Interesting stuff. Today, the Loose Cannons claimed Magic came out and said Kidd WILL be a Laker. The exact quote is…

“…Not only does Magic say it could be done, but that it will be done.”

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  • Eric Pates

    hope we can get kidd without giving up lamar, bynum, vladrad, fish, jordan, sasha “the machine” vujacic, luke, ronny, and ariza. i’d part ways w/ kwame or mihm or coby karl or even j-critt. yet i hate to disrupt the chemistry of this team right now. but then again, if you bing j-kidd, other free agents like artest and o’neal will be attracted to come to l.a. next season.

  • lakerfan81

    Yeah Eric. Maybe we don’t have to give up anyne for Kidd. We will just ask NJ nicely if Kidd can play for LA. Maybe they will even pay his salary for the Lakers too.



    now lets try kwame vlad farmar sasha money draft picks

  • gugy

    I hope Kidd will make the Lakers a contender. Not sure if PG is what we really need now.

  • double

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  • fred0s

    I forgot where we write to in order to get a story up, but here is a very interesting one about the lakers being in the NBA Finals

  • k0be da 1 andonly


  • Caleb

    Yeah, and Jermaine Oneal’s daughter said that they were moving to LA.

    I’ll believe Kidd is coming when I see him holding up a Lakers jersey at the press conference.

  • Rpoc

    Whatever. That station likes to spewed so much fraking ish. They can’t control their diarrhea overflow from their mouths.

  • sportsphanatic

    Let’s hope Magic knows wth he’s talking about.

  • http://deleted JBMONKEYMAN

    The loose cannons have a way of blowing everything out of proportion, this is not a story. What is a story is Kobe’s nagging injury, this is not going to get better any time soon. I was reading up on groin injuries like Kobes and it has the potential to affect his production for the entire year. Is anyone else concerned about this, noone is talking about it.

  • http://hhb PHANT0M

    We got some good chemistry right now..
    No Bynum, Kobe, or Odom
    in the trade. i will be happy..

    But I doubt it will go thru without including 1 of them.

  • Miguel
  • nyla

    Gut our team and lose our bench for Kidd? NO THANK YOU!

  • baecp

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    lol that trade wouldn’t happen, no team would do that…

  • gugy

    Let’s stay the way we are now.
    Next season let’s acquire free agents. Patience people.

    I don’t think to gut our team for Kidd is a good idea. Unless the situation is terrible in NJ and Kidd will leave no matter what, let’s keep the core of the Lakers team intact and try to get rid only of the scrubs. The only exception is Lamar. He is so insecure and inconsistent that I would not mind to have him go away.

    So LO, Kwame, Mihn, Sasha, Luke and maybe Farmar can go. Not all, but some of them in order to get Kidd or Artest.

  • MILO

    Well who are we giving up??? guess what guy’s i dreamt this yesterday and we are going to be so disgusted at this trade that i remember (in my dream) Joel and Stu not even mentioning who we gave up.I only wish that i would have posted this up yesterday to make it credible.I really hope they dont give up Bynum.Hopefully it’s Critt Kwame and a pick i dont want to loose what we already have this is a relly good team when playing unselfishly…

  • Jcritt.=star
  • MILO

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    That is NOT a good trade!!!!!

  • Jcritt.=star
  • k0be da 1 andonly

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  • http://n/a Craigslist Johnson

    We DON’T need Jason Kidd. Unless you trade Derek Fisher, which would be a huge PR hit. We have GREAT PG play right now, and why would you screw up all the chemistry of what is quickly become an elite western conference team? Kupchak has been so solid, especially with all the ridiculous criticism over the summer, I can’t imagine he’s going to relegate Farmar to 10 minutes a game, not when he’s blossoming before out eyes.
    Come on, Mitch, don’t do it. Stay the course….

  • lakersfan17

    Kwame, Farmar, Radmanovic and 2 draft picks is what I heard.

