L.A. Times: Joe Johnson scored 28 points, including four free throws in the final 23 seconds, and the Atlanta Hawks beat Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers 98-95 on Wednesday night.

With Atlanta leading 95-93, Bryant was called for a turnover with 8 seconds left. Bryant, pressured by Johnson, lost control of the ball and was called for over-and-back when he regained possession past the midcourt line.

Bryant and the Lakers argued that Johnson hit the ball.

Josh Smith, who had 17 points, nine rebounds, nine assists and five blocks, hit one of two free throws with 7.1 seconds left to push the lead to three points. Sasha Vujacic answered with a layup for the Lakers with 3.7 seconds left.

The Lakers quickly fouled Johnson, who made two free throws to again push the lead to three. Derek Fisher missed a last-second 3-pointer for the Lakers.

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  • Phant0M

    Back @ back

    bad finish..

    but put it aside and focus on dem MAGIC KIDZZ.

  • lakerfan_24

    oh well kobe shouldve rested this game but we lost as a team. please no one in here blame this sh!t on sasha we lost as a team. al horford killed us tonight.20 rebounds?are you kidding me??? oh well on to the next game.look for 8 lakers to reach doulbe figures. kobe get better for the next game.

  • lakerz

    i want to stay positive.
    kobe was clearly hurt and thats why he played horribe.

    and i agree with lakerfan_24, dont blame this on sasha it was a team loss.

  • lakerfan_24

    thanks i agree with you as well lakerz lets capitalize on the next games(all of them)

  • LakersOnFire

    haha nice title.

  • drake hunter

    We can’t win everything. This loss keeps us humble which is good although we could have won. Boston thinks they are invincible this season and can’t lose and they act like they win the championship after every win. So much for acting like you’ve been there before!
    Win the rest of the trip and go 7-2. Thats pretty damn good I say!

    I noted this in a previous log today but after much thought, I’m starting to really think now that Lamar for Marion straight up will really work for us and is actually more possible now than in the offseason. Props to you Lamar for stepping up your game recently but I’m sure Pat Riley wouldn’t mind getting you back after the success he had with you in the past and now that the Shaq Era has come and gone bringing a championship to Miami, he can now go back to the rebuilding process with Lamar and Wade and he knows they both can play together and be successful with Lamar taking pressure off Wade with his ball handling skills and passing!

    Slotting Marion into his natural position of SF in the Lakers starting line-up will complete the rebuilding process of the Laker Dynasty team for the next 3 years and make lots of Laker fans really happy. I’m a Lamar fan but any opportunity to get a consistant great player and great defender in Marion is a move the club could and should make and if the Lakers initiated it, the Heat would definately be all for it. The reason I bring this up now is because it seems probable of this happening now than if Marion were still with the Suns. Lakers and Phoenix would never deal with each other. We can win the championship this year with this current squad but if this deal happen, I say pull thie trigger!

  • Rasarx

    Surely the back-to-back games didn’t help, neither did the missing pinky. But I wonder if the Shaq trade news took a little out of them, losing a step like they did.

  • http://frankthetank.files.wordpress.com/2007/06/kobe-bryant-bulls.jpg JoJo

    Wow a pinky? Your blaming the loss to the Hawks on his pinky? I’m telling you the Lakers are NOT a title team. The Hawks are good this season. Don’t believe the hype. You think Bynum will play at the same level he was before he got hurt? I love how everyone is over hyping the Lakers. If it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

  • sepehr

    Lamar for Marion would be a great trade but it won’t work due to the numbers. The lakers would have to add around $3.5M more in salaries, and that would mean Sasha or Farmar going the other way. The heat have alot of guards and wont do that trade, and we have no other players that they would really need or want. Our best bet is getting artest, a draft pick and a filler for Odom. Artest does not need to score and can focus on defensing and rebounding. The loss tonight was OK, it was back to back, hurt Kobe, and a depleted front court. Alot of our problems come from a lack of rebounding which should be OK once Odom, Bynum and Gasol are all on the floor.

  • foxxy


  • foxxy

    [Comment ID #25209 Will Be Quoted Here]

  • GotGasol.com

    Odom is playing decent and will only improve since he no longer is the 2nd option!!

    Team does not need any more changes all we need is bynum back and we are set!!

    Marion is good but is bytching cuz he is not the center of attention! thats why he has been wanting out of phoenix…not good for the triangle!


