See you in obscurity!

  • edward

    heat steel lo bravo wade come to home i give you milk odom hahahaha

  • Sako

    [Comment ID #81480 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Well get your 11 year old ass out of here, don’t you have an episode Blue’s Clues to catch.

  • Laker4Life

    The first to words in loser are L.O.

  • lakeshowkobeshow

    If LO leaves, we’ll definitely miss the lefty. Players always say that it’s the business that can take them away from a situation. Can’t really blame Dr. Buss because the luxury tax is being paid by him most likely. I mean we already complain about paying about dinky taxes ourselves, but this is millions of dollars he has to deal with. Hopefully LO realizes that the Lakers are his best option to winning and being known. If he ends up, let’s say the Grizzlies, he becomes a nobody. No one to bring out his potential skills like Kobe and Pau does. In Miami, he becomes D-Wade’s little buddy, but not enough to win it all this year. If Miami endures a mediocre season, Miami will have LO locked up and Wade has the ability to maybe team with LBJ if he wants and win. So LO’s best chance to win and stay on a winning team is the Lakers.

  • the ape

    we certainly shouldn’t keep lamar at all costs. i think the lakers offer is fair. he’s a good player but not great. too inconsistent. the fact that he showed up during the playoffs doesn’t discount the fact that he would totally be gone in many games during the regular season and lord knows how often he’ll be gone in the years to come.

    i say if he wants to be with miami, then go there fast so the lakers can think of their next moves.

  • lucid

    Lakers first. You are right about the organization being loyal to Lamar. I was referring to the fans being loyal. It was never a question as to whether or not I believed that the Lakers organization was loyal or at least being fair. That being said, I am a true Lakers fan and will continue to be whether specific players still belong to the roster or not. I want Lamar back as added insurance against all the other organizations that have gotten stronger this year. I want him against the Spurs, the Cavs, the Magic and most of all Boston. I do have faith in the rest of our roster but I want him there anyway. Why not have the most weapons when going into battle?

  • lucid

    Go Heat. Shouldn’t you be watching the Jonas brothers right now or something? Even if you got both Odom and Boozer the Heat are only projected to have a 22-1 chance of winning a title. Not to great huh?

  • Victor

    Maybe Horatio Caine can help Miami. L0L. I feel kinda sorry for Wade.. sückin on L0’s c0ck just to bring him ‘home’.. n0t realizing the m0ve will n0t really make a difference at all.. I mean, the heat for sure cant even get past the 2nd round of the playoffs.

  • http://CelticsSuckTheLakers Buffalo Bob

    Jerry Buss and Mitch Kupchak have a plan. I would love to see L.O. remain a Laker, and cement his NBA name with the best organization in sport. I think the original Laker offer was fair (4 years 36M, 30M guaranteed), but considering Lamar had a 14.1 million/yr contract (originally from the Heat), and that he’d still be coming off the bench, he views his place in the league and on this team as one of star quality and star dollars. Jerry & Mitch know we need his skills against Denver, San Antonio, Orlando, Boston and Cleveland, but don’t forget—they have the ear of not only Phil Jackson and Kobe, but the best coaching staff in the NBA.

    There’s a reason why Vegas STILL has the Lakers 2-1 to repeat without L.O…..and Jerry, Mitch and Phil know better than anyone.

    Do you think Phil agreed to come back without knowing if Lamar would be coming back, or for that matter, what their plans would be towards free agents and how to round-out this roster?

    The Lakers will continue to roll, becasue they ALWAYS have a plan.

  • lakerman1

    Why is the Onus on Jerry’ why was the 1st generous offer not good enough. A lot of people on this site are full of SH!T. None of you would kiss a co workers a$$ to keep them around and you know it especially if they leave on their own accord and no one forced them out. In the end this is all on Lamar period.

  • jeremy

    Lamar is a total fool if he leaves. I personally feel he is getting way more credit than he desrves. Lakers can still make trades if they want and will only improve. Lamar, you blew your chance to win more rings and as days go by, more and more people are convinced you should leave. Lakers organization and Laker fans dont want a player that doesnt want to be part of a championship or someone that plays harder just because its his contract year. Have fun in South Beach watching the Lakers roll to the Finals while your at home eating skittles.

  • Sheds

    So what if Lamar really leaves?

    Will this be the end of the world? I don’t think so. We got a bench with solid players, and there might be a chance that Morrison steps up. He was doing very well in summer league so far and he just did not play alot of minutes last season. It seems that he might help us fill a void that Lamar will leave.
    Working him out in training camp and him getting to know the triangle better might be the only thing needed for him to restore his confidence that he seemed to have lost in Charlotte after his big injury. The guy is tall, can shoot the three and is a decent passer. I won’t be surprised if he gets to see alot more minutes next season.

  • xtro

    L.O. is at the crossroads. He could be part of the one of the greatest Laker team in recent years. I hope he listens to his heart and stays in Los Angeles.

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #81535 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Why have a weapon that does not want to be here? LO does not want to be a Laker! PERIOD! If he did, he would’ve taken their first offer, which was WAY more than I thought he was worth.

    Would I want LO on the Lakers, yea sure! BUT only if he wants to be here, which he clearly doesn’t. Yes his words during the regular season said he wanted to be here but actions speak louder than words. If LO doesn’t want to be here, then let him go back to Miami where he will never win a championship again.

    LO won his ONE ring. I guess ONE ring is good enough for him, as opposed to have 3 or 4, but you know LO has always been like that …. He’s always settled for mediocrity.

  • Al the Laker fan you should meet

    LakersFirst- I agree with you there are plenty of ppl out there who forget that we offered LO two healthy contracts and you can’t break your moralities. LO doesnt want to be here and I’m convinced of that he’s been living in LA for over 9yrs and this town supports him even when he makes Huge mistakes but we are not going to bend over backwards. This next championship won will be from a position of surprise becuz the league wont give us credit once LO is gone and LA will make a move somewhere to sure up the bench im confident in that….Hakim Warrick anybody?

  • dr. dre

    [Comment ID #81458 Will Be Quoted Here] the problem is too many contenders have players that weigh as much as drew already, boston with perkins and davis, cleveland with shaq


    What kind of ignorance convinces anyone to believe LO would or should stay in LA to play for actual less money! …This thinking is SO NOT in the realm of reality! …But SO MUCH in the realm of hilarious!