  • kb24 4life

    dont gut our team, in the offseason i saw that there was some talk that will bring artest only for kwame, thats a steal for us…

  • laker4life

    we would be crazy to give up farmar with the way he is playing right now……..

  • Ignard

    This trade will not, i repeat will not happen, the Lakers will have to give up too much to get him. WE NEED A POWERFORWARD not a 34 year old point guard. Our future looks too bright right now to trade away players like Jordan or J-Critt, even without Kobe, yeah i said it. Go after a big, that would put THIS team in the elite.

  • hellbydante

    We’re fine at the pg spot. Bringing in kidd means messing up the chemistry and having him get use to the triangle all over. I don’t whats the big hoo haa about bringing in kidd and assuming we’d be contenders for a title…. ppl r thinking of including farmar in the deal?? man, he’s straight ballin right now and has worked his butt off just to get the amount of playing time and trust from phil… like some of us said, we don’t need an aging point guard… we need another solid forward who can bring it night in and night out.


    Personally, I’d do it. Kobe is in his prime years and has a small window of opportunity to play with one of the best point guards ever to grace the hardwood. A Kidd and Kobe duo would definately make the Lakers backcourt the best in the NBA for the next couple seasons. If we manage to keep Odom, we will still have that versatility in the front line alongside our future center Andrew Bynum

  • lakerschamps08

    that other dude said its a gateway to a dynasty…lol but umm yea for real this team cant win the championship unless we get lucky but 2nd round for sure… i think with kidd maybe but idk watever..

  • David

    We CANNNOT trade Farmar, he is going to be great and that would fuck up our bench and chemistry, no deal for J. Kidd

  • MILO

    Detroit made my fu-ck-en day and 2marrow the Lakers will toooooooo……….

  • baecp

    this is a longshot
    indiana gets rid of jo, which appeases him
    and rj is rid of which appeases him as well.
    lakers get kidd.
    the nets get jo and a big man, kwame
    the pacers get rj, a big man, and a pf.
    lakers get kidd, but lose kwame and vlade :/
    kwame’s and vlade have done good for us this year, but this deal puts us as a contender. however, kidd-fish-farmar-crit? uh…??

  • baecp

    actually, this might work better because warriors are weak at the backup pg and wright barely even plays which frustates him (his aol blog).

  • Tim
  • keep24

    The Loose canons said this is what our line up would look like:


    This will never happen. NJ will never take Kwame and a PG of our choice for Kidd.

    They must be smoking crack!

  • RD

    i would do this!

    NOT DO ANYTHING! with the way the lakers are playing right now, i see no reason to gut the team for a 34 year old PG with 2 years left in him! if we do the trade, we’re gonna regret it for another 5 years to come, because theres ALOT of potential in farmar and critt.

  • Umar

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    i agree lamar odom is very inconsistent and scared to shoot the ball.. but still respect the amount of rebounds he gets a night… and i think the only players the SHOULD leave the lakers is mihm or kawme. mihm just sucks and kwame sucks and is alot of money!

  • Umar

    [Comment ID #19924 Will Be Quoted Here]

    then you are a really stupid person and need to go f-uc-k-ing die

  • Tim

    [Comment ID #19929 Will Be Quoted Here]



    [Comment ID #19924 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I’m with you Tim. I think we can find someone to replace kwame’s 10 To’s per game…

  • Nabil

    You guys see this?
    ‘Zo went down but refused a stretcher ride. Might be his last time on the court as an NBA player, and he wasn’t going out like that.

  • Edward

    Kwame, Sasha, Mihm, Walton, Radmonovic, Turiaf. Those are the players the Lakers should be willing to trade in that order. Just to clarify, this is my opinion, this does no mean this is fact or anything. I just think this is the priority. Sasha is undoubtedly getting better, and it’s actually surprising me, because I think he is crap… but yeah he has had a few good games, but he is still horrible.

  • http://hhb PHANT0M

    Who’s stealing my name
    *Shakes Head.