  • LakersFirst (Change) (Close)

    [Comment ID #25209 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Name me a better team that’s deeper than the Lakers. The Lakers have size, strength, speed, rebounding, outside shooting, shot blocking, ability to get to the free throw line. I don’t know any team in the NBA that has all this. The Lakers bench is 12 deep.

  • LakersFirst (Change) (Close)

    Didn’t anyone notice how many free throws the lakers missed this game. Weren’t they 10 for 16 (or something like that) – this won’t get it done on the road, especially in close games.

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #25209 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Name me a better team that’s deeper than the Lakers. The Lakers have size, strength, speed, rebounding, outside shooting, shot blocking, ability to get to the free throw line. I don’t know any team in the NBA that has all this. The Lakers team is 12 deep.

  • Banks

    I agree with Foxxy, JOJO you are tripping cuz we arent over hyping the lakers. IT SOUNDS JUST LIKE IT SOUNDS, the lakers are a championship team this year.
    The reason that we lost was cuz of the injury to kobe, and it is Pau Gasol’s second game with the lakers. You can tell that there were moments where he didnt know what to do with the triangle. Once Gasol becomes familiar with the offense, which he will soon since he is such a talented player, the flow of the offense will be much better.
    And what do you have against Bynum? Why don’t you just stop hating and just embrace the fact that the LAKERS are GREAT!!!

  • bryan

    [Comment ID #25219 Will Be Quoted Here]


  • jay

    I HATE THESE HATERS…….it was a back to back…..not that lakers cant win back to backs this year. remember what they did with hornets and ? the other team it was bac to back n they won. Gasol is still learning……like they say u cant bring in someone and expect them to learn one of the hardest offense sets in the league. i still think gasol has done a good job. remember he had to fly back and forth from memphis to la to new jersey and then a back to back. if anyone has traveled by air u know thta is a factor in being tired. SO give it a couple of days kobe will heal gasol will practice and the lakers will be on a role. BYNUM/ARIZA Will be back, our defense will be up with bynum at center and gasol at power forward. its not hype its the real Sh*& homie

  • hibachi

    spurs! are still the king of the hill with all these hype and when the smoke clears bowen and the gang are still your 2008 nba champions back to back! baby… but im hoping for a lakers and celtics nba finals! but things are shaping out i think it would be a celtics and spurs… and what about the lakers? ANOTHER FIRST ROUND EXIT hahahaha!… gasol? too soft for duncan & shaq or even boozer…hahaha…

    lakers losing to the hawks? man oh man! oopps? wait i think i heard bynum crying bwahahaha…

  • jay

    why do the haters always come out and always have something to say…………….o yea its the FEAR of domination.

  • LakersFirst

    Gasol too soft for Duncan. Who on the Spurs is going to guard Bynum (Oberto?? Elson?? Come on!!). Who on the Jazz is going to guard Bynum (Mehmet Okur????)

    Face it man, the Spurs’ age is catching up with them. Bowen is getting old, Horry’s been old, and Finley is getting old too. If Tony Parker doesn’t come back soon, then the Spurs are going to wear out Duncan before the playoffs. The Spurs were good last year because they had no injuries to their main players. This year, notice their record is not as good and why do you think that is … they are starting to get injured.

  • dj matt20

    [Comment ID #25225 Will Be Quoted Here]

    i have to agree with LakersFirst the Spurs and Jazz have no one to defend Bynum. NO CHANCE AT ALL!!! even if Bynum comes back 70% Bynum is still better than Elson or Okur hands down any sports writer will tell you the same. Why is it when the lakers lose everyone jumps off the band wagon and talks shit about the lakers? i dont get it…

  • dj matt20

    [Comment ID #25224 Will Be Quoted Here]
    i have to agree…

  • jrich

    Damn this site gets a hell of a lot of Laker haters posting comments.

  • GotGasol.com

    This is just 1 of 82!!! No big deal we know Hawks suck balls!

    Jojo and all the other Laker haters can lick my —-!!

