Health has always been the priority!

ESPN: As the Lakers look down the barrel of five games over the final seven days of the regular season starting Thursday in Denver, Los Angeles co-captain Derek Fisher has a list of two things he would like to improve.

First, he’d like somebody to kiss the team’s collective boo-boos, from Andrew Bynum’s left Achilles tendon, to Kobe Bryant’s right index finger, to Lamar Odom’s left shoulder, to Shannon Brown’s right thumb

“Getting and staying healthy,” Fisher said. “No matter who you play, where you’re seeded or what the situation is, if you don’t have all your guys it makes things tougher. Being healthy and staying healthy will be the main key.”

Second, he would like the Lakers to play at a higher level for extended stretches in games instead of being so inconsistent.

“Re-establishing the ability to play longer, better [is important],” Fisher said. “We’ve really had very few times where we’ve played more than one half of good basketball and I say that in terms of total, 24 minutes, not like a whole half where we played great.”

Not since March 9 against Toronto, or a string of 13 games, has Los Angeles won more than two quarters in a ballgame.

“We’ve had a good or poor first quarter compared with a good or poor second quarter compared with a good or poor third quarter and on and on,” Fisher said. “Just totally inconsistent.”

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  • lostinla

    we need to be healthy, we need to play hard,we need to step-up the defense,yada,yada,yada,it would be nice JUST ONCE to hear something new and fresh….really derek,everyone needs to be at 100%?who would of figured that bombshell???………………………

  • showtimelakers2008

    yes health is a issue but so is heart and intensity