  • Nabil

    Can we really get Kidd and keep Lamar? Maybe if we give up our kid- Farmar. I can’t imagine tradeing Jason Kidd and not getting at least one of those guys. And if we want a title, it would be alot smarter to trade our backup PG then Lamar. Kidd could bring something out of Lamar, but not out of Farmar because they would rarely share the court. I’m just saying to all you Farmar folks, yeah the kid is really good and may be great, but the Kidd could bring us a title. Imagine Kidd, Kobe, Lamar, and Bynum. Will our bench be short? Yeah, but so is the Celtics bench and they are doing just fine.

  • Ed

    Kwambe, Critt, and Rad for Kidd. This will be the greatest trade in NBA history and in Lakers history, other then the Kobe Bryant trade of course.

  • drake hunter

    From what I heard the deal is hindering on the Lakers giving up Farmar who the Nets want and the Lakers wanting to package Crittenton instead.

  • Ed

    Who have you been hearing things from drake hunter?

  • ab4sure

    people are just guessing out there nothing definite

  • Billy Kupchak

    I say we give up Fisher instead of Farmar or Critt

  • RD

    the ONLY way i would trade for JKidd..

    any trade other then that i say HELL NO!!


    can any1 tell me what hes sayin i dont have speakers

  • Nabil

    [Comment ID #19949 Will Be Quoted Here]

    That’s why everybody hates you Cupcake! Grr…..
    Even if there weren’t a situation with his daughter, which there IS, you would rather trade the starting PG on all our 3-peat teams then one of the TWO young pgs. Hey, they are both going to be solid pgs in this league, but they won’t both be Lakers in any case, you can count on that. ONE of them is our PG of the future…ONE. And we want a championship now, which means your backup PG is not a rookie, but the 3-time champion PG D-FISH!!!

  • lalakerfan

    ok…guys…stop…DON’T GO FOR KIDD

    it will break up the chemistry of this team – regardless of who goes. it seems like this group of Lakers we have now is great together. Each and everyone of them is starting to grow into their role. We pull off a trade for Kidd that’ll send a lot of our guys away would hurt us. Kidd won’t make a difference. Fisher and Farmar are doing fine. Stop being infatuated with his name. He’s 34, not much of a shooter, not much of a defender. Just a name. Don’t go for him.

  • jack

    My turn. I would really want Kidd to come play here. However, this team should not lose the chemistry that’s going on. If we are not losing big name players and only Mihm, Brown and even Java and Farmer for that matter, the trade should definetely be done. Have any of you guys watched Kidd play? I have League pass, and have been watching Kidd and the Nets: Kidd looks great. I read the comments above and ppls who said Kidd is not a shooter, shame on you. He is a triple-double player almost every night. And the reason why he gets paid so much is not for his age, or shooting, or just assists, its the DECISIONS he makes. (although he’s probably not a good decision maker in life for losing such a hot wife, but i am talking about decisions on court),

    After team USA basketball, Kobe and Kidd looked at each other and exchanged the feeling of how easy it was to play along side. The judgement, predictions that Kobe and Kidd together bring out is outstanding. Yeah, Ok.. Java, Farmer is future, but their best future is going to be what Kidd is right now. So, why not get the future immediately if we get a chance???

    so, even if we do lose a point guart/point guards, we still have fish. He has played with another terrific point guard at Utah, and can handle the balance pretty well. Bringing Kidd will be a lot about bringing the respect back to Los Angeles that was long lost since the departure. And as said in the interview, it is definitely a contendership move. We will get eyes rolling and other teams will fear.

    This said, however, I am a fan who rather want to see Joneal in here more than any other player. Now, that’s another story. Lets get our swords and horses ready to face the King.(the King: as in the NBA forcefully trying to get a young guy with big body to their game face and giving him names like king to promote the game. How stupid to give lebron all this hype! He aint worth no sh!t. and to make this sound real, he gets a big game in detrocit. eheh.. david stern cried with joy..ehe. trash aside, I totally think carmelo is better than lebron, but because of his brawl involment, media tries not to make him an icon. umm.. i feel it: kobe and bynum another big game.