  • lalakerfan

    disappointing loss. but it was a poor game overall – we were only leading because of some big time 3s. there was absolutely no offensive flow or rhythm in the game. kobe forced things today. he knows how bad his pinky is yet he still took it upon himself to try to lift the team. that turnover was clearly caused by his pinky – dribble between the legs from left to right hand and lost control of it as soon as it touched his right hand. don’t be fooled – the press will lead you to believe that it was “Joe Johnson’s defense” HAH. that wasn’t a credit to his defense – it was a sign of how bad kobe’s injury actually is.

    pau did look lost out there – a lot of times he was looking all around to see what was happening, to see if he should be passing to anyone. it’s alrite – 2nd game in a back to back. we’ll be alright come friday

    lamar and vlad rad have stepped up their game since the trade. i think we should hold on to lamar – he seems to play very well with gasol – pay attention to how they work together from now on and see if you guys agree.

    fisher has been really consistent for us.

    let’s not get down on this loss. go lakers

  • Phant0M


  • 187 ON BOSTON

    [Comment ID #25209 Will Be Quoted Here]

    alright you punka$$ muthafukr whos you team? you didnt say. thats because they are probably garbage.

  • http://lakers.topbuzz.com Lakers2410

    Whether it was a back to back, or a back to back to back game, it shouldn’t matter. OK, maybe they did only play back to back, true, and Kobe did play with a bad pinkie, and this is only Gasol’s 2nd game and doesn’t know the Triangle yet, but still! We were winning by 8, then the Hawks went on a 11-2 run! I know it was a back to back, but they were leading by 8 with 5 minutes or so left, that’s a team lost guys, a TEAM LOST!

  • hibachi

    magic,worthy,cooper,and scott of the showtime lakers were a run gun team like the phoenix suns of today… you add up kareem and you got a championship so by getting shaq its a no brainer for the suns… and shaq and the suns will deny the lakers another championship bwahahaha! another first round exit again… hahaa and oh btw how many championship did the lakers won after the showtime era yup! ZERO until shaq came along but wait how many championship did the lakers won after they traded shaq to the heat?! yup you’ve guessed it ZERO how many mvp award did kobe got?! hmmmm?! yep! ZERO and a lot of first round exit i may say… so mitch and the rest of the lakers out there try putting your hopes on gasol odom bynum and kobe…. the suns are far more better now with amare, nash, hill, bell, barbosa, diaw and shaq… hahaha call mitch again get everyone that you need.. j.o artest etc. bwahahaha…first round exit again baby…
    keep reaching for that rainbow los angeles…ha!

  • Banzai

    wow Hibachi you are a dumb ass…I guess you have too much time on your hands.

  • mplakers

    that’s not the reason banzai.

    the real reason that hibachi is exactly what you claim him to be is that he says “keep reaching for that rainbow.”

    just ask him how many championships the suns have won? can anybody guess? it’s that number he keeps mentioning….a SHAQ ZERO. why is it a SHAQ ZERO? because it’s BIG AND FAT. a BIG FAT ZERO.

    lakers 14 championships…suns SHAQ ZERO

    who’s really “reaching for that rainbow” hibachi???

  • pjt

    We lost the second game in a back to back, on a long road trip. Gasol has looked good…give him time to fit in, and we should be fine…

  • mikedeezy2k8

    fck no, shawn marion is beginning to become a cancer to a teams locker rooom.

  • http://frankthetank.files.wordpress.com/2007/06/kobe-bryant-bulls.jpg JoJo

    The Jazz, Hornets, Spurs, Suns, Mavericks, Cavs, Celtics, Pistons and I might even take Orlando in a seven game series over the Lakers. My point is you can win reg. season games all you want. But before you start proclaiming the Lakers world Champions think about this….

    A. Your players are having career years (Bynum,Sasha,Farmar,Turiaf)
    1a. They’re over achiving because of the Kobe’s trade demands.

    B. The playoffs are a different beast.
    1b. You’ll be playing better teams
    2b. those career averages will drop
    3b. those same players will have more pressure on them to play like they did during the regular season and they’re not good enough to play this way in the playoffs against smarter more experienced teams. They basically will drop off once they see better defense and better teams. Which means more relying on Kobe.

    C. The Gasol Factor. Right now your saying what about Gasol he’ll pick up on the scoring with Kobe come playoff time. He will but it will hurt you in the long run because Gasol isn’t a good defending the basket. Now Bynum is decent but you don’t really know how Bynum will fair with his knee. Overall I don’t think Gasol is tough enough to be a strenght defensively.

    D. Lack of playoff experience, how many teams have gone from a first round exit to NBA Champions? Not many and I think the Lakers get outted in the second round this season.

