Has There Ever Been A More Eventful Lakers Season?

Think about it.

There have certainly been better seasons in Laker-Land.

Many eventful ones too – 2008 springs to mind – from Kobe’s trade demand, to Bynum’s emergence and injury, through Gasol’s arrival and a Finals run.

2004 was pretty eventful too. Phil even wrote a book about it.

None of these seasons come even CLOSE to the roller coster ride the 2012-13 campaign has been.

July: Steve Nash! Woo Hoo! Finally, a point guard! (Is Dwight Howard Coming?)

August: Dwight is here! The Next Franchise Center!  The future is secure! (Or is it – Will Dwight bolt this summer?)

Training Camp. Princeton Offense.

Steve Blake Gets Hurt.

0-8 Pre-season. Nothing to see here, talk to us in June.

The Season Begins…with a loss to the shorthanded Mavericks.

Nash hurt.

Mike Brown fired.

Weekend at Bernie’s!

Kareem gets a statue (who cares if he had to ask for it)!

“We Want Phil!”

Will we get Phil?

Nope, it’s D’Antoni.

Jordan Hill gets hurt.

Jamaal Wilkes’ jersey hung from the rafters.

Phil Proposes to Jeanie.

Pau Gasol benched at the end of critical games.

Losses pile up. The Lakers are moving backward, not forward.

Kobe locks down Irving! Then Jennings!

17-25. Team Meeting. Does Dwight have a problem with Kobe? Appears that way, but doesn’t seem like he wants to talk about it.

“The Lakers are not going to make the playoffs.”

Pau hurt.


Kobe is a facilitator!

“The Lakers need to trade Dwight Howard because he is leaving.”

Pau comes back.

Dwight Howard goes down (Should he play through the pain?)

The Lakers begin to right the ship.

All-Star break is no break from Laker news, with reports of Dwight “mocking” Kobe in the locker room at All-Star Weekend, and of the two flying to Houston together and not speaking.

Pau gets hurt – again.

Rest in Peace Dr. Jerry Buss.


Kobe gets hurt (Was it dirty? intentional?!).

Jamison gets hurt (but doesn’t miss time).

Clark gets hurt (but doesn’t miss time)

Nash Gets hurt – again.

Despite it all, the Lakers keep winning (19-8 since the 17-25 crater), and fight their way back into the playoffs. Can they challenge for the 6 seed?…

Nope, they drop 3 games within a week and a half to Phoenix, Washington (at home) and Milwakee), and fall out of the top 8.

The Lakers rally back!

Shaq’s Jersey is retired (backwards). “We Want Phil!” returns.

Kobe is playing 48 minutes a night!

Metta gets hurt.
Metta RETURNS miraculously less than 2 weeks after having knee surgery.

Kobe goes down – for the season. Torn Achilles.

Instead of folding, the Lakers beat the Spurs – their possible first round opponent, behind Dwight Howard and Steve Blake, keeping their playoff hopes alive.

The 2012-13 Lakers have experienced extreme highs and extreme lows, and somehow they are still fighting on the final day of the season, their fate uncertain, but entirely within their control.

It is only fitting that a season so eventful will end on a night so unpredictable. Based on the outcome of two games in a 5 hour span, the Lakers will land in one of THREE spots in the standings.

Win, and the Lakers are 7th, and have a date with vulnerable San Antonio.

Lose, after Utah loses means running into a massacre in Oklahoma City in the first round.

Lose after Utah wins, and the Lakers season is over.

Even if it all ends tonight, this has been the most eventful season in recent Laker History.

If they make the playoffs, the way this year has gone, you REALLY never know what will happen…