  • billybooy^


    we dont need him. farmar is now getting more minutes and bynum is one of the best center right now.


  • Nabil

    [Comment ID #19956 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Chemistry? What exactly is chemistry? In basketball its the ability to work well together as a team. Jason Kidd is one of the ALL-TIME GREATS in that department. Yes, chemistry is a fickle thing and can’t be reliably predicted. That lead fearful men to the “don’t fix it unless its broke” mentality….nice. Unless you want to win.

  • Phantom22202

    Hi all,

    J Kidd would make us contenders if we gave away Kwame, Radmanovic, and J Crittenton. I would not give up Farmar because he is currently playing well. All three of these players are really not doing anything right now, and J Kidd would instantly have us in the mix with the Spurs. He would get the ball to Bynum and would be able to do what Farmar is doing only better. Fisher could also play some shooting guard as well with Kobe at the 3. This really is a no brainer if possible. Not to mention we could sign a veteran to backup Bynum for the minimum now that we would be contenders. It will be interesting to see what Magic says to night on TNT and if the Cannons where just blowing smoke.


  • 187 ON BOSTON


  • Eric Pates

    Personally, I will not break-up this team, for there is already chemistry brewing in the second unit. Let them grow together and see what happens. Hopefully, free agents will come next year and play for L.A. without breaking up much of the core. I feel there is something special in this team right now. There is a bond. There is chemistry. I’d rather have a well-oiled team w/ chemistry than a team loaded with all-star players with no rapport. Just my humble opinion fellas.

  • Shaq786

    kidd for farmar, v.rad, kwame… is our best option right now, bcuz that means we get the best pg to train javaris to become one of the greatest…. and kidd is a guy that was teaching kobe in team usa…

    dont underestimate what he can do to this team… him and kobe will make this team work even harder

    like they said… this team will become a dynasty…. kidd/kobe/ariza/lamar/bynum….. will demolish everyteam in game right now…. and kidd will NOT mess up any chemistry issues, he is a true leader

    the pressure of leading this young team is shared between kobe and kidd, which means better play for each of them as individuals

    eventhough its hard for me to see those 3 players leave…yes including kwame…. someone like kidd doesnt just pop out everyday, he is a type of player with such an IQ, you might only see such a player come out every 5-10 years… dont pass this up… DO IT MITCH!!!

  • lakerfan81


  • kevin

    i like this one better than anyother one i just feel bad for radmanovic who would you guys prefer WALTON OR RADMANOVIC?

  • MILO

    Well this is all here say from Hartman we really should not be getting worked up for something we do not know to be true.Im not going to believe this untill i hear it come out of Magic himself.Besides the team is playing really good right now we pretty much have the p-guard position covered and what we need is a good p-foward because Lame is not cutting it(inconsistent) he is good when he’s hot but then the next game he’s really cold what a waste of millions…

  • Shaq786

    lakerfan81….. u do know that thats the deal NJ is considering, right?… they are desperate for cap room

  • lakerfreak

    Lakers should try to get Kidd if he is as available as the media makes it seem and if its a firesale but Kobe, Bynum, Farmar, and Lamar are untouchable…we cant trade them not only because they are “Our Future” but because they are the heart of this team. farmar will be Kidd in a couple of years why trade for an older model any deal not involving those 4 players is fine with me except you cant trade fish either not becuase of talent/future although he is talented but because he is derek fisher and he signed here for his daughter

  • steve

    Just a side note …Magic was at the Hawks/heat game


    FORGET J.KIDD(though i would love to have him)!What the Lakers need is another INSIDE THREAT and that is JO.So wait ’til next season for any trades and we can get whoever in the off season,take your pick.JO/E.Brand/J.Kidd,etc.DON’T MESS UP THE CHEMISTRY THESE GUYS HAVE FOUGHT SO HARD TO MAINTAIN.Think of a team of KB/DF or JF/LO(getting muuuuccchhh better)/JO/AB,SOUNDS LIKE A CHAMPIONSHIP TO ME.The Pack Rules!!!