  • Banks

    [Comment ID #25261 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Dang man if you are a laker hater than just dont post, we don’t need your negativity.
    Anyone that comes from being an all-star will help kobe with the scoring load, and Gasol has proven himself to be an allstar. The reason that he wasn’t an allstar this year was because his losts at memphis over-shadowed his abilities and also the WESTERN CONFERENCE has so many DAMN GOOD PLAYERS. Of course individually Gasol won’t compare to the KGs and Tim Duncans, but he is still a great player. Everyone is bound to have their ups and downs on the court, but all the lakers have proven the media wrong. No one could imagine what the lakers reserves have done was possible, but yet night after night the reserves ply their game and produce the 5th most points off the bench in the LEAGUE.
    BTW the Lakers are 18-8 in our conference, while the number 1 team in the west rite now is 14-13. And the Spurs are 19-13… hows that for some food for thought?


  • Roscoe

    [Comment ID #25261 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Lack of playoff experience? They only have Phil Jackson, Kobe Bryant (3 time champ) and Derek Fisher. Plus the others have been there in the past couple years, even though first round exit. You really have no idea what you’re talking about.

  • jay

    shaq was great, but in miami he was drowning. better hope he can pass still…….the playoffs is where the lakers raise their play. ok they have lost last two years but they weren’t as deep, now they have a great team. The suns have had a great team for the past 3 years and nothing comes from it. we had SMUSH and yall know the rest. But its just i see the haters and they are finallly scared of the lakers. why not come out and leave messages b4, cuz they know we have a SQUAD. ODOM/BYNUM/GASOL vs. Shaq/Amare/Hill please if you have any bball knowledge u know who has the advantage. Last you(haters) speak of experience, we have championships, the coach, the players and o yea hunger from our younger guys. and about Gasol, he is a real World champion, theres alot more pressure playin for your country than for the nba. so this should be enough to shut you f*&^%^& up.

  • 24allup inya

    [Comment ID #25209 Will Be Quoted Here]

    get the fu-ck out of this site you negative pos

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #25241 Will Be Quoted Here]

    You’re f’n crazy if you’re comparing Shaq to Kareem. Kareem, even in his 40’s, kept himself in shape and well conditioned, which is why he was able to keep up with the showtime Lakers. Shaq does not do that, nor will he ever do that. Also, Kareem had played with Magic, Worthy, Cooper and Scott for years. He wasn’t thrown on a team at the last desparation minute like Shaq was.

    Secondly, as soon as Shaq gets into foul trouble, which he will do (remember, earlier this season he almost broke the record for fouling out in consecutive games), the Sun’s are f’d!! Who’s is going to back up Shaq, when he’s on the bench in foul trouble? 6’9, Brian Skinner????

    The x-factor that you forget is the Lakers bench. Not to mention you still don’t have an answer for Kobe, (no Bell can’t guard him even though he likes to think he can). Also, are you trying to tell me that Boris Diaw or Grant Hill can match Odom. Odom alwasy worked Marion in the playoffs and Odom’s job just got a lot easier because now he’ll have to go up against Diaw and Hill (Diaw is the same size, but slower, than Marion and Hill was never a good defender and does not have the speed to match Odom). The Lakers bench is WAY deeper than that of the Suns. Other than Barbosa and Diaw, the Suns have NO BENCH. Don’t forget, the Lakers bench is the 5th highest scoring bench in the league.

    Let’s face it, this now or never for the Suns. If they don’t do it now, THEY’LL NEVER WIN A CHAMPIONSHIP!! The pressure is on Suns, and you know what… they are going to blow it. Last year the excuse was the “suspension”, what’s the new excuse going to be?

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #25261 Will Be Quoted Here]


    A. Yes our players are having career years and it will continue in the playoffs. Bynum, Sasha, Farmar, and Turiaf are no longer rookies. These are players that have been in the league for a few years now and have playoff experience.

    B. Yes, the playoffs are a different beast and you will now see Kobe, PJ and now Derek Fisher experience pay off. The rest of the Laker team has playoff experience now too. Don’t think that they don’t.

    You say the same players (Bynum, Sasha, Farmar, and Turiaf) will drop off, don’t forget the Lakers have the DEEPEST TEAM in the league. Look at the starting five:

    Kobe, Fisher, Bynum, Gasol, and Odom

    Farmar, Sasha, Radman, Luke, Ariza, Turiaf (I’m not counting Coby Karl because he’s the only rookie, Mihm is hurt, and Mbenga is still on a 10 day contract)

    The Lakers at the least are 11 players deep. Name me one other playoff team that’s at least 11 players deep.

