It seems like other teams know how big Derek is to a team and want to take him away from the Lakers.

UPDATE: Fisher reportedly turned down a one-year, $2.5 million contract offer from the Lakers today, and is in talks with the Cavaliers and Heat.


ESPN: The source said that several teams, including the Miami Heat and Cleveland Cavaliers, have expressed a strong interest in Fisher, believing “he’ll be the final piece to a championship.”

  • BE_A_LakerFan

    Smh.. please come back Fish! Please.

  • 242LakerFan

    Don’t let this happen Mitch. Pay the man. You’ve got Blake, Fish can now play less minutes with someone reliable backing him up. Give him whatever it takes., because come playoff time, he is the glue that holds this team together. I don’t care who else you sign or don’t sign after this, but we gotta have Fish! Please!

    • Wilt2

      Hey!…… You look like Billy Mays BUT WAIT! theres more call now and ill double the order!


        lol he looks more like a bitch

        • si pepe

          he is the man…

  • daboss1849

    Fish should be happy with that and take it. What other team really is going to give a 36 year old who can’t jump and is undersized more? Fish is a great clutch wide open spot up shooter, the rest of his game he is a liability. He only fits in with the lakers, twolves, jazz and bobcats offense. They all have better PG’s already. As far as the heat no way he goes there and runs the showtime offense. He is the slowest PG in the league, he is the shaq of PG’s. Take the money Fish and be happy you got it….

  • lakers0828

    I realy think this is just a rumor and a distraction I do think fisher is coming back how can you not bring Fisher back right the Man is a leader and helps Kobe out alot with out Fisher I think you have just lost one of your Leaders in that Locker room

  • LakersMike31

    Wow, the Lakers really know how to stick it to their own guys right after a title. I suppose they deserve the benefit of the doubt in that they know what they’re doing. But we saw Ariza get hardballed, then Odom, and now Fish. Hope he comes back. What would plan B be if he doesn’t? Blake and Sasha? Ouch.

  • royallakers

    Mitch, You have showed us alot of your amazing work year after year. This year no exceptional. I believe you will bring Fish back whatever it takes. No one able to replace Fish. If he gone, Lakers will loose team chemistry and team leader. Not to mention Fish n Kobe knowing each other for 14 years. These are the elements need to be a champion.

  • Xtro

    Adios fisher. Hola Shaun Livingston.

  • RonRonGq

    classic, fisher is doing the lamar odom trick hope he won’t be stupid by buss poker skills. He take less than what is offer now like odom

  • laker fan

    comeeee onnnn, this is just negotiating, give fish’s camp credit, fish will be picking up his ring on opening day with the rest of the lakers

  • keepon_keepinon18

    Gotta bring Fish back at all costs. His off-court leadership is indispensable for the Lakers.

  • kobe-wan kenobi

    nice move by the lakers
    pay 4mil for blake that never did anything in his career and that CANT DEFEND
    and offering less money to the pg who was crucial in the last 2 titles

    what the fuck is that?

    • dont get it

      Completely Agree…Pay Fisher wtf is going on in the front office….but i highly doubt fisher is going anywhere ….Fisher means way to much to kobe …so im not worried


    Come on guys, Fish is ok at best. Yes, he hits clutch shots when we are trading baskets but how many times, has he been blown by, missed layups and missed countless open shots? Fish should realize that he is a solid bench player but that’s it. Take what they are offering you and call it quits after contract runs out.
    He is the only guard in this league that cannot blow by any forward or center that switches and gets a one on one with. Instead of clearing the floor to take advantage of this, he passes it.

  • Louis053

    write it down:
    D-fish will leave for a better and longer contract, just a matter of filling up the expr and other things he brought to the organisation by signing players like Blake and Morrow.

    When Farmar will leave (much chance), I hope Lakers sign a rookie-guard. Or the guard from spain (Navarro) because they need “long-term thinking”. This is the good time because we already have Brown (will resign), Blake and Vujacic. Not?

  • Louis053

    I hope they Morrow sign (see previous post)

  • TheLAKERSwon09


  • Louis053

    I hope that they sign Morrow *

  • iPost

    Cmon, we all know this is BS, his signing with the Lakers is a sure thing, these are just rumors thrown out by people that have too much time on their hands.

  • jaydubb415

    First 4 the people who say ”pay the man or the lakers are sticking it 2 him”where do you think the laers are doing with their money hiding it from fisher?Fisher knows that this is a high priced team not 2 mention that walton n the machine contracts are drowning the lakers if we could pawn them off we would have a lttle more money 2 spend.But if fisher thins his chances 2 win is in cleveland n miami,he’s in ”extreme denial”n so are they if they fill like fisher ”is that missing link WTF?