  • leo

    kidd can rebound, board, play D, steals, assists……he will throw lobs to bynum and make his scoring go up….he will find kobe and lamar on the break and lamar and kobe no longer needs to have the ball in their hands at all times..teams will have trouble doubling kobe cuz kidd will find the open man…fisher will make a superb backup like in utah…kidd can set up our bench players like walton or ariza or sasha…kidd absolutely makes everyone better(like magic like).kidd is got the fire like kobe and will do anything to help us win….farmar is good…but is he ever going to be like JKIDD? plus we have another up and coming point guard in Crittenton…i mean with our team now we aint gonna win no championship…second round or western finals best…with kidd the skys the limit…remember what he did with the nets a few years ago with juss kmart and young richard jefferson…think wat he can do with a kobe,lamar,bynum….even though we will only have him for 2 maybe 3 yrs of good service…we have a great chance to win in those yrs and isnt that wat we want most…not to mention kobe is 29 and doesnt have time for farmar or anyone else to develop…kidd is not the full answer but he definitely makes us CONTENDERS…we can always get more players later on…

  • lakerfan81

    shaq786. Actually from what I read directly from the owners mouth was that he listened to offers and said and I quote.. “uhhh NO.” He is not going to trade Kidd for a 9M expiring contract and a bad long term deal. It would be much better for them to just let Kidd go after next season.

    The nets Salary next year with Kidd will be 60M. If they traded Kidd for the package that they are supposedly considering (which they are not) they would have a team salary of around 46M but with only 8 players on the roster. 13 is a league minimum so they would have to sign an addition 5 players. The league salary cap next year will be about 56M so that gives them 10M to work with. If you add in at least one rookie salary, I will assume a top 10 pick, so roughly 2.4M. That leave about 7.5 M in cap space. to sign 4 players. That is not that much.
    So this proposed trade that they are supposedly considering doesn’t gain them anything except trading away their best player, a very upset fan base, and a long contract with 25M left on it. Whereas if they just keep him for 2 years they save a lot more money. Besides if they just keep him this year, they will at least see who they can get in the draft and see where they stand as far as rebuilding goes. This will then give them a better idea of what they want if they trade Kidd.

    So as fatr as the STUPID trade of Kwame, Farmar, Vlad for Kidd goes… in words of the NJ owner UHHHH NO.

  • JoJo

    You have to give up something LALA land. Like Bynum.

  • nickatnight

    Get Kidd, let’s give Boston a run for the money. Just make it happen.

  • Newtdog

    [Comment ID #19983 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Nice..lets trade our trwo backup centers for our fourth point guard. Brilliant

  • http://JHLaker JHLaker

    I have read through all these posts and. The majority of the laker fans would like to have there cake and eat it too, But realistically I don’t see it happening. In my opinion i think the lakers PG position is actually moving the ball very well and not mention you can see what a little bit of defense at the PG has done (hints smush parker) I think a inside threat would make the lakers a more legitimate contender. Are bench is playing great, But sorry to say Lamar is so inconsistent. I would love to have a legitimate PF.. I know everyone wants Kidd and don’t get me wrong i would like to get him for some fill-in players like kwame or Vlad, but i would not give up are good bench or future. Kidd is only has a few years left just be calm and wait for the off-season when we get allot of high profile players to come to LA..

  • fred0s

    I don’t get why Mr. AIDS makes such stupid comments. I mean we have a good starting line up and a pretty decent bench. Why in the hell would we want to break that up for? The only way I would envision that happening would be if they take our garbage (anyone except Kobe, Bynum, Odom, Farmar, Fisher), and I don’t see that happening. IF AND ONLY IF we get an offer we can’t refuse should we do anything. I hope no one takes Mr. AIDS comments to seriously.

  • Flush Odumb

    Keep Farmar a JCrit. They will be playing long after Kidd and Fisher have hung it up.

    The move we desperately need to make isto odumb.FLUSH Lame-ar!