    C. Gasol was not acquired for his defense. He was acquired for his offense. Bynum will be there for defense. Not to mention, it’s very tough to get offensive rebounds off the Lakers tall guys (Odom-6’10, Bynum-7’1, Gasol-7’0, Turiaf-6’10, Radman-6’10)

    D. If you’re going to count the Lakers out of the championship race because they’ve lost in the 1st round of the playoffs, then you might as well count out Boston as well, as they don’t any playoff experience at all (Paul Pierce hasn’t been in the playoffs for years). Other than Ray Allen and Garnett, what playoff experience does Boston have?

    Lastly, if you’re a team playing the Lakers, how do you defend them. Their frontline is still bigger than any other team in the league (yes phoenix included). If teams continue to try to double Kobe, he will find the open man and with Fisher, Odom, Bynum and Gasol that will result in an open jump shot or a dunk. You can’t defend Kobe one on one because he’s too good.

    Let’s face it, as much as you dislike the Lakers, they were a contender before the Bynum injury and now more so after the Gasol acquisition. The Lakers are too deep of a team to be ignored.

  • Banks

    Very WELL put LakersFirst, the Lakers are deep, they are good, and they will be un-stopable. We are going to have what Phil said, The “Twin Tower” effect. Who would want to drive on Gasol and Bynum? Just them 2 can give us instant offense, since Gasol likes the High post and Bynum likes the Low post, And lets not forget about the BEST player in the game and his sidekicks like the un-selfishness of Lamar odom and the leadership and knowledge of D-FISH… AND A Deep Bench ????… ITS OVER, lakers are going to be more than contenders.

  • http://yahoo.com cfresh

    for a team that’s depleted heavily, i think the lakers are doing great.

  • Rasarx

    If you’re going to make comparison at least make an informed one, not something you read on SI.com (that’s where this crap originated). Comparing Kareem with Shaq shows your ignorance. Look up Kareem’s numbers. Even when he was 38 he was still posting fantastic numbers. Shaq’s have been falling since he was 30 as has his playing time (and as his weight has gone up). Kareem was always in great shape. He never had a weight problem and wasn’t always on the injured list. Ever since 2001 Shaq has been missing good portions of the season for various body part problems. Remember the arthritic toe and how he chose to operate on it so close to the season so he would miss half the season intentionally? And remember how Detroit’s speed minced Shaq in 2004 finals?

    Kareem, on the other hand, never carried so much weight on him that it wore down his lower extremeties, something Shaq didn’t do. Carrying 340 pounds up and down the court has done the damge. PJ said in 2003 or 4 that this is not the Shaq of the old days. That was 5 years ago. He’s not even the Shaq of 2003.

    To this day, Kareem is in fantastic shape. I’d like to see Shaq coach a young player and make his potential blossom 16 years after he retires, like Kareem does. Chances are he’ll be 400 pounds 2 years after he retires and won’t be able to even put on his size 22s himself.

    Now, take your Laker Hater ways and your lack of knowledge elsewhere. You’re dealing with life-long Lakers fans here, and they know their stuff. We’ll kick your butt knowledgewise on this site like we do to your team on the basketball court.

  • GotGasol.com

    Why are laker haters on THELAKERNATION.COM????

    I would never waste my time on any celtic, suns, cavs forum!

    Laker haters on a laker forum, are only on here because they are scared of the nation and have no faith in their own team!

    I bet these haters have kobe posters in their rooms and probably jack off to them, wishing kobe was on their team!

  • wise1

    As much of a warrior Kobe is he should have sat out that game. He had trouble dribbling the ball

  • domidomdomz

    F*ck all those fagotz (im talking bout the Anti-Lakers Nation that posted junks on this forum)..I think u r just too jealous of the Gasol Trade just as PHX managment do (Well that was so evident with the Fat Ass Trade, al least..Shaq and Kobe rivalry will be revisited and Kobe will succeed).
    So go ahead moron-like Anti-Lakers Nation in posting f*cked up messages here..Lakers Nation are ready 4 yah!!!

    Mabuhay Lakers Nation!!!!

  • http://frankthetank.files.wordpress.com/2007/06/kobe-bryant-bulls.jpg JoJo

    I was just playing you guys might have the best team. We’ll see.