    • dont get it

      Im just not happy with the fact we were so quik to offer Blake 4million like he is a proven playoff Vet..honestly i dont have much confidence in him i would trust sasha on the court in crunch time over Blake…hopefully we get Fish taken care of soon

  • jaydubb415

    Whats wrong with my ”Ks”today i left them out on ”lakers”n think’???

  • jaydubb415

    Thats why fisher is playing with ”fire”because if you look at it ”fisher”was 1 of the reasons we had problems with teams like ”houston n oklahoma city”westbrook n brooks was steadily running past fisher.I’ll give fisher his props n both ”championships games”he made a ”play”that helped us ”seal the deal”that that 3pointer against ”orlando”that 3pointer against boston.So i will giv fisher his ”props”but he was also 1 of are ”problems 2”??

    • dont get it

      yea but we need him back just for the Locker room presence and to keep Kobe and phil happy that alone to me is a good enough reason to bring him bac at all costs

  • 123kid

    this cant be all on mitch. im sure mitch would love to sign him, its just buss tryna play the poker game and not wanting to pay him.

  • trippleocho

    What kind of bullcrap is this? Offering Fisher a one year deal? Smarten up Mitch.

  • JB

    should have given fisher a deal before signing blake.

  • Louis053

    it’s all about money guys, when you’re a veteran like fish. i don’t think he can life with 2.5 mill a year.

    NBA = business 95% -

  • Robert

    Is there only a $2.5M because that is the Vet’s min? And the other option is $1.8M left from the MLE?
    Where would other money come from????? Why would Buss hold out on an extra $1M if he had it?
    It’s one thing or the other – either Buss has $ outside of MLE or Vet min, or he doesn’t, RIGHT? SOMEONE CLARIFY.

  • DCLakeshow

    IF… this is true, I hope that Fish is only using this as a negotiating ploy. Hey…I know business is business, and as the person spending the money, you have to look beyond this year and the next….BUT…how about a little respect. RESPECT for someone who’s been in every big game this organization has had (last 7 finals appearances). I mean…seriously. Even Kobe says…this guy is our anchor, he’s the floor general. Whether he was 26 or 36, this guy has showed up when we needed him to (IN THE PLAYOFFS). Please…find a way to sign this man. We all know, he doesn’t WANT to go anywhere, and wants to retire a Laker.

    And for those of you, who are saying that no other team is willing to pay him what he wants at his age…you’re wrong. Not only for his experience in the big games, not only for his leadership, but you’re also taking away something from the championship Laker squad…someone VERY VALUABLE. Remind me again, how well we did at point guard while he was with Utah?

  • rudy t.

    i believe fish is coming back.
    i like the steve blake signing, but face it, he’s not our “point guard of the future”. seriously. we’re turning out to be like the spurs and the celtics and this will make it much harder for us to repeat after we’ve won 3, 4, or 5 championships with this team.
    i believe steve blake’s signing is more of a stopgap than it is a signing for the long term. i mean, he’s 30 years old for crying out loud.
    we need to sign our future pg (shannon brown or javarice crittenton, or anyone else) and allow fish to mold him into a future, vital piece in our monster franchise.
    THIS is why we need fish back. the clutch shots and the spartan speeches are part of the package.
    we need fisher back. i know he’ll be back. this is home. i swear to god.
    after winning 5 championships here and trying out other franchises (utah, golden state) how can you NOT want to retire here?

  • lakerman34

    Fish will be back. Don’t worry.

    Stop worrying about our future, and worry about now. Anyways, i think our 2 rooks can be great players (Ebanks an Ariza type player, and DC a Millsap type player). Also, Andrew Bynum? And besides, when Kobe retires, MANY contracts expire, and we can pick up a Kevin Durant or John Wall by then for a max contract.

    Fish is just looking at his options, he’ll end up in purple and gold in the end. Sign him, the rooks, and TMac, and hold on for the quest for 6!

  • Laker s Army

    Fisher a 36 year old point gaurd . C mon who needs a over aged player. Hes great as a Laker but Clevland
    is willing to pay him ? I doubt it they have Mo and La brons Moms boyfriend Doumate West.
    Fisher was going to retire anyways.
    We could use him but we can get bye with out him.


    fish is one of the lakers six ring success! If they break apart fish,kobe and phil. I amf really afraid that 3 peat in in jeopardy. Yes fish is not a superstar but him, kobe and phil won 5 rings in LA. He is not tht dominant but you can call him a lucky charm. I hope the man will retire a laker together with shaq, I hate shaq but he deserve to retire a laker….

  • laura

    resign fish i don’t care if he is 36 or 46 he hits big clutch shots when needed!!1